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Will The Fitz on the Carolina Panthers Please Stand Up

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Wow.  Talk about a class act. Great restructure for his team, him , the organization, and his legacy. Yes (Larry Fitzgerald)he did increase his remaining years at the price tag of 2.5 mil or so a year. He did take his 18 million cap hit this year and reduced it by almost 10 million and also essential took off the last two years of his contract by putting it as an option(my guess restructuring again so he retires there)...He said he would do whatever he could to keep that team together so they could sign other players by cutting his cap hit.  Will maybe CJ help us out?  Smitty?  Gross take a minimal deal to return to give one or two more goes at a superbowl....Will Stewart fix his contract so it makes sense for us as an organization, he loves it I'm sure money wise, no play and get paid.  Most of us have to pay to get rehab after injuries he's made a living in that rehab room.  I guess we will see.  So who do you think will step up for the Panthers so we can keep the core?


My guess:


Gross:  small but fair contract 2 years with a 3rd year option

Smitty:  (7mil hit now)  He reduces a few million

Godfrey:  Cut or he takes a severely reduced contract

Kalil:  Small reduced amount same as Smitty a few million



CJ:  I would love to see him reduce his cap hit a little but just don't see it happening.  Making it close to impossible to resign Hardy.  


GMan will have to be creative once again, but man he's done a hell of job.  We have all our picks and maybe an extra pick depending on what happens with Hardy and our signings.  KEEP POUNDING!

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Fitz has a guaranteed 25 million dollars due to him in 2015. He's given them short term relief to cripple them later.


I'd rather that not happen. 

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Fitz didn't give up anything. Like most restructures, they just exchanged salary for bonus money.


Anyone would do the same thing, including every player on our team.

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About the only thing I can see that will help us is someone sitting Cam down and telling him "You know how you make your money? Endorsements! You know how you get more and bigger Endorsements? Winning! You know what will help the Panthers win? More money to spend on help for you!"

Of course Mr. Manning knows this and has more Endorsements than any man besides #23 and still insisted on having the largest contract for a QB of all time to beat out Brady cause his ego couldn't take it.

At the end of the day this is their job and I know damn good and well I'll do everything I can to get as much money as I can for the work I do. So no I don't expect CJ to take a cut. Or really anyone else except Godfrey because his option will be take less or walk, and maybe Gross coming back for less.

However if someone was going to make a Panthers friendly contract I would think it would be Cam, because I do think he cares about Winning.

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