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Rise of The Hive

Game 39 New York Knicks (15-22) @ Charlotte Bobcats (15-23)

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Seeing the instant impact MKG had on the team, I may be starting to view him as a core piece.


He's a glue guy, that's one of the best defensive players in the NBA. He rebounds, steals, blocks, plays well in transition. He's got all the tools to be an elite level player. He's already elite on the defensive side with how much he helps team defense. 

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This was a surreal game to be at as there were Knicks fans EVERYWHERE.


My buddy and I didn't notice at first, but when the Knicks scored the first points of the game, the crowd went wild.  We looked around and noticed blue and orange peppered all over, comparable to when the Indiana fans show up in unison wearing red to support Cody.


We were cheering extra loud at points to upset the people around us, but it was almost like an away game for the Cats.


MKG really makes a difference on defense.  Big Al's shots were dropping and Kemba started up with the 3 shot.  It was a really fun game.

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McBob is starting to look like the player he has been his entire career and not the gem we had for half a season last year..


our #1) weakness is at the PF position, #2) the three ball and #3) our bench.

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