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NCFan's mock with comp picks.

30 March 2015 - 04:16 PM

1st: If Stephen Hill is to where our staff thinks he is. Todd Gurley. If not Jaelen Strong- Kid has the tools to be a solid #2

2nd: Cedric Ogbuehi- was in talks of possibly the top OT coming out prior to the knee injury which caused his stock to drop fast. Bringing in Oher gives him the possibility to pretty much redshirt to fully heal and get up to NFL strength and speed.

3rd: Rashad Greene- Getting Cam the weapons to grow with will be Huge. Greene's stock has dropped some into this range. Having Greene there in the slot next to KB would make me Real giddy.
Posted this in the Greene thread on the main forum
Been in the 305 area for 4+ years now, and have never heard anything negative about this kid.

Have been up in the tallahassee to mobile area the last 3 weeks for work and have had some very good conversations with many FSU alums, booster etc about Greene. They pretty much said the whole reason KB is where he is today is because of Greene. Didn't realize how close those 2 were to each other. Mentioned KB still looks up to Greene almost as a big brother. Talked how KB came out of shape and was a hot mess coming into FSU. Greene pretty much laid it into him towards the end of his Freshman year. After that they were said to became closer than anyone else on the team. Greene was known to be pretty much be KB's biggest mentor.

Pretty much bringing in Greene to be with KB would be massive. Really want this kid but don't want to reach. I'd be Super Giddy to be able to grab him in the 3rd even if we pulled one of those top tier WR's in the 1st. Just all the things I've heard how big of a role he's been with KB and the close bond they have with each other. Having him to continue being there with KB into the pros. And not even just for KB just the whole locker room. Pretty much have gathered he's a Polar opposite of TO in that regard, and someone you want on your team.

4th: James Sample- good fit for our SS spot

5th: Rob Haventsein- Big nasty physical OT that will fill depth at OT and OG

5th: Senquez Golson- Small but athletic Corner who could jump into the Nickel role for us real well

5th: Anthony Chickillo- Athletic DE who never lived up to the hype at the U. Could come into and good DL and provide depth and potentially groom to be CJ's replacement well down the road.

6th & 7th: BPA

Jaelen Strong

21 February 2015 - 02:45 PM

Want this kid.


Wasn't to many OT's that stood out to me yesterday as a 1st round guy yesterday.  This WR class is Super deep again.

I've seen several people rush Perriman up the boards, but I think Strong is the #4 WR in this class.  Would be a top 15 guy if it was for White, Cooper, and Parker.


Strong has only played 2 seasons at ASU and posted 2,287 yards and 17 TDs in those 2 seasons.  Going up against some of the top DB's in the Nation in the Pac12 (Alex Carter, Ifo, and Marcus Peters just to name a few)


He is a Very Physical Strong WR with good hands.  A couple guys announcing the combine compared him to Fitzgerald.


Strong just measured up at 6'2 217 at the combine.  Posted a 4.44 40 42" vert and 10'3 broad jump




NFL Combine- WR's and RB's

21 February 2015 - 09:22 AM

WR's up running the 40 now

ncfan's fanspeak offseason

18 February 2015 - 04:11 PM

Dream scenario


1st: Jaelen Strong- There is a good possibility he will be gone by the time he gets to us, but the kid is Big and Athletic with Outstanding hands.  Would form a perfect combo with KB.  Also if we lock up Jennings, this group will be the best we've seen in Carolina in awhile.  

Alternate pick: DJ Humphries


2: Cedric Ogbuehi- was graded out as one of the top OT's in the draft prior to the knee injury.  Gettleman has stated that Oher can be our guy at LT.  With Oher there, this will give Ogbuehi almost a redshirt year to recover and get up to NFL speed.

Alternate: Breshad Perriman


3rd: Kwon Alexander- Solid OLB to go with Luke and TD.  Also start to groom TD's future replacement


4th: Doran Grant- That Athletic Corner that Gettleman is looking for to pair across from Norman letting Bene slide to nickel.


5th: Rob Havenstein- Big Nasty Mean RT to create some good competition on that Right Side.  Also provide good depth at OG.


5th: Anthony Chickillo- Athletic DE with good upside that never quite lived up to the Hype at the U


6th: Ray Drew- Big Athletic DE who can play inside and out.  Stock dropped some due to his drop in play this year.  Gettleman Loves his DL and Chickillo/Drew will cause some Big competition on that DL.  


6th: John Crocket


7th: BPA 

NCFAN's End of Season Dream/Mock Offseason

12 January 2015 - 11:15 PM

Draft: using the Fanspeak simulator

25: R1P25

WR JAELEN STRONG- Big Athletic ala young Boldin type WR. Strong Physical player with Strong Hands. BPA here lands us not a #2 WR but a #1B WR

57: R2P25

CB ALEX CARTER- Big Physical corner that fits in perfect across from Norman. Allows Bene to move to the Nickel where many say he should be.

89: R3P25

OT TYRUS THOMPSON- Big Strong OT who would get a good fit at the Right side

121: R4P25

WR TYLER LOCKETT- Speedy athletic slot player

153: R5P25


185: R6P25


217: R7P25



Dwill- Need to open up some $$$. His production on the field has just been nonexistent the last 2-3 years.



Bruce Carter- No I'm not being a Homer here. Carter has Loads of talent. TD, isn't going to be here forever. Carter playing under Rivera with Luke and TD, could unleash a potential Top tier LB. Would make our LB trio the top in the league, and would slide over when TD leaves keeping a Top Duo on our roster.
LT- Have a little more $ to spend this offseason. Get a upgrade to Bell at LT. We filled the Needs at WR, DB, RT, and depth at DL. Use our Cap freedom that we have this year that we haven't had in several years to get a solid OT for the left side.
Da'Norris Searcy- Athletic Safety who has been buried in the defensive backfield in Buffalo.


QB: Newton
RB: Stewart, Fozzy
FB: Neighbors
WR: KB, Philly
WR: Strong, Lockett
LT: (FA)
LG: Norwell
C: Kalil
RG: Turner
RT: Thompson

DT: Star
DT: Short
DE: Ealy, Chickillo
MLB: Luke
OLB: B. Carter
CB: Norman
SS: Searcy
FS: Boston
CB: A. Carter, Bene