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Captain Morgan

our opponents for next year

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Home schedule is pretty easy. Away schedule is pretty brutal. This schedule is easier than this year's schedule right now. It's just important for this team to get in the playoffs next year. If they get in even as a wild card, look out

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No one knows if a schedule is hard or easy. Most likely it will fall somewhere in the middle before everything is said and done. Every NFL team is a key injury or two away from being bad. Or they could lose momentum after a few heartbreaking losses (falcons this year) and then go into the tank. We also have no idea about situational things such as weather, is our opponent coming off a bye, will we be a sandwich game for an afc team, etc etc.

I suspect we will be in the mix for the playoffs next year. With some clutch plays and a little luck we will make it back. There are no guarantees in the NFL from one season to the next but we have enough talent now to at least make the season interesting.

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How do we play seattle at home again this year? Shouldnt we be away


When the NFC South and NFC West play each other then the games rotate.  So in 2016, we will play in Seattle, and then host them in 2019.


This year we play the North and only play the winner of the other two divisions.  All South teams host their West opponent and travel to their East opponent.


In 2015, we will travel to our West opponent (Seattle or otherwise) while hosting our corresponding North opponent and playing all East teams.


That is how it is supposed to work.  Of course we hosted Denver in '08 and did again in '12.  The last time we played here was '04, the year before I moved here.  Still pissed about that, was looking forward to last season for eight years.

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The game against the Steelers here next year NEEDS to be a statement game for the fanbase. 

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2014-2015 CAROLINA PANTHERS: 12-4



Atlanta Falcons   W

New Orleans Saints  W

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  W   (TNF)

Chicago Bears   W

Detroit Lions   L

Cleveland Browns   W

Pittsburgh Steelers   W

Seattle Seahawks   L   (MNF)





Atlanta Falcons   W

New Orleans Saints   L

Tampa Bay Buccaneers   W

Green Bay Packers   W    (SNF)

Minnesota Vikings   W

Baltimore Ravens   W

Cincinnati Bengals   L

Philadelphia Eagles   W


Are the three night games definite or are you speculating?


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