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Trai Turner

09 August 2014 - 12:04 PM

Did anyone notice how he looked last night? I know everyone was super focused on Benji and Ealy. But I'm curious how Turner looked, I'm just as excited about him as the other 2. Kid could end up being the biggest road grader on the right side we've had since Otah left.

NCFans week prior mock

02 May 2014 - 07:20 PM

1st- Ryan Shazier: Wait what?!?!? Gettleman said he doesn't like to reach and wants impact players. Shazier is that. TD is not going to be here another year or 2. He will either pull a Gross or we Smith him, unless he takes a pay cut. Shazier comes in and makes our front 7 one of the nastiest the league has seen for a bit. Shazier also has the best team to come into the league. Coach Rivera and Luke/TD mentoring him.

2nd: Cameron Flemming- may be a "reach" but not for us. A human plow RT is big big need for Shula. Especially if we want to milk one last run with smash and dash who have us in cap he11. They haven't been the same since Otah left.

3rd: Donte Moncrief- big athletic player from ole miss, no way will fall this far (this is what they said about hardy a few years back). Luckily for us it is a deep deep WR class. Gettleman said we can get a good WR in 3rd to 4th round. Either him or Robinson will fall to reasonable distance to at least make a cheap small trade to get him.

4th: CJ Fiedorowicz- gives us that relyable good blocking solid pass catching #2 TE who can help both run and passing game.

5th: Andre Williams- not a big need, but perfect Shula style RB who will fit right in for 2015 as potential starting RB

6th: Aaron Covin- top tier corner prospect who had a major knee injury.

7th: Michael Capanaro- just the perfect prospect for Proehl.

NCFan's pre-draft mock

21 April 2014 - 08:00 PM

1st: Cyrus Kouandjio- if his knee checks out with our docs, could have another Star steal

2nd: Donte Moncrief- Big Athletic WR.

3rd: Cameron Fleming: Big Uglies. Big Mauling RT. Make Shula and Gettleman drool

4th: CJ Fiedorowicz- get that 2nd TE, good blocker. solid pass catcher

5th: Antone Exum- big athletic DB who could fill in at FS or CB.

6th: Andre Williams- not the fastest but tough runner with good vision. Had a Huge senior year, good fit for Shulas offense after we rid one of the pieces of the smash and dash duo after next year.

7th: Michael Campanaro

NCFAN's Cam needs help Mock

19 March 2014 - 03:22 PM

So it seems Gettleman is going to use the draft to grab Cam some weapons.  Luckily this is one of the deepest WR class's in a while.



1st:  TRADE-  try to trade out of the 1st round and try to grab another 3rd or 4th.


2nd (1st):  Serefin-Jenkins:   We need Blocking And Pass Catchers, might as well grab someone who can do both.  Jenkins while one of the better blocking TE's, also is more than capable as a receiver 


2nd (2nd):  Jordan Matthews:  Very solid WR who will only get better under Proehl 


3rd: Seantrel Henderson:  Project Player very good athlete and run blocker


Comp pick (via 1st rnd trade):  Donte Moncrief:  Good athlete should develop as a solid WR lined across from Matthews


4th: James Hurst:  Hurst Stock has Fallen due to the leg injury.  Was a Late 1st type LT before the injury.  A healthy Hurst would allow Henderson to play RT and be that solid run blocker like we had with Otah.  Having Jenkins at TE, should help Hurst on the Left side if he struggles early.


5th: Campanaro:  Perfect slot guy to throw in between the 2 bigger WR's.  Wake product who would love to have Proehl coaching him


6th: Aaron Colvin:  Steal here, knee injury will have him dropping down.  Would be a Star type steal in the later round



Watching the Super Bowl

02 February 2014 - 09:21 PM

It's obvious point blank we need WRs and DBs

All those crying OL OL OL needs to watch Seattle.
Denver Is getting in the backfield, but Wilson using his legs like Cam buys time to get it to plenty of pass catchers. Outside of Smith we have none. Beast mode isn't getting big gaping holes, he is fighting and running hard for his yards combined with Denver having to play its safeties back due to the WRs.

The DB: Safeties big hard hitters who can cover. Completely nullifying the underneath routes, completely shutting down the TEs, Completly shutting down the screen passes etc etc.

Going by the Seattle mold like Gettleman mentioned.
I still stand by
1st: Safety- Calvin Pryor
2nd: WR
3rd: CB

4th on down start to begin to worry about the RT

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