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Mr. Scot

Thanks, Steve

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For over a decade, no one's been more exciting to watch than you.

I saw your first ever play as a pro, a kick return for a touchdown that came after a Minnesota Viking player talked trash to you. He wasn't the last guy to make that mistake either. I've seen that scene play out many times, pretty much always with the same results.

The memory of you running, arms outstretched, into the Saint Louis end zone to take us to the NFC Championship is an image I doubt will ever leave my head. That is, to this day,still the best football game I ever watched.

My best memory though? The day you signed an autograph for a sick little boy that coached in flag football. He's since gotten a kidney transplant and is doing fine (and he's a great receiver too).

Football can be a cruel game, but even the saddest moments can't take away from the memories we gain along the way.

So to sum it all up...

Thank you, Steve.

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please god let this be premature

I'd be fine if it were.

I seriously doubt that it is :(

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01 Vikings return for a TD

Insane TD against the Texans

05 Giants game

05 Bears playoff game

The whole 05 season for that matter

X Clown

Superbowl 38 TD reception

77 yarder in Cam's first professional game

2011 Panthers-Saints game at BOA


So many great memories. It's been a true pleasure, my friend.


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