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Say Hardy walks...

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we can try and minimalize the potential impact that hardy has on the defense, but the truth is he is a big part of the success that we have had.


he is a beast. sure, he's a bit touched in the head and has a big mouth, but he's as good as advertised. he's worth every bit of money he can get on the market.


my little bit of hope is that he can understand the impact that "what he's due" can have on the team and that he feels he can be himself here. he's been given a lot of leash that other teams might not give him. the grass isn't always greener on the other side. that new team might not be contenders, either. they might not have someone on the other side of the line who can draw attention away from him. they might not have a beastly DL. they might be years away from any chance at the playoffs. their fanbase might not appreciate him. his new team might hate him. there's just a lot of things that could go wrong...but hey, he'd have an extra mil or two a year for 5 years and that fixes everything, right?


my little bit of hope is that he knows what carolina needs to do to reach the superbowl...and that they are working with limited resources. if he plays hardball, they might not be able to keep him or if they did they would be sacrificing other key areas needed to punch the rest of the league back in the face.


some place might have more money for him, but i seriously doubt that any place would be as perfect a fit for him as here or that any potential landing spots would have as bright a future as here. he's got to know that he's appreciated here by the fans and by the team as well. i just hope that it matters when it comes down to decision time and that it weighs a lot in the decision.



The only way Hardy stays with us is to have a long term contract that is little bit heavy at the back end of the contract  and throw in some guantee money upfront to satisfy him now. If not we have to tag and trade him for a minimum of 2nd round pick.



Oakland would be a nice partner .....get their 2nd pick and 3rd pick ......This would be the best scenario

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Man I hate to admit it, but I don't see how the Panthers keep Hardy. With the young studs waiting to take his place at DE, coupled with the lack of talent at OL and WR, there is no way we can sacrifice upgrading those major deficiencies for one player.


10-12 million on the OL could mean the difference between a 26th ranked offense and a top 10 offense.


10-12 million to Hardy probably means the difference between a top 2 defense and a top 5-7 defense.

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