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#3060766 Norwell video

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 11:01 AM


Sorry for the crappy quality... but watch Norwell. Finishes his man, then takes on Foucault's man preventing a sack.




When have you ever seen Amini do that?

#3060725 A little love for Colin Jones

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 10:43 AM

Was Cason hurt or benched in favour of White?



3rd degree burns

#3060597 Anyone else notice Norwell?

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 10:05 AM

Norwell had probably the best performance of any guard this season last night? Nice pulls, nice blocking, good protection.





Post your reaction when this guy loses his starting spot to Amini next week.

#3060576 Foucme? No, No, FOUCAULT!

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 10:01 AM

as soon as he stopped getting chip help from the TEs and Backs, he was turrible.


That last sack in the game where he got bull rushed and bent over completely backwards was just embarrassing.


They call that the Toronto Two Step

#3060553 Foucme? No, No, FOUCAULT!

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 09:55 AM

Looking back at last night, I don't feel David Foucault didn't play any worse than Byron Bell. Admittedly, that isn't high praise, but considering Foucault is an UDFA it speaks better of him than it does Bell.


I can definitely see Foucault catching on as a backup left tackle tackle, with Bell being no more than a backup right tackle in a Panthers utopia. His size and athleticism is superior, and his play will only get better with experience.








BTW, the Panthers helped him out quite a bit last night, chipping the defensive ends with Deangelo and Stewart. Pictured below Deangelo gets a really nice shot on Galette. They may want to consider keeping this in for Bell when he returns.



#3060510 One last hurrah for Double Trouble?

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 09:41 AM

Really haven't even thought Deangelo for a while. I have no clue why he is still getting snaps over Stewart.

#3060489 Tempo

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 09:35 AM

It's not just Shula man. 


Completely agree. It is not just Shula.



But he is a nice chunk of it.

#3060461 A little love for Colin Jones

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 09:26 AM

He also made me cringe at being in the wrong scheme. It happens.


Which is why he needs more reps now, in a season that really no longer matters.


Next year we may be in contention again.

#3060440 Tempo

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 09:19 AM

We came out first series with some no huddle and don't think we ever got back to it


Yes, when the Saints defense was fresh.



Might have had a different result when they had their hands on their hips in the second quarter.

#3060432 A little love for Colin Jones

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 09:16 AM

Colin Jones and Josh Norman have made the difference in the secondary as of late.


They say Jones is actually the fastest player on the team, and it showed last night. He needs more snaps over Harper with Boston roaming.


At this point the Panthers would be wise to get the speedy young guys experience over the dreadfully slow veterans who have their careers in the rear view for the most part.





#3060405 Congrats to the Saints

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 09:03 AM

This game would be completely different if Cotchery catches that ball inside the 5 and Bersin catches his around the 30. That was at least 10 points that the offense gave away early.


Both catchable balls, but the Cotchery pass was high and the Bersin pass was ill timed and came behind him just as Bersin changed direction. Fault for both of those is shared with Cam and the O-Line.

#3060376 Congrats to the Saints

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 08:53 AM

Overall it was a well played, clean game by them. They are clearly the best team in the south right now and most likely on to the division title. Unless things change dramatically, I do not see any way the Panthers overcome this deficit given the remaining schedule and the state of the offense.






#3060325 Jeremy.. I am eating crow right now, fajitas actually.

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 08:35 AM

Crow Fajitas?






#3060212 Tempo

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 07:33 AM

In the second quarter the Saints offense started to look really tired. A perfect time to no huddle and take advantage.

Didn't happen.

#3060175 Tempo

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 07:14 AM

While standing on the sidelines last night near the Saints bench, I looked over at Sean Payton who was reading his large play card, looking over which plays to call next.



On top of the card in hand written bold red letters and underlined was the word "TEMPO".



I thought to myself, yes, that is it. That is a big part of what distinguishes the explosive Saints offense from the slovenly Panthers offense. It's the tempo. Yesterday we saw Thomas Davis blitz and get to Drew Brees immediately after the ball was snapped. Unfortunately, Brees had already checked down that blitz and threw a completion within less than one second.


Fast forward to the fourth quarter when Cam Newton, under heavy pressure, is forced to wait for four entire seconds while his receivers run long, slow developing ineffective routes. Routes that the defensive players were actually running for them.  The result? A feeding frenzy for the Saints defense featuring Cam Newton as the main course.


Sadly, it is too late to fix this issue this season. An up-tempo aspect of the passing game is something that has to be implemented in May during OTA's and practiced throughout training camp. Remember all of those comments and tweets about how dreadfully long each passing play took to develop this offseason? How every other pass completion would in reality be a sack? It is painfully obvious now that what we were then witnessing then is now one of many big issues with Mike Shula's offense.


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