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El Chingon

Charles Davis from NFLN "Mock Draft 2.0"

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JawnyBlaze    5,245

I think this has been posted before ...but it's still WTF worthy. There's no way in hell they draft this woman beater and I don't even think Hyde will go in the first round.

I like Charles Davis, but I seriously questioned his IQ when I originally read this.

I don't understand how anyone could possibly like Charles Davis. He's easily the most ignorant person in NFL media today. He literally just parrots whatever popular opinion is at the time and offers no insight of his own. I'd rather pin my eyeballs back Clockwork Orange style and watch 24 hrs straight of Tory Holt and Kenny Albert than one hour of Charles Davis.
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Mr. Scot    34,528

With Kelvin Benjamin and Allen Robinson both taken in the next few picks...


Apparently he thinks Marty Hurney is still running the team.

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