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Something Cam needs to work on this offseason

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I would like one of you geniuses to explain the reason why you think he is holding onto the ball to long?  Do you think that he sees open receivers but neglects to throw the ball? 




Because they want him to throw more interceptions so they can go back to complaining about THAT (again).

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I could've written your  response.  It's typical, and harps on why some will never stop the silly critiques.  I see so many people who never played nor know nothing about the intricacies of the position, or the game continue to offer the same critiques without putting any any effort to understand simple cause and effect properties that would help some answer their own questions.


Its fine to bring up cause and effect but it isnt something you can completely attribute play to. At some point it becomes "excuses". 


Reading defense.  In comparison to whom?  And what has Cam done specifically to show you in your superior knowledge that he is incapable of reading a defense.  And for this to be such a weakness, it is presumptive that he is beneath the above average quarterbacks at doing so. 


In comparison to no one. Even Manning will tell you he still is learning new things and needs to improve. That goes for every QB. Never said Cam was incapable of reading defenses. Simply that he needs to get better at it. 


The old "throw the receiver open myth"  Well, if all of these receivers are being thrown open, then why would it matter who you put out there to catch the ball?  It would serve you to go watch some of the best receivers in the game, and then you'll be able to determine who should get the credit for the play.  It's called YAC, and no Panther receiver cracked the top 40. 


Its not a myth. I dont know the exact number of players being thrown open as I havent broke down any game, I simply know that it is a strategy teams employ.  YAC is great but we gotta complete the pass first. 


Hot WR?  Do you know what a hot receiver is.  If your receiver can't get open for a hot route then there is not hot receiver.  Smitty in his prime was the best hot receiver in the game.  He is no longer in his prime.  Hot receivers aren't just some wide open mythical player available at all times. 


Ovcourse they are not open at all times, but they can and should be open frequently. 


Nervous or conserative?  Lol... it's Cam, nervous.   And the first two seasons people whined and complained about him turning the ball over.


When you are scared to make the right throw due to not wanting to turn the ball over its a problem. 


Indecisive?  Maybe, but why?  Indecisiveness doesn't come from wide open receivers.  And we can't have a million threads on our of lack capable receivers and then claim that a QB automatically makes a receiver good.  No. 


Doesnt necessarily have to be wide open receivers. It can be audibles, hot routes, read progressions, etc. 


Playcalling.  I'll give you that.  But, where does that fit in the critique of Cam that this thread is about.  It doesn't. 


You asked why is he holding on to the ball, that is a reason. Not his fault, however you can argue he has the ability to change the play and routes at the line. So it could very well fall on him as well. 


I think you have successfully blamed Cam for things when you overlooked the causes of the problems. And you successfully baited me into giving this too much time.  Good job.


I think you are successfully passing blame, making excuses, and overlooking issues Cam needs to fix. 


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Because they want him to throw more interceptions so they can go back to complaining about THAT (again).

Man, Cam's first year all we heard is how he needs to cut down on the turnovers, he's throwing too many turnovers, taking too many chances blah blah blah.  Well, he corrects that and now all you hear is "Cam needs to throw receivers open", "he's holding onto the ball", "he needs to throw it away"

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