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In Topic: Thoughts on player performances on Sunday

Today, 07:43 AM

I hope Addison and THIS team has a multi sack game. If Stew or D-Will go over 100 yards we aren't losing this game. Would like to see Norman get a pick, he played admirably last week and I think he'll do so tomorrow night.

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In Topic: DeAngelo Williams, Jason Avant, Jericho Cotchery questionable for Sunday

Today, 07:40 AM

I'm sure Cotchery is wanting to play against his former team. I hope he can go...

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Yeah, came out and said he hopes he's not too sore Sunday. Good thing for him, the game is Sunday night instead of 1. So he's got an extra 6-7 hours to figure out if he can go. I do think Avant and D-Will will go.

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In Topic: Gotta love that this guy is on our team

Today, 06:30 AM

To be fair, Thomas. That whole damn team didn't deserve to be on the field Thursday night.

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In Topic: You want to get fired up for Sunday night?

Yesterday, 08:57 AM

You mother fugers better bring the heat Sunday night.  I wanted to go to this game so bad but the PSL tools wanted way too much money for tickets.  fug faces.  

In Topic: Can you relate?

Yesterday, 08:33 AM

Question for everyone that is a true football fan.  Is Lovie Smith a good coach?  My friend and I got into an argument last evening and he was saying hes still a good coach even though his team had 9+ turnovers and gave up 56 points to the Falcons.  I just couldn't fathom myself calling a coach "good" when their whole team was not prepared and played like complete dog poo.  

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