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Players [on roster] who won't be here next year

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Red = FA in 2014


PG: Kemba - Sessions - Pargo

SG: Hendo - Gordon

SF: MKG - Taylor* - CDR

PF: Zeller - McBob** - Adrien - Tolliver
C: Jefferson - Biz - Haywood


* - Taylor's contract is non-guarenteed ($915,243)

** - McBob has a player option ($2,771,340)




I say we keep Taylor on the cheap and hope he heals from the achilles. If he returns good- our bench just got a lot deeper.


McBob aint turning down $2.7 for next year. He will be here unless we trade him- which i hope we do, or have him come off the bench.


Sessions needs to be traded for something. He has value and just letting him walk will be silly.


Gordon obviously needs to be dealt ONLY if we get a sweet deal. If not, let that bad-boy expire and throw a ton of money at Lance Stephenson. What can I say- I love his game and his attitude:

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2014 Draft

(1) Noah Vonleh, PF, Indiana

(1) Zach Lavine, SG, UCLA

(1) Semaj Christon, PG, Xavier

(2) Kyle Anderson, G/SF, UCLA

PG: Kemba Walker / Semaj Christon

SG: Gerald Henderson / Zach LaVine

SF: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist / Jeff Taylor / Kyle Anderson

PF: Noah Vonleh / McBob

C : Al Jefferson / Cody Zeller


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I dont like the idea of signing lance stephenson

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okay.......... can explain why dont you like the idea of signing an allstar FA?


he wont be the same on our squad? he has attitude issues? lockerroom cancer?

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I think that's pretty accurate.


I agree with trading Sessions but I have no idea on what his value would be.



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I do like Lance Stephenson, but he's pretty overrated imo. Good young player who will only get better, but he's kind of a jack of all trades. Great rebounder for his position, solid shooter, solid scorer, and is a big help in getting good shots for teammates. I would be down to sign him, but I wouldn't want to throw a ton of money at him. He's a #3/4 option on a good team imo.

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    • I'm sure he's learned his lesson not to have a conversation with our fan base because of the way this way blown out of context. He didn't ask a question. He didn't imply anything. However, the same fans that only read headlines and then share posts on Facebook (without reading the article) decided to make all kinds of accusations and assumptions about this. So yeah....Bill should be more clear because we aren't very smart.  Edit: FYI...."if picked up" is not a question it's a statement. Should he have just assumed instead?
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