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NCFAN's Cam needs help Mock

19 March 2014 - 03:22 PM

So it seems Gettleman is going to use the draft to grab Cam some weapons.  Luckily this is one of the deepest WR class's in a while.



1st:  TRADE-  try to trade out of the 1st round and try to grab another 3rd or 4th.


2nd (1st):  Serefin-Jenkins:   We need Blocking And Pass Catchers, might as well grab someone who can do both.  Jenkins while one of the better blocking TE's, also is more than capable as a receiver 


2nd (2nd):  Jordan Matthews:  Very solid WR who will only get better under Proehl 


3rd: Seantrel Henderson:  Project Player very good athlete and run blocker


Comp pick (via 1st rnd trade):  Donte Moncrief:  Good athlete should develop as a solid WR lined across from Matthews


4th: James Hurst:  Hurst Stock has Fallen due to the leg injury.  Was a Late 1st type LT before the injury.  A healthy Hurst would allow Henderson to play RT and be that solid run blocker like we had with Otah.  Having Jenkins at TE, should help Hurst on the Left side if he struggles early.


5th: Campanaro:  Perfect slot guy to throw in between the 2 bigger WR's.  Wake product who would love to have Proehl coaching him


6th: Aaron Colvin:  Steal here, knee injury will have him dropping down.  Would be a Star type steal in the later round



Watching the Super Bowl

02 February 2014 - 09:21 PM

It's obvious point blank we need WRs and DBs

All those crying OL OL OL needs to watch Seattle.
Denver Is getting in the backfield, but Wilson using his legs like Cam buys time to get it to plenty of pass catchers. Outside of Smith we have none. Beast mode isn't getting big gaping holes, he is fighting and running hard for his yards combined with Denver having to play its safeties back due to the WRs.

The DB: Safeties big hard hitters who can cover. Completely nullifying the underneath routes, completely shutting down the TEs, Completly shutting down the screen passes etc etc.

Going by the Seattle mold like Gettleman mentioned.
I still stand by
1st: Safety- Calvin Pryor
2nd: WR
3rd: CB

4th on down start to begin to worry about the RT

NCFans postseason mock

17 January 2014 - 05:25 PM

First off everyone wants OL OL OL to start off.  Gettleman did say it starts in the trenches


That being said he has that NYG in him still (see building up the monstar DL)  NYG Very Rarely draft a OL early (99 was last 1st round OL until after Gettleman left)  Gettleman had a Very good eye for talent at getting lower round OL.  We had tons of injuries at the OG's and the coaches did a real good job with what they had to work with.  No doubt in my mind the coaches will dod a solid job coaching up a young Amini and Kug (one of Gettlemans pick)




FA: Moves


Ginn- proved to be good pickup.  Had some big drops but at the same time had some Big catches at the end of the season.  Looks like Proehl is doing a good job with him along with him playing with Smith there to help him out.  Also best Return man we have had since Smitty was back there returning kicks.

Mitchell- best Safety we have had in a while.


Nicks-  Colored me shocked if this guy gets a big contract anywhere.  His stock is close to rock bottom right now after this season.  Inconsistency and Injuries have plagued him last 2 years.  No better fit for him than here.  Team in big need of WR, GM builded a team in mold of the giants.  Playing with one of his favorite players growing up watching in Carolina Smith.  Coached by Proehl who he knows good and well is growing up in panthers country.  Playing at home (from charlotte and played college ball at UNC) in front of All his friends and family trying to get his career back on line to try to shoot for a Big contract in 2-3 years.


Tillman-  Getting towards the end of is career so getting hungry for a ring.  Already played under Rivera with a Dominant D who carried team to Superbowl with a average at best Offense.  One thing that did not help us One bit is a Vet DB.  No one to keep the guys in check, to help coach and mentor etc. (see how DB's fell apart once a few flags thrown against San Fran)


Jeff Schwartz- if falls in our price range, had solid year in KC.  If Kug isn't ready, Schwartz can step in the starting role and help mentor Kug.


Wharton- if we can get another deal.




1st:  Calvin Pryor-  What many don't want to hear this draft.  Defense Defense Defense.  The better D the better for Rivera.  Old school defensive minded coach needs the strong D.  Our front 7 was arguably the best in the league, thing is the DBs were bad, real bad.  Guarding the TE's our safeties could not do.  As Seattle has shown in the mold of how to build a dominant DB core.  Your Safeties have to be physical with the TE's and big WR's.  TE's ate us up in the passing game this year.  Next year we are going to need some bigger physical DBs.  We play Graham Twice a year,  most have ATL drafting one of the top TEs in the second next year to replace Gonzalez they also bring BIG target Julio Jones.  We play AJ Green, Calvin Johnson,  GB and Baltimore (everyone expecting them to grab a Big target), Chicago their pair of Big WRS.  Tampa, several have them grabbing a Big target at some point in the draft.  Pryor is very physical but also good in coverage.  His presence out there will be a Differece maker in those underneath and TE patterns as Stars was in the middle this year compared to Fua.  We also like to use some Safety blitzes.  Pryor coming in would be like a LB blitzing.



2nd:  Matthews, Benjamin- Some Big WR is going to Drop.  Very Deep WR class and very little looking to draft WR before this pick.  Cam needs weapons, point blank simple.  No weapons our offense will stall even with the stacked OL.  Kaep and Wilson dont need Very much time at all to find an open guy.  Cam needs that as well.  If not the passing game fails teams, stack the box to stop the run and pressure Cam= offense being same as this year.


3rd: Stanley Jean-Baptiste- Big Athletic Corner who is still learning the game after a solid senior season.  He is a former WR who was moved to CB.  Can play in our zone scheme.  Should do well and having Tillman mentor him we should have our Shut Down Corner


4th:  Seantrel Henderson- just never panned out.  A super highly touted kid coming out of high school just never lived up.  Still has the potential there.  Our OL coaches did a Good job with a converted DT so no doubt in my mind they can mold him  up well.  Should be an improvement over Bell at RT.  *Could very well go DE here if Hardy walks and we don't get anything off of him


5th: Marcell Jenson/Andre Williams- both I think will go higher but most have 5th round guys.  Would be watering at the mouth if sitting there.


7th: OL/DL depth




2014 Lineup



QB: Cam

RB:  Stewie?, Williams, Barner

FB: Tolbert

TE: Olson

WR: Nicks, Matthews

WR: Smith, Ginn

RT: Henderson

RG: Wharton?, Kug

C: Kalil

LG: Schwartz?, Amini

LT: Gross




DE: Hardy?, (replacement via draft pick/FA off of Deal)


DT: Star


OLB: Klein, Blackburn

MLB: Luke

OLB: Davis

CB: Tillman

FS: Mitchell

SS: Pryor

CB: Jean-Baptiste


#1 D in the league, will make Big step forward which is scary after big year this year.

Cam has weapons to dump the ball off to.  OL fixes the bumps.


Have the core built up pretty solid so when we get out of salary cap he11 we will bring in some pieces thats going to set us up real nice for sustained Superbowl Contenders. 


13 January 2014 - 08:05 AM

This guy deserves some major props for the year.  Best hire by Richardson since team has formed IMO.  He built pieces around this garbage hurney left quick with his hands tied.  Wish the season kept going but this time in August if someone told us we would get this far everyone would laugh.  Week 4 no shot in heck.  He has his hands full with Hardy coming up.  But I fully expect everyone ecstatic what he is going to do with the situation, the offensive situation etc.  OL  he scouted pretty damn good in NY, they never had any big name OL guys come in and they still had a stud Line.  Step 1 complete and we are already in the playoffs.

NCfan's mock (updated)

23 December 2013 - 01:17 PM


Hardy- No brainer need to lock this guy up.


Charles Tillman- Rivera connection and strong front 7 with needs in the Secondary, should be able to get at a decent price


Nicks- no way this guy gets big money, his stock is really low right now.  Perfect spot for him to come.  Hometown with player he grew up watching.  Teams biggest need is WR, needs somewhere to come in to help rejuvenate his career.


Ginn- best returner since Smitty was back there.




1st: Benjamin- Cam needs weapons.  He does get sacked but as it is showing more and more the later season goes on, our WR cant get open and Majority of the sacks he has a solid amount of time in the pocket (no less than most of the other NFC QB's) plus has shown ability to scramble and stay up (similar to Big Ben when they won the Super Bowl with one of the worst OL in the NFL).  Smith also isn't getting any younger and just had a knee injury yesterday that we are uncertain how it is.  Benjamin could be that #1 (Cam also has a tendency to throw high when off, a 6'5 Benjamin could be his best friend on the team)




2nd: Bradley Roby- Big Talent who before the season thought would be the first CB off the board.  With his off the field issues this summer and off year this season combined with the Deep CB class many feel he will fall late 2nd early 3rd.  Rivera is Defense Defense Defense.  We already have the top front 7 in the league, might as well beef the DB's up.  With Veteran starting opposite in Tillman, well known respected defensive coach as HC, a DB coach as your DC.  This would be the best position for Roby who some question him after his off the field issues.  Our 2 Corners now are alright but would be Much better at Nickel.




3rd: Donte Moncrief- again super deep WR class so several Gems will fall.  Also our biggest need is weapons for our franchise QB.  Now we do have a big need at RT, but with a Talent such as Moncrief sitting in our laps in the 3rd you have to jump and and more toys to Cam's toy box.




4th: Cameron Fleming- Solid Run Blocker,  better pass blocker than Bell.  Good enough at RT with the 3rd string OG going back to 3rd string OG.  If Andre Williams falls to us in the 4th, you jump on that.


5th: Spencer Long- Was potential top 100 prospect but tore ACL,  tough Run Blocker (should give Kug competition if comes back to form)


7th: Raijun Neal-  Need to grab an RB with unknown future of Dwill/Stewie with the team





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