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The Perception of Luke Kuechly (outside of the Carolinas)

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S/O to @LukeKuechly...not everyone can hold and pass interfere his way to a defensive MVP award #talent #trulyunique
@lukekuechly is the #DPOY? over @NBowman53? even Kuechly thinks that's bullshit. look at the numbers. #robbed #nflhonors #numbersdontlie
Luke Kuechly??? Good, but not great...Thomas and Sherman got robbed. But all that really matters is the ring they'll be winning tomorrow

Then you got more niner and hawk fans butthurt along with the ever popular "he isnt even the best LB in his division joke (i assume its a joke because people cant possibly believe Lavonte David is better.) 


I think the main reason that he has such a negative perception from fans is because he is such a humble guy. He hardly ever makes headlines with what he says and thats all ESPN is anymore, they are a gossip site. They choose to market players who give good soundbites and Luke rarely does. 


It could also be the fact we are a small market team, but i think the main thing is the only time we really were in prime time in the nations eyes(the NE game) all people remember about him is the hold that didnt get called. OR is it the fact people are looking for the spectacular and not the consistent?? Luke had a ton of tackles in the pro bowl, but i hardly heard him mentioned since he doesnt draw attention to himself when he makes a great play. Sooner or later he will get credit from other fan bases, but until then all people will remember about him is the holding call on Gronk.


Am i wrong? Do you guys think others respect him and im just nit picking? 



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Are these quotes from media or fans?

i just scrolled through the 20 most recent hits from twitter on him. What i wrote was more about the perception from fans so i chose quotes from fans.

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You can find tweets like that from fans and media though.  I even saw a tweet earlier from a reportedly Panther fan saying Luke wasn't even the best LB on the Panthers......

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The same guy who got shrugged off by Kaepernick and threw a 5 year old temper tantrum after the play.



I am sure he was referring to AJ Klein but I swear these 49er fans are so stupid!

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