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Most anticipated album releases of 2015

16 February 2015 - 05:28 PM

Since today is a market holiday, and cold, and sleety, I've been inside for most of the day listening to music and I just cracked open an oatmeal stout called Mastiff from Rail House Brewery (Aberdeen, NC).


I'm also thinking about my most anticipated album releases for 2015. I realize this is about a month too late to get everything in, as there have already been some great releases thus far. But I'll post a few more and, hey, maybe you should, too. Then we can listen to each other's music and have some greater understanding about each other or some poo.


I'll start with my favorite so far, which is Father John Misty's spectacular sophomore release "I Love You Honeybear." I was pleasantly surprised to see this was the monthly choice for the Vinyl Me Please record-of-the-month club. Listen to this dude, and look up his lyrics. He's a next-level songwriter and this album is only getting better with each listen. Too bad I'll be busy the night he's at the Orange Peel.



As far as the rest of 2015, I'm really looking forward to the new Screaming Females album, "Rose Mountain." Here's the album closer, which I've been playing incessantly. I've got a thing for female leads. This girl shreds.



There is supposed to be a release this year from polarizing black metal band Deafheaven. I've always struggled to really connect with metal, but this band did the trick for me. Their 2013 release "Sunbather" was very well-received by indie rock loving hipsters, but not so much by metal purists. I guess I fall into the former category, but whatever. It's good. Here's a song about alcoholism:



I was excited to learn The Tallest Man on Earth is releasing a new album in May, called "Dark Bird is Home." It's cliche at this point, but any Bob Dylan fan looking for something new to listen to will probably take to this guy.



I don't want to overload the OP here, so just one more. Run The Jewels. They're actually mixing their stunning 2014 release "Run The Jewels 2" in with cat sounds. It's going to be called "Meow The Jewels." In addition, there may be a "Run The Jewels 3," which, if as good as the previous two, would be a ridiculous run of three spectacular albums. Jury's still out on what MTJ will sound like, and you can consult El-P's Instagram or something if you want to hear a snippet.



I'm also looking forward to new stuff from Waxahatchee and hoping for some new tunes from Radiohead.


So, feel free to post some of your most anticipated releases or vilify me for my taste, which is sampled above.