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2014 Draft: Top 3 Needs for all 32 Teams

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NFL.com's Daniel Jeremiah has listed the Top 3 Needs for each team entering this year's draft.  


After reading countless threads here in the Huddle about what we all think our needs are it is safe to assume we all want to upgrade our WR, OL, and CB positions.  Sometimes the conversations are heated and shots are fired back and forth.  I love it. Because it means we have some passionate, die-hard fans who want nothing but the best for our team.  


So for what it's worth, based on Mr. Jeremiah's list, here are how many teams have the same needs as ours and our chances of getting one of these coveted positons by the 28th pick. 




We are targeting a WR there are 6 other teams who list WR as a top 3 need before us:

1. Oakland Raiders - They need a QB so no fear here.

2. Detroit Lions - With Megatron I don't see it happening in the 1st

3. St. Louis Rams - They have the same top 2 needs as we do (OT, WR) here is where we could miss out on the WR of choice. But I really think they will go O-Line first.

4. Baltimore Ravens - They have glaring needs at OL and will probably pass at WR in the 1st

5. NY Jets - If St. Louis doesn't pull the trigger the Jets probably will. Unless they have lost total confidence in Gino Smith and go hunting another QB. Hey it's Rex Ryan...he might draft a donut.

6. Kansas City Chiefs - Outside of Bowe they are hurting (much like us with Smitty) McCluster is ok but hey so is Ginn.




We are targeting a CB there are 9 other teams who list CB as a top 3 need before us:

1. Detroit Lions

2. NY Giants

3. Pittsburg Steelers

4. Dallas Cowboys

5. NY Jets

6. Arizona Cardinals

7. Philadelphia Eagles

8. Cincinnati Bengals

9. San Diego Chargers

**I am 5 Coor Light's deep and don't have the mental capacity to go into each one in depth.  Suffice is to say...our 1st and probably 2nd choice won't be available here.**




We are targeting an OL there are A LOT of teams doing the same before us:

Genral OL (the whole line needs help I assume, much like us)

1. St. Louis Rams

2. Atlanta Falcons

3. NY Giants

4. St. Louis Rams

5. Chicago Bears


1. Cleveland Browns

2. Minnesota Vikings

3. NY Jets

4. Miami Dolphins

5. San Diego Chargers

6. Cleveland Browns


1. Houston Texans

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

3. Oakland Raiders

4. Tampa Bay Bucaneers

5. Buffalo Bills (RT specifically)

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

7. Baltimore Ravens

8. Miami Dolphins

9. Arizona Cardinals

10. New Orleans Saints - OT is their first need listed.  If they grab who we want then that's more fuel to hate them.

**6th Coors Light


All in all, it will be interesting to see which direction we go.  I am no expert and leave the analysis to you Huddle. I think Mr. Jeremiah's Top 3 are pretty solid for each team. 


** This is my first post in the main forum (after 2 years) so please....go easy on me. KEEP POUNDING!


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I think the Lions will be very interested in WRs. If Sammy Watkins is the best value on the board I think the Raiders will seriously consider him. They're not going to take the 4th best QB if 3 have already gone from this weak QB class. The Rams GM has all but said he's not spending another high pick on a WR, that they've invested heavily lately and want to see what they can get from that investment before investing more. I think the Ravens are about as likely to take a WR as an OL.

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The Rams do have two 1st round picks.

So they could go WR/OL before we're up.

But yeah, they've taken a bus load of WRs with high picks the last few years.

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Nobody knows who's picking who most teams will go BPA so if it's like there third choice OT then they wil go best player available which could wind up being a receiver, and with gettleman liking big guys there's no certainty he will go for a receiver in the first round, although the OT in the late 20s are not graded much higher than a linemen in the second round

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There is also only one team outside the top 10 (where tight ends are rarely taken) that has TE as a top 3 need. That team is Green Bay, with a worse defense than we have offense. I have firmly settled into the best TE available at #28 being the best value to grow with our 24 year old two time pro bowl QB, while gathering our other needs in FA, trades, or rounds 2-7 (especially with the depth at WR and OL). A matchup nightmare game changer (Ebron, Amaro, ASJ) should be there and would change games more than any other player likely to be there at #28, IMO. If not, NE, Seattle, the falcons or bucs at the top of the 2nd certainly will.

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OP did a good job. There are posters who think the Panthers dictate their choices.

They don't

It's best player at that position when they draft no matter the need

They will not take a 3rd round rated need position if a great player is sitting there with first round value

Days of Marty hurney are over

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