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In Topic: SB Nation Bloggers Draft

Today, 09:28 PM

Because Lee is nothing like those other two guys maybe...

Yeah that maybe is just enough not to take him. Just saying.

In Topic: SB Nation Bloggers Draft

Today, 03:45 PM

Can you seriously not comprehend that their failures have nothing to do with Lee? For fugs sake dude....


I got it dude.  But at the same time, why tempt fate again?  

In Topic: SB Nation Bloggers Draft

Today, 03:17 PM

Oh I'm sorry, it's only o.k. for you to draw baseless comparisons between players that went to the same school? Carry on then....



Also, this argument....


We drafted two guys from the same school and they didn't pan out. Because of that no other player is going to pan out, BUT only for the Panthers. Do you not understand how incredibly ignorant that is? 


My judgement isn't clouded, I'm just a little more rational and can see through stupid BS like he wore a USC uniform he'll bust for Carolina. Sorry that you cant, seems like a you problem quite honestly....


Dude you're a fuging Southern California fan.  Of course you're gonna make excuses, but facts are simple.  Every time our Panthers have drafted a WR from USC they have been as useful as a football bat.  

In Topic: SB Nation Bloggers Draft

Today, 01:09 PM

LOL you keep thinking any legitimate analyst thinks the recent Draft picks from USC means Lee isn't a top 20 player in this class, and I'll keep laughing. Again, your ignorance in comparing Lee to Dwayne Jarrett and Keary Colbert is highly....and I do mean highly amusing. By the way, Robert Woods had a more than respectable year despite limited opportunities, but that doesn't work with your point so you ignorantly forgot to mention him....


See? Ignorance....

I didn't know the Panthers drafted Robert Woods.  That's new to me, which is my point.  The lack of success in drafting receivers from that school is hard to be ignored.  Lee or not.  Again, you're letting your bias cloud your judgement, it's okay sir.  We know you are LA proud and everything.  

In Topic: SB Nation Bloggers Draft

Today, 11:49 AM

I'm not mad. Truly amused by how retarded that argument is, and by the idea that Lee is not worth a late first round selection. 

There is a lot of analyst that feel that way as well.  With the draft picks (WR's) from USC that haven't worked out in the favor of Carolina, I would hope you would assume this as well.  Anyway, you go ahead and let your bias cloud your thought process on this.  

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