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In Topic: Who will be our third receiver/man the slot?

Today, 12:18 PM

Ginn, he's played it here before. Routinely got pretty open and blew the top off deep sometimes but just struggled to hold onto the ball. Think Ricky will continue to improve his route running and catching Ike he did 2 years ago

In Topic: The Athleticism of Funchess

Yesterday, 05:01 PM

1. 6'5 232 40 times low-4.47 high-4.7 38.5 vert 122 broad jump


2. 6'5 231 40 times low-4.47 high-4.7 33 vert 115 broad jump


both players from B10 school in Michigan

One drafted guy gentleman, one picked up in FA for him in the giants



players 1 is Funchess

player 2 is Plaxico Burress

In Topic: Grade the Panthers Day 3 and Overall Draft.

Yesterday, 03:13 PM

Easy A for me for the overall draft


Lets take a look at this


Pick 1:  possibly one of the best Athletes in this drafts and one of the most Versatile defensive weapons in this draft.  TD's Not going to play forever.  Might as well get someone for TD and Luke to take under their wings and groom up for the future.  Also his versatility is huge.  With more athletic TE's coming into the league and more no huddle uptempo coming into the league.  Him being able to slide around is Massive.  If Ealy progresses like some think he will.  We will have that top front 7 in the league again.


Pick 2: Funchess -  We need speed, this guys slow.  STFU.  We have acquired a heckuva a weapon.  6'5 230 40 times- low 4.47 (pro day) high 4.7 (combine) playing college ball at a B10 school in Michigan.  hmmm. where have I seen this before?


Funchess and KB on the outside is going to Take a Lot of attention from the safeties, opening up the Box.  Lets not forget we have Ginn, who knows the system, with a ton of speed to play the slot to open things up.  


Pick 3: possibly my favorite one of the draft Daryl Williams. Big nasty road grader with a mean streak to add to the right side.  Not a bad pass blocker either (see sugar bowl vs Alabama 2 years ago where he played LT)


We play big physical football.  And we got big guys in Funchess and Williams who should plug in real nice and fit shula system

In Topic: Carolina Panthers Trade Up Select Oklahoma's Daryl Williams

Yesterday, 02:29 PM

Williams was a monster in the sugar bowl vs Alabama 2 years ago on the Left side.  Kid is going to be a helluva RT for us.  Otah type road grader also with just enough skills to be a god pass blocker from the right side.  HUGE get.

In Topic: Round 4 Open Thread

Yesterday, 11:18 AM

Kid has potential for LT but is a big Mauling Otah style RT. seen some have him as high as mid 2nd