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In Topic: KB In Pads

19 October 2014 - 07:52 AM

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This was nice to wake up and see on facebook...

In Topic: A Sammi Jo Pumpkin Pie Tailgate Petition

16 October 2014 - 03:01 PM


In Topic: QB Index: Cam Newton breaks into the top five

16 October 2014 - 04:52 AM

I completely agree that he throws the fastest in the NFL, maybe Kaep and Rothlisberger comes close but the old "fast arms" of Cutler, Stafford, Flacco just don't compare anymore. 


There are times the speed effected Cam's accuracy in the last two years but I think he's worked on his technique in the OS and now hes able to ping fast+accurate balls as well as anyone. The only problem with it is the WRs often don't have time to react and grip as much as with some over QBs, which is why we've seen some balls bounce off of KB's hands in the last few weeks. 


I agree as well. sometimes the balls just so fast and catches the guys a lil off guard or don't have the reaction time as the ball is already there.

But, more often than not that happens on the short passes. In which case, the go to Olsen... and Olsen is used to them.


As the guys get used to Cam's lightning fast passes I think more completions happen. And as cam trusts them more, the more "tight" passes might be made as the trust gets there.

Though, I do wish we had an Offense where our WR's would be running wide open in the passing game sometimes like I see with other teams... lil slants and there is no one to be found for 5-7 yards from the pass catcher.

But, I think that'll happen when we get a consistant Run game established again.

In Topic: QB Index: Cam Newton breaks into the top five

16 October 2014 - 04:06 AM

(Newton leads the league in throws that go too fast for the end zone angle camera operators.)


Please tell me this is an official stat. Wish we could add another stat around "throws that physically push receivers into the end zone." 




That's why I made it "bold".


I dunno if it's an 'official stat' being that doesn't really effect game play. BUT... I have said 9and I'm sure many others) that I think Cam's passes are the fastest in the league when it comes to straight line lasers.


This just seems to back it up a good bit... I mean, the camera guy can't keep an eye on the ball it's that fast. That's pretty good.

In Topic: Panthers vs. Bengals GIF Thread

14 October 2014 - 04:16 AM


But this play killed our chance to go up 2 scores. Interesting, KB is past 5 yards and he's clearly being held. No call there though





Yeah, that KB push-off was BS!

I re-watched the game at home yesterday and the sad part is, they were supposed to be enforcing the "5 yards" no contact rule. Yet, 6 yards into the play the CB puts his hand on KB's shoulder.

KB returns the favor, then swings his arm under the defenders arm to get position.

You can clearly see the CB has KB's arm at the elbow, at the 2 yard line, and KB swings his left arm in to get him off him.

Yes, KB pushed off a bit, come on.

Guess it's always "if the wide receivers arm is full extended, they'll call it every time"...

Just BS!


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