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Shawn Oakman

22 October 2014 - 02:36 PM

We have so many other needs but Im falling in love with this kid. We've seen Gettleman draft a 1st DL when other glaring needs.  

As I updated in my mock, While CJ hasnt had that great of a season and his contract doesn't look good for us.  I'm sure we could get a 3rd off of him with his #'s the last few years.  Do this, Go LT, RT 2nd and 3rd.


Now back to Oakman id be so giddy thinking about the future of our DL and defense with Oakman, KK, Star, and Ealy.  While no big contracts there, a little more breathing room ($$$) for DBs


Oakmans size is huge in the run Game similar to Hardy



NCFAN's too Early mock

06 October 2014 - 03:36 PM

Post Tampa.


going into this offseason we need to look to lock down the trenches.  Protect our franchise QB and try to get a little something out of our huge cash cow RB's.  Get back to our strength at DL



JPP- Since Hardy left our DL has dropped big time.  Ealy isn't quiet there yet but has shown some flashes.  CJ's contract is a big chunk and may be gone the next year or 2 to trim some fat.  JPP allows us to use that option with CJ and immediately brings our strength back.


Bruce Carter-  Kid has shown some flashes in Dallas.  Playing under Rivera in addition to playing beside Luke and TD could tap that potential and unlock a monster.  Would make for a perfect future replacement for TD when he leaves as well.


Hakeem Nicks- yes this name again.  Kid has done nothing to improve his stock being 3rd or 4th WR in Indy.  We could get him Cheap, Allow him to come home and try to get his career back on track.


*If we could some how open up some room (cutting Dwill and possibly CJ) and add BJ Raji to this list would be great but doubtful






1st:  Ereck Flowers-  Has the ability to be a great LT to protect our franchise QB.  Big uglies.  Look at the teams that made Huge improvements this year.  Looked to fix the OL.


2nd: Tyrus Thompson- We haven't had that big dominant presence on the right side since Otah pre injury.  Stewie has looked great this year when healthy.  If we can get the OL built back up, our run game could get rolling fast.  Good Run game is a QB's best friend.  Ask Romo this year.  Thompson beside Turner will have our RB's drooling.


3rd: Ty Montgomery- We're looking for a #2 WR so jumping at one in the first 2 round would be foolish with the state of our OL which can make or break an OL.  WR class should be pretty deep this year.  Montgomery has struggled some this year, and some kids who have looked good this year who will also be combine warriors will jump him.  Kid should be a good #2 beside KB.


4th: Laken Tomlinson- Our rookie Guards have looked to be grooming up good as of late.  But we really need to build Depth.  Tomlinson a local prospect has the the tools to be a good LG.  Really could see him pushing and taking over the LG spot over Norwell.  Which wouldn't be a great thing.  If we can keep improving the OL and have a guy like Norwell sitting back as Depth, we will be in good shape.


5th:  Terry Williams.  Another local prospect.  Star's biggest question when coming into the league was how many snaps could he play because he could get fatigue.  Last year our top D was not on the field that much.  This year with our defensive struggles.  The long drives people have put on us combined with our offense failures has kept our D on the field.  You can tell a Big difference in Stars game this year.  Bringing Williams in to Spare Star a few snaps will be Big.


6th:  Michael Dyer-  Cam's old running mate from Auburn.  Could be a good replacement for Dwill at #2 RB beside Stewie.


7th: Would love to throw this pick out to Jax for Blackmon.  Really how often do 7th round picks turn out to do much for us.  The reward is bigger than the risk for us here.  If anyone could get him back on the right track it would be this organization.  Really could see Cam take him under his wing.  Ricky could get him back on track on the field.  If no Blackmon go BPA here





QB: Cam, DA

RB: Stewie, Dwill, Dyer

FB: Tolbert

WR: Benjamin, Brown

WR: Montgomery, Nicks

TE: Olson, Williams

LT: Flowers

LG: Norwell/Tomlinson

C: Kalil

RG: Turner/Amini

RT: Tyrus Thompson



DT: Star, Williams


DE: CJ, Ealy


MLB: Luke

OLB: Klein/Carter

CB: Bene

FS: Boston


CB: Norman

Terry Williams

13 September 2014 - 02:09 PM


Kid has looked dominant so far this season
Gettleman loves those "big uglies". Kid would be a nice pickup in the 3rd round or later range to spare Star or Short.

Trai Turner

09 August 2014 - 12:04 PM

Did anyone notice how he looked last night? I know everyone was super focused on Benji and Ealy. But I'm curious how Turner looked, I'm just as excited about him as the other 2. Kid could end up being the biggest road grader on the right side we've had since Otah left.

NCFans week prior mock

02 May 2014 - 07:20 PM

1st- Ryan Shazier: Wait what?!?!? Gettleman said he doesn't like to reach and wants impact players. Shazier is that. TD is not going to be here another year or 2. He will either pull a Gross or we Smith him, unless he takes a pay cut. Shazier comes in and makes our front 7 one of the nastiest the league has seen for a bit. Shazier also has the best team to come into the league. Coach Rivera and Luke/TD mentoring him.

2nd: Cameron Flemming- may be a "reach" but not for us. A human plow RT is big big need for Shula. Especially if we want to milk one last run with smash and dash who have us in cap he11. They haven't been the same since Otah left.

3rd: Donte Moncrief- big athletic player from ole miss, no way will fall this far (this is what they said about hardy a few years back). Luckily for us it is a deep deep WR class. Gettleman said we can get a good WR in 3rd to 4th round. Either him or Robinson will fall to reasonable distance to at least make a cheap small trade to get him.

4th: CJ Fiedorowicz- gives us that relyable good blocking solid pass catching #2 TE who can help both run and passing game.

5th: Andre Williams- not a big need, but perfect Shula style RB who will fit right in for 2015 as potential starting RB

6th: Aaron Covin- top tier corner prospect who had a major knee injury.

7th: Michael Capanaro- just the perfect prospect for Proehl.

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