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Things Gettleman has said in the past and what we can learn from them...

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Cool, we have common ground. I'm upset at the way things are going but I'm willing to wait and see before I proclaim the next season a disaster.

I'm not too big on the constant name calling, either.

I suppose I disagree with anyone who thinks they know what will happen next season. I know I don't like the look of things so far but I'll be very pleased if I'm wrong.

Hey, I get that is looks less than rosy right now. I too am concerned that we have holes and no money. The WR corp. scares me as well. But I also see a bright future. So I am just going to let this all play out. I will get upset when there is good reason. And right now, I don't see a good reason.

We as a franchise, have had many opportunities to be let down. So, when things start looking good, like last year, we get excited. Then this off-season rolls around. And things look like they are falling apart. So it is natural for fans to worry.

But I don't see any reason for the overreactions. Those are, IMO, unnecessary. But hellz, it takes all kinds.

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Not wishing ill on Cam to prove a point. Losing 3 OL, not to mention the longest tenured one, for any team is a blow, and when the GM is playing Mr. Badass, the franchise QB will be put at risk.

Do you actually want Byron Bell protecting Cam's blind side?

I have no problem with Bell playing LT. He said he wants to and the coaching staff said it's more of his natural position. He only gave up a few more sacks than did Gross and he was basically in his first full time season. There were only 18 better tackles, pass rush wise, than was Bell. That includes all tackles, not just left or right. Hat means that there were 46 tackles who allowed players to get to their QB at a higher rate.

It's like mass hysteria around here and everyone is focusing on the negatives. A couple people take his performance against Mario Williams and for some reason they think he played that way all seasonnlong and that is a farce, to say the least. Bell gave up 8 of his 9 sacks over a 3-game spread. That means in the other 13 games he only gave up 1 sack. I get tired of spouting the stats and the 12-4 record speaks for itself. This offensive unit is going to improve because these guys are really young and for the most part just getting started with their careers.

It's not easy to come off such a great season and to hear everyone bash the players who played a huge role in getting them to their record. Not only that, but our line was decimated last season and few actually recognize that fact. Sure, there were hiccups along the way and Cam had to scramble a lot but he had to scramble less and less as the season went along.

Yeah, I'd love to Upgrade every position and have a pro bowler at every position but we have to go with the best of the best players and add pieces however we can...and we are. There's a deep draft coming up and we could at least enjoy the season we had, welcome the new players we get and watch the draft with optimism. I can't keep defending our players and shouldn't have to because they played really well this past year and we got to actually keep our youngest and most talented players. And I wanna keep it that way. That means Hardy, CJ, BBell and everyone else that does their job and works to make this team better.

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What I remember Gettleman saying in the past is telling his QB whom he had questionable committment to that the time to win was now, and when said QB obliged, he elected to rebuild everything from scratch.

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