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One small thing that helps Hardy's chances of playing Sunday....

Today, 05:07 PM

I know it seems small, but the offense is being introduced on Sunday night.

The Panthers would be in a no win situation if Hardy was introduced as a starter on Sunday. Fans cheer and they are insensitive. Fans boo and the Panthers look foolish.

NBC Charlotte will be broadcasting LIVE from the Huddle Tailgate Sunday

Today, 03:42 PM

NBC Charlotte will have their news van at the Huddle Tailgate and doing live spots from there starting at 6:00.


We need plenty of faithful Panthers fans to take on responsibility of getting there early, enjoying a brew, and getting hyped up for the news cameras and letting everyone know this game is for Panthers fans, and not the Stillers.


Boo will be posting all the details about the tailgate soon.


Who is in?

This Week's Winners and Losers according to PFF

Today, 11:32 AM




Greg Olsen

Cam Newton

Ryan Kalil

Jonathan Stewart

Trai Turner

Kawann Short

Bene Benwikere

Luke Kuechly

Thomas DeCoud





Kelvin Benjamin (receiving

Ed Dickson (receiving)

Nate Chandler (pass blocking)

Byron Bell  (run blocking)

AJ Klein

Wes Horton

Kony Ealy

Dwan Edwards

Charles Johnson



Mostly Agree or Disagree?



Interesting that the Panthers coaching staff graded KB higher this week than last. Yet, PFF grades him worse. Tells you how much faith to put in PFF.

Pittsburgh Steelers Look-A-Like Thread

Today, 11:21 AM

Brett Keisel





Yukon Cornelius



Answering a Few Questions

Today, 08:53 AM

So I have had a few questions come up from lots of different directions, my fault for not having better communication. This has probably been the busiest few months of my life. Not a bad thing.


I thought maybe I would try to answer them all here.



1) Whats the deal with the Amazon link? How does it work?


We have setup an affiliate partnership with Amazon. If you click our links to Amazon (located at the top of the page or in my sig) and then proceed to make purchases, the Huddle gets to wet its beak a little at no cost to you. Depending on the merchandise, Amazon pays us 4-6% as a thank you for reminding people to shop there. This only works if you first click the Amazon link on the huddle.


I do see a list of purchases made, but I do not get info on who made the purchase or any other information on the customer whatsoever. Although, when I see an industrial sized box of bulk toilet paper on the list..... I can figure it out. So if you enjoy this place and shop at amazon, why not throw us a few sheckles by clicking through the link.


2) Whats the deal on the All-Pro mumbo jumbo


All-Pro is a subscription to the Huddle that can be found in the Huddle Store. It is for those Huddlers that want to go above and beyond the call of huddle duty. It gives you access to additional information, photos, sound clips, etc. There are additional benefits you can read about in the store. The cost is about the same as buying me a good beer a month. We are closing in on 100 subscribers that I am very thankful for.


3) Whats the deal with the podcast and why should I care?


A podcast is on-demand audio that is independently produced and unregulated. You access it through your smart phone via an podcast app or though the webpage. Podcasting is the future of audio entertainment. It breaks down the barriers to entry that radio has always had. It is to radio what the internet has been to newspapers.


The Huddle Podcast is now getting over 2000 listens per episode, making it by far the most popular Panthers related podcast out there. If you use an iphone, it is easiest to just subscribe via iTunes. Android has tons of great podcast apps, we recommend PocketCast


4) So why all this new stuff?


Mainly because I have lofty long term goals for this place, including hiring some help. I have stepped up the content to include locker room interviews and increased camp/practice coverage. Also, I will be covering all of the away games this season. This all comes at a cost financially and personally. I actually had an offer from a large media company to be bought out during the offseason at a pretty nice price tag. I turned it down. I see so much potential in this joint and want to see it through.


I know a few of you see this place as "just a message board" and scoff at the idea that it isn't anything more. Thats fine, and I still appreciate your involvement here. Many of you see this joint as something more, and I agree. Hopefully we can continue to evolve for years to come.






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