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Dennis Rodman and his band of players can't find somewhere else to have a cultural exchange?

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I feel bad for Rodman.

I think that he thinks that he is really being diplomatic and possibly advancing relations between our countries. Problem is, Worm has a big problem - namely the drinking he mentioned and possibly other forms of substance abuse. He looks to be in horrible health and as though his face is going to slip off his skull at any minute.

His present condition is probably why he doesn't recognize that he's being used to advance Kim Jong's public personna's among his people. I also believe Kim is using him as some sort of pawn in US relations - as a sort of joke, and he gets his ego stroked by former NBA players in front of his people at the same time, so it all works out.

So, when I saw the "outburst" during the presser on CNN today after reading about it, I thought,"man, what do they expect of him?" Like really, what is he going to say while he's there? And then when he's here, he still feels like he's doing something to help so he doesn't want tk speak ill of Kim Jong. It's just a very weird situation.

But I dont get all of the hate towards Worm... it's not like if he said "Free Bae!" Kim Jong would've done it. He likely would detain them as well. If you watch it, IIRC, I was looking at Vin Baker's face when Dennis started answering the question, and Baker looked like he was about to ish his pants. He looked scared. I just don't know what people expect of him. And I dont think he's aware of how it looks to everyone else.

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