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Pulling the Trigger Panthers Style

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This crap needs to stop. Stop drinking the company kool-aid. The team has in no way gotten better. Infact we are worse than we were while I can ser thr saints getting better. This in gettleman we trust stuff makes me want to puke.

As far as I know, we didn't offer any of the guys we lost contracts. That means we didn't want them.

We did offer contracts to guys we wanted, Kraken included. OMG, what the heck would be going on in this place if we let Kraken go too?


There just isn't anyone we need at the price they are asking. Just wait until the draft and some more cuts get made, things will start looking better and better and then we can come back and laugh about all these freak out threads.

Yeah, I wish we could've given Smitty a fond-farewell where 2 million people in Smitty jerseys could sing kum-bay-ya, but it didn't work out that way and Get is catching grief warranted. We have to move on.

Blood and guts...geez, I

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Bwood alts everywhere. Makes me want to kick puppies


Is that who 'Batman' was?


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Panthers with early leg up on 2015 comp picks ... Its still early in the game, but after the first few days of free agent signings, Carolina has the early inside position on picking up compensatory picks at the 2015 draft. Indeed,through the first few days of the new football calendar year, Carolina has lost 5 free agents to other teams and signed none. Meanwhile, Oakland, Kansas City and the Giants have lost three more free agents than they have signed to date. Comp picks for the 2015 draft will be determined by a formula that includes net free agent losses, as well as the moey involved in a team's respective free agent gains and losses.

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