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Picks traded away in the Hurney era

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Ya wanna feel even worse?


Norwood was drafted #124 overall (4th round).


Nine picks later at 133, the Seahawks drafted Kam Chancellor.


Just a damn shame. I really hope Gettleman doesn't misses on picks as badly and frequently as Hurney did .

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You could also throw the trade that didn't happen into this discussion.


Before he eventually fell to the Panthers at #48, Marty Hurney was calling war rooms all around the league trying like crazy to trade up for...Notre Dame Quarterback Jimmy Clausen.


Hurney had already traded away future first round picks each of the previous two years.  It's a safe bet the teams he was calling were asking for the same sort of deal.  Had Hurney accepted, he'd have traded away the #1 overall pick and lost us the chance to draft Cam Newton.


Who knows how close that deal actually came to being made? :blink:


Maybe it's better if we don't :unsure:




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Decided while I was at it to do a subset listing players whom the Panthers traded up to get and what it cost.  This one I did from the beginning.  If you're wondering who was taken with the traded picks, just refer to the OP (except for the two early years).


The list is as follows...





CB Tyrone Poole - 1st round, #22

- Cost: 1995 1st round pick (32) 1995 3rd round pick (65) 1995 6th round pick (173)


T Blake Brockermeyer - 1st round, #29

- Cost: 1995 2nd round pick (34) 1995 3rd round pick (98) 1995 4th round pick (100)





CB Emmanuel McDaniel - 4th round, #111

- Cost: 1996 4th round pick (122) 1996 5th round pick (159) 1996 7th round pick (235).





CB Ricky Manning Jr - 3rd round, #82

- Cost: 2003 4th round picks (108, 120) 2003 7th round pick (227)





CB Chris Gamble - 1st round, #28

- Cost: 2004 1st round pick (31) 2004 4th round pick (127)





DT Atiyyah Ellison - 3rd round, #89

- Cost: 2005 4th round picks (115, 126)





T Jeff Otah - 1st round, #19

- Cost: 2009 1st round pick (28) 2008 2nd round pick (43) 2008 4th round pick (109)





DE Everette Brown - 2nd round, #43

- Cost: 2010 1st round pick (17)





WR Armanti Edwards - 3rd round, #89

- Cost: 2011 2nd round pick (33)





DE Frank Alexander - 4th round, #103

- Cost: 2012 6th round pick (180) 2013 3rd round pick (74)



We went a pretty good stretch (1997 to 2002) without trading up for anyone.  The practice picked up again a year into Marty Hurney's tenure. 


For the record, Hurney ran eleven drafts with the Panthers.  He traded up in seven of them.

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nicely done.


thank sweet jesus we didn't trade out of that number one pick.


The masochist in me would like to know just how close it came to happening.


The pragmatist would rather not think about it.


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Another side note...


If you're looking at either of these lists and asking yourself, "Who was Atiyyah Ellison?", don't feel too bad for not remembering him.  Despite being a third round pick for whom the Panthers actually traded up, Ellison didn't even make the team


The Panthers certainly gave him more than a fair shot.   Ellison was signed to the Practice Squad shortly after final cuts and was elevated to the regular roster for a few short periods that year, but he never saw any action and was cut outright before the next season.  He bounced around the league for about five years after that but only saw action for a single year (2009 with the Jaguars).


His NFL career - if you can call it that - spanned a six year period (2005-2010).  His career stats over that time: 15 games played, 6 games started, 1 sack, 1 assisted tackle and 1 pass defended.  He was last seen in 2011 when the Patriots signed him for a few days in January.  He was cut prior to the start of the playoffs.


And we traded up for him :(

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I'm hoping Frank Alexander is something special for us, because I hate not having that 3rd when we could have got Terrance Williams or Keenan Allen I believe.


To be honest, I don't think any of those trades were crippling.  I can't fault Hurney too much on Otah.  Otah WAS a beast, and if he kept playing like he did his rookie year it would have been worth it.   Not sure they could have known what was going to happen to him, but maybe.   Everette Brown trade was stupid as well as, obviously Armanti though.  

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Seeing some of the picks the other teams got with pur original picks makes me sad

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yeah good stuff, a lot of those trades look like a push (equally bad for everyone).

That Armanti trade surely is at the top of the list of ones we'd like to have back, but the Pats even wasted the pick. I think that Ras-I dude is out of the NFL altogether.

Still in the league, I'll have to check but he's on a roster in Madden. Backup for the backup but he's on a team.

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If I'm reading this correctly, Jeff Otah really, really fuged us big time. In fact, as unpopular as it may be, Stewart fuged us almost as bad, perhaps worse. We traded away valuable picks for an injury prone RT that amounted to nothing, and an injury prone RB that outside of one thousand yard season has amounted to nothing and whose albatross contract is helping to make sure we can't retain Greg Hardy or do much FA shopping.

Damn that years first round set us back something awful.

otah and ste were both huge parts of the division title and bye in 08. We cannot pin the Jake breakdown on them so short term it was a good deal that set us up for a shot at a deep playoff run.

And if you draft a rookie and he plays well, was it really a bad pick if he later goes down with injuries (unless there is a history of it)?

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