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#3225804 Can you find the Falcons sneaky speaker?

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 12:22 PM

Pretty much all dome teams do this. All this report is doing is distracting people from deflate-gate on SB Sunday.

There's also a bit if this that has been allowed since 2012.

So there isn't much to be worried about here.

Not really. No dome teams are allowed to play music and noise while the opposing team is in their huddle. The Falcons did this repeatedly this year..... Not that it mattered.

At least the Patriots cheated and are in the superbowl. Atlanta cheats and has a losing record.

#3225765 Can you find the Falcons sneaky speaker?

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 11:56 AM




In all seriousness, I did notice that Atlanta continued to play music and such well into the huddle of the Panthers, which I believe is against the rules. From what I understand all stadium audio has to stop when the players huddle for the play call.

#3225656 Huddle Amazon Purchase of the Decade....

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 10:32 AM

I think there are a lot of people who won't buy through here for these reasons. Not a bright idea.

People that paranoid would never have used the link anyways.

#3225628 Seattle offers extension to Lynch

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 10:06 AM

The window will start closing after this game today.

#3225612 Ed Dickson to re-sign?

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 09:52 AM

When it's the player thats reaching out to talk about a contract...

#3225576 What nuances and subtleties are you looking for in the game?

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 09:02 AM

The ratio of meat to cheese on each individual nacho.

I contend that a ratio that leans more towards the meat provides a much better experience.

#3225547 The Katy Perry Halftime Show

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 08:14 AM

"I revel in shaking off the trammels of respectability." This, my favorite quote from the novel A Room with a View, can also be applied to the star of the Superbowl Halftime Show... none other than Ms Katey Perry.


I must admit I was somewhat unfamiliar with Ms Perry and her body of work, so I did a bit of research. Turns out, she is a very popular recording artist known for her larger than life personas.








Her first big hit was a controversial song about kissing a girl for the first time. In it, she alludes to her cherry lipstick and wonders if her boyfriend will be angry. This song is wonderfully written and presents an interesting look into the social stigmas of the early 21st century in regards to sexual orientation.





Perry grew up as a pastor's kid and sang in her church choir. As a child, she was not allowed to eat Lucky Charms cereal as it contained the word Luck which is derived from the name Lucifer, according to her. This could explain her provocative songs and attire, as children raised in such strict households tend to become more sexually deviant as adults.







Katy Perry has hosted the popular sketch comedy show Saturday Night live. In one sketch, she portrayed a fan of the children's show Sesame Street while wearing an Elmo Tshirt.





Perry has become an icon for teenage girls everywhere. They enjoy her unique style of dress and non conformist attitude.





This attitude extends to her hair style, which is always changing. Frequently she will adorn colored wigs that are a treat to the ocular senses.





I for one will be watching the Katy Perry half time show. I very much appreciate a true artist that is not afraid to display her greatest assets.

#3225529 Video: Thomas Davis acceptance speech

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 07:13 AM

Thomas Davis accepts his Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.


Davis fights back tears as he challenges the NFL and its players to provide more positivity for the media to write about.


Davis receives two standing ovations.



#3225527 The Super Bowl Sunday gameday thread

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 07:04 AM

Tomorrow all teams are 0-0 and the 2014 season means doodly squat.

I like that aspect of it the most.

#3225160 One thing to consider when talking Free Agents....

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Yesterday, 07:06 PM

Here's how I see it going down with our UFA's:

Greg Hardy = no (sigh)
Dwan Edwards = yes
Colin Cole = no
Chase Blackburn = yes
Ed Dickson = yes
Joe Webb = yes (versatility)
Kevin Matthews = no
Garry Williams = no
James Dockery = no
Chris Scott = no

I don't see Blackburn making it after how well Glanton performed.

#3225140 Huddle Amazon Purchase of the Decade....

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Yesterday, 06:48 PM

Not sure this one will be topped.



Who was it, and please god tell me it is for a lube wrestling match between two women.....



55 Gallons of Lube



#3225088 Richard Sherman may leave before the Superbowl is over

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Yesterday, 06:05 PM

Many of you completely overlooked the panty dropping effect leaving the superbowl for his woman will have on future Sherman girlfriend prospects btw.

Thats gold, son. Gold.

#3225085 Richard Sherman may leave before the Superbowl is over

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Yesterday, 05:59 PM

Yeah. I went preeclamptic after my twins were born. They couldn't normalize my BP and I lost too much blood during the surgery. It was a very scary situation. You never know what may happen. Childbirth is one of the most dangerous things you can do to your body.


That's my main concern is that he be there for her. The kid won't remember or even care if he was there. If he loves her though, this should be a difficult decision. I can't fault him either way.

#3225081 Rivera up for Coach of the Year Again

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Yesterday, 05:57 PM

Rivera seems to be an excellent educator and motivator. His weaknesses are clock management and lack of killer instinct.

In think that is a fair assessment.

#3225057 Richard Sherman may leave before the Superbowl is over

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Yesterday, 05:26 PM

Tell ya what, when my twins were born my wife almost didn't make it alive out of the hospital. She reacted poorly to the anesthesia and they could not wake her up. I split time between neonatal and intensive care for what seemed like forever. If I was not there I would never forgive myself.

So please, continue to tell me how much of an easy decision this is for him to make, you single guys without kids.