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#2974033 Brandon "swolebones" Williams & basketball

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 08:18 PM

zod getting jealous.

Yeah, that should be me in the spandex.

#2973771 So... About that extra day off for veterans...

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 06:16 PM

Something was definitely off with the team last night

Agree. And with guys like Ryan Kalil playing poorly, I am thinking it was something intangible. The guys just were not prepared or motivated.

#2973581 A little Cam Newton praise....

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 04:17 PM



250 Yards


1 TD




Completed passes  to 7 different players.



Considering how absolutely terrible the offensive line played yesterday, I feel like this may be one of Cam's better performances in a long while.


He has made great strides in making his progressions this year. When he gets healthy again and is able to run like the Cam of old, he is going to be the complete player we all knew he could be.

#2973566 They Say A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words...

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 04:06 PM

fall on it josh.

#2973484 Darrin Reaves

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 03:37 PM

Looks like we will get a real look at him in Baltimore. He has the build of a legit NFL running back.. ie lower body strength.

I really liked him in camp before he was injured. I think you all will be pleasantly surprised.


#2973460 You find out who the true Panthers fans are

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 03:29 PM

Gettledouche treated him like shit. Do you seriously expect the fat bastard to allow him to come back and retire a Panther?

It's not up to gettleman.

#2973449 You find out who the true Panthers fans are

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 03:25 PM

Anyone that is hoping Smith scores on the Panthers should excuse himself from the huddle this week. We dont need you.

#2973442 WFNZ...

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 03:22 PM

Can someone please transcribe the rest of these riveting calls for me? I'd like to reenact them on the huddle podcast.

#2973391 Why is the Ravens game this week on CBS?

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 03:05 PM

AFC teams generally play on CBS. Baltimore is the host. Pretty simple concept.

Glib and wrong all at the same time.

Well done.

#2972924 Both Tolbert and Stewart getting MRIs

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 12:06 PM

Just a precaution to make sure they are OK. Tolbert looked fine after the game. stewart I'm not so sure about.

#2972813 Norman was close to getting a flag last night.

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 11:35 AM

This was after he failed to fall on the fumbled kick return.


Josh Norman continued to get into it with Antonio Brown. Brown was suckering him in to a trash talking session, hoping for Norman to so something dumb. He came very close, but luckily maintained his composure.



#2972703 The JAG element of our WR corps stood out. It is what it is.

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 10:49 AM

What happened to the glorious Stephen Hill everyone was so excited about?


Dropping balls in practice won't get you playing time.

#2972690 Something the Huddle always forgets...

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 10:43 AM

complete ass kickings at home on national TV isn't really necessary, is it?

#2972619 Opponent backed up to their own end zone... then huge run.

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 10:24 AM

It has happened twice in three games and is now officially a huge issue. It happened in Tampa and it happened last night.


The Panthers are staying extremely aggressive, trying for a safety or at least pinning their punter in the back of the end zone. Bringing their safeties up, leaving no one out there to chase down a runner if (when) one breaks free.


The problem is, from what I can tell, its that the linebackers are playing so far up in the gaps at the snap they lose sight of where the runner is. A patient runner can then pick out where the backers are absent, and its a home run.


Should the Panthers back off a bit, worry more about just stopping a first down and not pinning the offense back?


#2972519 Along the Sidelines - Steelers Edition

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 09:53 AM

For better or worse.... mainly worse.... here is what my lens found throughout the evening.


First of all, for me one of the biggest stories of the game was the fact that the Panthers started two rookies at wide receiver. Cam was sure to greet them in pregame.





Cam continued to welcome other players out of the tunnel. Cam doesn't discriminate against inactive players either. If you come out of that tunnel, expect to be hit. Rookie Andrew Norwell needs to keep his head on a swivel.





Philly Brown was very excited coming out of the tunnel. I spoke with him after the game. He didn't know he was starting until just before introductions. That would explain the huge smile on his face.




I know some may be down on Philly for his special teams bobble and subsequent fumble, but I remain extremely excited about Philly Brown. Brown ended up grabbing seven catches and 68 yards. Extremely impressive for the undrafted rookie out of Ohio State.




Kelvin Benjamin led the team in receptions with eight and also posted his first 100+ yard performance. Kelvin's hands are just something I have not seen before in Panthers colors.


Look at these two frames.






You might assume that was a dropped ball, but it was in fact a reception. Kelvin got just enough finger tip grip on that ball to haul it in on the sidelines. For me, this was the play of the game.


Veteran players are starting to notice Kelvin, and are sure to talk to him after the play. No defensive veteran wants to be shown up by a rookie. Kelvin has never backed down to a trash talking session, but typically replies with a huge smile on his face.




Cam Newton was under heavy pressure for much of the night, even when the Steelers only brought three down linemen. This is extremely concerning for the season. If Cam Newton continues to take the kind of hits he did last night, he will not make it through the season. The lack of talent on the offensive line was probably the most talked about topic of the offseason. Now we know why. Carolina faces a very similar defense on Sunday, it could get just as ugly.




Luke Kuechly once again led the team in tackles with seven. The crowd needs to start recognizing that AJ Klein and Luke Kuechly are different people. Whenever Klein makes a tackle, the crowd usually scream LUKE.





Thomas Davis went off the field early in warmups, and I tweeted that he and the head trainer left together. Judging from Davis' performance, it seems his hip was nagging him. He was unable to turn his hips into defenders as well, which was a big part of a few missed tackles resulting in long runs. We need to get Thomas Davis healthy immediately.




Thomas DeCoud appears to be a serious liability in the run game. He was in on a few run blitzes last night and looked pretty bad. He lacks the aggressiveness and is a liability other teams will hone in on now.




Antonio Brown got away with a facemask on Bene Benwikere. I thought Benwikere played pretty well for having to cover as long as he did.




Mario Addison had the only sack on the evening. He is out playing Charles Johnson at the moment, which is terrible news for the Panthers. Johnson has been largely absent this season after having missed most of camp with a hamstring injury.




Greg Olsen is not talked about enough. His TD was one of the only bright spots of the evening. Greg continues to put together what I feel should be a pro bowl season for him.




Notice his right foot hitting the inside of the end zone pylon. It is this attention to detail that makes him a complete player.




Panthers fans stuck with it for most of the game. But when the clock read....




This was the scene all around the stadium.




The result was the Steelers being treated with home game adoration by the Pittsburgh fans, who had by then taken over the stadium.




But really, I can't blame Panthers fans for leaving a game the Panthers barely decided to show up to.



I think Ron Rivera summed it up best after the game. "We didn't play a very good football game."



More images from the game, locker room impressions and Topcat pictures coming today in the All Pro Insiders section. If you enjoy my coverage and want to see more, you should consider signing up at around the same cost of buying the huddle a nice beer a month.





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