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Report: Colin Kaepernick investigated for alleged sexual assault

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U clearly didn't know Cam during his college days. He's pretty much is the same except he was a lot more laid back and fun-loving pre media fake scandal and anti-Cam days.

Sarcasm alludes you a lot.

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No where in this report is Colin charged

The words "sexual assault" does not appear

No where in this report is Colin even accused

If TMZ and the rest of the mentally challenged on the Huddle could actually READ the report and stop JUMPING to baseless conclusions, the world would be a much better place.

It is the POLICY of hospitals in South FL, in an abundance of caution, to report ANY potential wrong doing to the cops. The young lady could not verify how she ended up at the hospital SO the hospital, per POLICY was REQUIRED to contact the police for an investigation.

This lady never accuses ANYBODY of ANYTHING. She is simply STATING the facts as she knows them to be.

Colin is not even accused of rape/sexual assault much less charged with one.

My god. Some of the pure ignorance displayed in this thread is astounding.

Huddle loves to do that. I remember a lot of people concluding manti te'o was gay with no proof or info then saying he will drop to the 7th.

TL:dr huddlers are idiots

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