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In Topic: New Keyboard

Today, 10:53 AM

Nice. Mechanical keyboards are the gold standard for serious PC gamers. What kind of mouse do you have?

In Topic: NFL personnel compare Famous Jameis to JaMarcus Russell:

Today, 10:32 AM


In Topic: Hey did you know Kevin Hart was short?

Today, 08:29 AM

I don't get the whole "stale and unimaginative" bit. Have I missed the hundreds of other short black comedians are out there taking the piss out of themselves


He's just been over-exposed, but I would say his style of comedy was pretty unique when he first emerged (Stand up and organic appearances - not the recent bs movies he's been in). 


That's what I mean.  That's stale comedy.  I will admit that I'm pretty picky when it comes to comedy; I like guys like Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, and Key & Peele.  Those guys are all funny as hell, but their comedy is nuanced and often features a degree of social commentary.  Kevin Hart's bit is sophomoric; maybe he was slightly amusing in the beginning but because his comedy offers no depth he can, at this point, be qualified as stale and unimaginative.  Like I said he's a walking stereotype; I hate that too.

In Topic: Hey did you know Kevin Hart was short?

Today, 07:34 AM

He's a walking stereotype, and I hate him. He's on my list of people I would punch in the dick if given the opportunity. He's not funny either. His brand of humor is stale and unimaginative. I hate him almost as much as I hate Tyler Perry.

In Topic: Hardy Now Looking to Rough Up Another Woman...Mother Nature

Yesterday, 08:58 AM

Flood = total

Well damn. Totally preventable. What a waste.