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Ken's Mock Offseason/Mock Draft

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I like the way you thought through the picks and covered a lot of bases.

Part of the problem you had with the inability to get Montcreif was that the OT's might be gone in the third. I venture that if you had picked a WR in the first and the CB in the third, you'd be golden




as the first three and the rest is good.. Just juggling the 1st and third.

Like some of the offseason stuff, just not sure it adds up the same as the cap space we have.

I think Cooks would be gone by this pick to either the Ravens, Jets, Browns, Chiefs.

As I said in the mock I think Fuller would be BPA.

Looking at numerous mock drafts and all the needs of teams, the top 5 WRs would be gone in my book and so too the 1st round OT. The pick IMO, will come down to Fuller, Amaro, Verrett, and maybe one of OBJ/KB might fall.

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hurst or james or billy turner might?

They might but why take that chance? Besides Bitonio is great value there and is a much better prospect than both.

A strong Oline is vital. More time for Cam to throw and a better run blocking Oline will do wonders for our offense, especially in Shula's scheme which is run 1st, play action heavy and where short passes aren't a huge part of the play book(leaving out screens).

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Our first rounder definitely has the potential to leave us without the top 4 OT's and the top 5 WR's, so I see the bind we might be in.  I had the same thoughts with my updated mock and tried to trade down into the top of the second.  If I were to have stood pat, I might have made the same choice.


I am hoping that some teams reach like crazy and bring in guys we have pegged in the second for their first round selections which will push guys down.

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There will definitely be reaching going on, it happens every year lol. Usually its for some same school guy.

Unlike other years tho, a reach might not be so bad cuz this draft is filed with talent. So much better compared to last year for example.

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