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Bobcats Waive Ben Gordon

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How can you waive the best player on the team? smh


Yeah, agreed.  That would be stupid if we ever waived Al Jefferson. 

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He's the best scorer. Ben was obviously the most important piece to the puzzle.

I hope your joking.

We are signing Justin Hamilton to a 10 day contract. 7ft forward with good offensive game. He is almost averaging a double double in the d-league. One rebound short.

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He barely played so I don't know why anyone cares? Detroit gave us a 1st rounder just to get rid of him and we couldn't even trade him at the deadline.... for anything even for a team to dump salary.


good shooter with a bad attitude, did he get screwed some? yes, but he did in detroit as well and he did it to himself leaving chicago where he was loved. 


Now we signed a young center on a 10 day to see if he has what it takes. 

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What are you talking about? We knew when we flipped maggettes contract for him and Detroit's first rounder that the only real asset was the first rounder. Gordon wasn't in the plans for this team ever.

This seems like a no-brainer. If we didn't get a significant asset before the deadline for Gordon, we would let him expire. I was surprised when we were rumoured to buy him out. If we pulled that off I would have been shocked and happy but no worries that we didn't. I'm actually glad now that he is waived because he was probably disgruntled in the locker room and our young team doesn't need any negative vibes to distract them from the games we have to win.

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I'm not going to dispute your first couple sentences(other then the what are you talking about part).  I pretty much said that the Bobcats traded for him for contract relief/ flexibility.  I know he wasn't going to be the savior or long term answer for the Bobcats....but he wasn't regarded as a horrible player either and generally thought of as a decent shooter and a solid sixth man.


I assume like you that there was something that happened in the locker room that caused a rift maybe last year when Dunlap was here.   


I do disagree some with what you're saying.  The Bobcats org and Gordon should have sat down and talked things out man to man before this season considering Dunlap was released to avoid distraction.  Much like the Smitty and the Panthers situation.


I know we wouldn't have had any interest in Gordon if that pick wasn't involved.....just like there was no legitimate interest in Corey Maggette before that.


But if you have the guy and he can shoot 3's and your team was having issues with the 3 you might as well see what he has to offer a bit more.  His numbers are good compared to minutes played.  He couldn't have had that big of a negative impact in the locker room considering the Bobcats have been playing relatively well with him at every practice and on the bench every game.   


No doubt Gordon's game has flaws....he's very streaky....when he's on he's on when he's off he's really off and he's not worth his contract.  No dispute.  But he was here and we should have played him a bit more leading up to that trade to see if he could help fill that void.  


I know whenever you make a trade there's a bit of a honeymoon phase with the players that come to your team, but Sessions was the BEST player involved in that trade and a team leader. With him we were sixth in the NBA in free throw attempts....a huge stat.  We were averaging 25 attempts per game.  Against the Spurs the other night we had 15.  We lost by 10, and no one on the Spurs was in foul trouble.


I'm not saying it was a good or a bad move by the Bobcats....just saying they could have done a little more research to see if Ben Gordon was salvageable before trading Sessions for Neal.

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