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In Topic: Is yet another blowout enough to get Ron Rivera fired?

Yesterday, 11:20 PM

Is this how they teach English at ECU? My god...

No, you moron, you thought I was defending Foucault and now you're trying to talk your way arou d kt in broken English. Somehow still trying to criticize UNC in the process further cementing my inferiority complex theory. Best of luck to you, buddy. You're gonna need it. Life is tough. It's tougher when you're dumb.

You have yet to provide any examples to this so called inferiority complex. Like I said, at least I support the institution I went to school at. Yet, you admit you are a wal-mart fan. Spending time at Southpoint does not mean you spent time at UNC sir. It's a place of education, not athletics and you are perpetuating the entire ideal of why student athletes should be paid. That said, what is there to have an inferiority complex of? Duke and ECU beat you in football, UNCC in soccer, Duke in basketball, any private school in NC in academics. There is no inferiority complex. Combine the hatred I have for Wal-Mart and UNC and you'll understand the Wal-Mart UNC North Carolina resident hatred. That is all.

In Topic: Listen up you negative nancies!

Yesterday, 11:12 PM

Nah you know what. No more of this rah rah stuff. That was our season. Tonight was our chance to punch the only team competing with us in our division in the mouth on national TV and we laid an egg yet again.

This coaching staff has no idea what they're doing. McDermott is the only half-smart coordinator we have. Rivera comes out and gives the same blanket answers in every press conference and continues to throw his players under the bus and fails to admit the playcalling is questionable at best.

Who wants to play for a guy like that? Who wants to root for a guy like that?

Don't get me wrong, I hope we come out of this and make something happen but I refuse to get my hopes up again for this team this season just to watch it be squandered away week after week. As far as I know, our season is over and I'm looking onto the draft. Go Hornets,

Rivera wasn't as emotionless tonight. He looked desperate as the second half started and I've been able to pick up on his stoic glances after certain situations. The look after halftime told me how that conversation went and it wasn't pretty. We need a quarterback coach as an offensive coordinator, and not the son of a legend who got to where he is because of that legacy.

In Topic: Is yet another blowout enough to get Ron Rivera fired?

Yesterday, 11:08 PM

Dude. You're off your fuging rocker. You're the one who forced UNC into this thread. Please point out to me where I've said anything about Foucault other than that I fully expected him to suck. If you're gonna try to talk poo, at least make sure you understand who you're talking poo to. You clearly have me confused with another poster. You're a moron with an inferiority complex. You probably can't fix the former, but you should try to work on the latter.

I called you out, as a UNC fan, as another irrational poster. Honestly, I'm not surprised the two happen simultaneously. There is no inferiority complex, I find no shame in saying that App would lose to UNC and I find no more pride and saying ECU will continue to dominate UNC, but what I do find great pride is in seeing UNC, no matter who their coach is, AD is, or how much support they get, continue to be nationally scrutinized for their lack of oversight in education practices.

In Topic: What is going on? Cam's QB rating keeps getting worse this season: 100.2,...

Yesterday, 10:56 PM

How you guys missed the left tackle being run through on at least 6 occasions is beyond me. And as I mention again, on 3rd and 19 after throwing deep to Benji several times, Shula throws him in on a 5 yard crossing route...

Riddle me that.

In Topic: Is yet another blowout enough to get Ron Rivera fired?

Yesterday, 10:54 PM

Cool story bro. Hope you can feel accomplished in life at some point without continually trying to bring up UNC at every turn. It's pathetic and you should stop. It reeks of inferiority complex. Just saying.

Don't fuging bro me. It's ridiculous, and I'm tired of reading posts by you and several others that have no logical reasoning, and no statistics or proof to back them up other than you're obviously biased perception on what is actually wrong with this damn team. If it weren't so illogical it would be okay but to see someone say Foucalt played well considering who he is baffles me. He showed he wouldn't even be physical enough to practice against. Now enjoy your mediocrity in one way or another. UNC or Panthers, or paper classes that no doubt involved at least one student having a rental car paid for by a "donor".

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