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In Topic: All-Pro Package now has Annual Payment Option

Today, 09:00 AM

You got my money Jeremy. Thanks for this fantastic forum.


In Topic: Seattle Seahawks Preview, Sammi Jo costume options

Today, 07:54 AM

I'd donate $100 to the Huddle for pix of Igo in a Top Cat uniform. But only if he waxed his legs & chest first.


In Topic: Props to Zod aka Igo

Today, 07:35 AM

terrell mcclain 





I have been waiting weeks for Terrell McClain to play the type of game that he showed against the Giants.

There was a side of me that thought maybe these coaches might replace him in the rotation by choosing to go with Davon Coleman or Ken Bishop, but they stuck with him and he rewarded them with a nice game. I knew he was capable of being a disruptive player and finally he managed to put it all together in that second half.

He showed initial quickness and a burst along with lateral speed and close. He was able to anchor down at the point, showing some upper body strength and power. His effort and stamina were also outstanding and it appeared the longer he played he was able to keep that pace, down after down.

McClain played as the under-tackle but also got some snaps as the nose and was effective in both spots. What was impressive is when the Giants tried to block back on him, he quickly avoided that block and stepped up to meet the ball carrier. The game tape showed he was robbed of a turnover when he ripped the ball out of Andre Williams’ hands, which would have capped off a game where he was a real factor.



Yeah, I let my USF homerism get in the way with the pro bowl selection talk. But at least McClain is still in the NFL and improving. Many of you wanted them to keep Fua over him..... how'd that work out?

In Topic: Andrew Norwell: The new utility tool...

Yesterday, 08:08 PM

Eh, you can have it. I just noticed he did well all through camp and was impressed.

In Topic: Seahawks players: Russel Wilson "not black enough"

Yesterday, 08:02 PM


just gonnaleave this here....

I don't get it

Looks like a normal family.

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