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Johnny Rockets

NASCAR Fantasy League

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It's not through Yahoo or any website but here are the basic details. It's only $20 to play and if you have no intention of paying such a small fee please don't enter as a good friend of mine is running it. Anyway, if you are interested in playing pm me your email address and I will send you the form and payment details. Good thing about this format is once you set your "lineup" you no longer have to do anything for the rest of the year. I didn't play last year and honestly didn't watch a single lap. This at least will keep me slightly interested throughout the season.



The rules are simple and stated below and on the attached document.


1. Select a driver for each race and you will be awarded the Sprint Cup points that driver earns.


2. A driver may only be used once per year. Points will accumulate throughout the year. Penalties levied against a driver on your team on that specific week will also penalized to you.


3. All-Star Race: Pick ANY driver for the non-points race (repeats allowed). If your driver wins, you will receive 20 bonus points.


4. Cost $20 to play. Top five positions pay. Purse depends on how many entries are received. Approximate split will be (50% to 1st; 25% to 2nd; 13%, 8%, 4% to 3rd-5th respectively). 


5. Fill out the grid attached and submit to me before the Daytona qualifiers on Feb. 20. No late entries will be accepted


6. PLEASE PAY BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS. Anyone who hasn't paid before March 1, your entry may be subject to elimination.

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