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I am sorry but CDR should be starting

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MichaelNewtonII    1,713

^^ every player in the NBA is gonna get abused by Wade and Bron.

CDR can knock down 3's and can drive to the basket and finish with either hand. Something I can't say about Hendo.

Hendo is better than CDR

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jdpanther5    1,846

Hendo's the better player but CDR is the better fit with the starters. I know Clifford probably wants to start the five best guys, but it makes more sense to pair a slashing wing (MKG/Hendo) with a shooter (Neal/CDR) instead.

I like Neal as the purple patch player off the bench and I think Hendo could help the bench as well. Plus CDR would offer better spacing for Kemba, MKG, and Al.

Hendo's a scorer who doesn't get the ball enough with Kemba and Al to be effective, but he'd be our go-to off the bench.

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