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An Ode to Unibroue

17 April 2015 - 04:02 PM

I love Belgian style beers. I mean if you're going to do it, do it right and there's nothing greater (or more dangerous) than kicking it with an 11%ish brew. Everyone loves some St Bernardus and Delirium etc. but to me the French Canadians did it right. So if you haven't had a Unibroue beverage then well shame on you but I'm here to help a little bit.

Keeping in mind that I love Quads and the darker colored brews, this is the order in which I rank this beautiful brewery's product.


1. Trois Pistoles This 9.0% Dark Brown Brew is as Metal as it gets... It has a freaking Dark Pegasus flying out of Ominous Clouds on its label. What's good about this one is the alcohol flavor is not too overpowering but at the same time its not too sweet. And it will put you on your ass pretty damn quick.


2. La Terrible which doesn't translate to Terrible but actually means Formidable.... and at 10.5% it is. I love Quads and this is very close to the perfect Quad. The pour is Dark almost Black and delicious. 


3. 17 Grand Reserve .... It says Grand what more do you want? 10% Extra Strong Dark Ale Dark Amber color and again not too sweet.


4. Maudite - Finally a lighter beer.... Wrong its an 8.0% Amber that's smother than most without a sharp bite. Well it will take a bite out of you if you're not careful. 


5. La Fin Du Monde - The End of the World with a name like that you would think it would be the harshest of the group but in reality its the start of the lighter beers. And by light I mean in color its a 9.0% Triple that if you underestimate it, it will be the end of your world or at least your night. Its not the best Triple I've ever had BUT its pretty damn tasty and its the most Available brew from Unibroue you'll be able to get your hands on. 


6. Blanche de Chambly its a pretty damn good Witbier and at only 5.0% its a good Summer during the day I'd like to function later kind of beverage. Plus it won an award or some poo. 


I could go on cause we are about halfway there BUT A. I haven't tried them all and B. I'm a horrible writer and most of you won't have read this far anyway. To those that actually did, Bonus beer that I love North Coast - Brother Thelonious a 9.4% Strong Dark Belgian... named after Mr. Monk Himself.   


Leaked Batman v Superman Trailer

16 April 2015 - 10:07 PM

They just released the real thing.... enjoy. 




Apparently that link will not take you there use this one



Bomani is doing the Cam vs Luck thing on Twitter atm

31 August 2014 - 07:48 PM

Best quote I've seen so far is that Luck has done more than Cam with less weapons. 


I know we get these why does everyone hate on Cam threads and we are all a little sensitive and should toughen up but Damn the things people believe... or at least say.


Anyway its good for some laughs... or high blood pressure if you want to check it out. No matter how many times Jones points out they are about equal the dumb keeps coming.