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#2890790 I genuinely like this team.

Posted by t48 on 14 August 2014 - 08:53 PM

What I like most is all the people stuck on the players that we lost in the off season and for that reason alone has us placed dead last in the NFL. I also have to tip my hat to The G' Man. 

#2879342 Training Camp Wrapup - August 6

Posted by t48 on 06 August 2014 - 06:44 PM

I look for your camp briefing after work  before I tune into TW Panthers channel. Awesome as always!

#2707360 Eric Davis comments on Panther wr issue

Posted by t48 on 19 March 2014 - 08:02 PM

I came here so ready to say, "Fug Eric Davis!" Quite the surprise to see that he made a positive point. Normally E.D. will  throw the Panthers under the bus. It is rare to here him say that he even played here. The other host on the NFL AM show normally have to pull it out of him. Screw it I still don't like him. Fug Eric Davis!!!

#2397851 Bye Week Blues Cheerleader Contest

Posted by t48 on 24 September 2013 - 11:45 AM

My favorite.

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#1867166 Carolina Panther card/memorbilla/auto's collectors...

Posted by t48 on 21 August 2012 - 04:00 PM

This is my treasure! My son holds the rest cards, footballs, and jerseys; however, this belongs to me. :-) 2003 full sized hologramed SS 89 :-)

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