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In Topic: Questions No Panther Fan Can Answer

Today, 10:39 AM

1. What rival NFC South team would you rather win the Superbowl:

Falcons- so we would be the only one remaining without a Lombardi?

Bucs- so they could boast as the only one with 2?

Saints- ugh.. the Saints and their fans.. ugggggggghhhhhhh?


2. Which retired Panther QB would you rather have come in to replace Cam/DA for the 2015 season- Weinke or Peete?


3. Would you rather let history stay the same and have Kasay kick the ball out of bounds and set the PAts up at the 40 or change history and have him kick a touchback and the Pats still drive down the field for the winning FG?


4. Would you rather erase X-Clown from your memory or erase your first time you made sweet love?


5. Would you rather Clausen still be our starting QB or Matt Moore or David Carr?


6. Would you rather the Panthers win a Superbowl knowing you would die from a heart attack caused by all the excitement or live a healthy life of going .500 or under for the rest of your life?


7. In 2014, Would you rather have replaced Smitty/Ginn/Lafell with Josh Gordon or replaced D.Will/Stew/Tolbert with Ray Rice?


8. Would you rather suffer through the 1-15 season again (where we were in a lot of games but cudnt finish) or the 2-14 season again (where is was obvious we weren't going to win a lot of those games before the 1st qtr was over)?


9. Would you rather have the Superbowl 38 ended the way it did or have the chance to get the ball back after the Vinatieri FG and have Jake throw an INT as we are driving down the field?


10. Would you rather Thomas Davis had called it quits after his 3rd ACL tear and never came back or Jake never had come back from Tommy Jone* surgery?


11. Would you rather John Fox/Pickles stays an extra year of sucking and we get to draft Luck OR Peppers stays and retires a Panther Great but we never draft Cam?


12. O-coordinator to replace Shula in 2015: Jeff Davidson or Dan Henning?


13. You have to bet everything your own on one of these things happening:

A. Biakabutuka staying healthy for a whole season

B. Byron Bell blocking Peppers so David Carr to complete a pass to Kerry Colbert 3x in a row

C. Fua tackling Cam in the open field



You know......you......you know........ahhhhh, the hell with it.

In Topic: Pro Football Spot breaks down the state of Panthers' Big Uglies

Today, 09:09 AM

i would love for us to go into training camp with the OL already set and the starters spend the whole time getting reps together with cam.


we waste so much time having competition for starting spots on the OL every year (going back into the fox era) and that usually results in the OL taking several weeks into the regular season for them to gel. crap.....last year or two we've still been trying to figure out who the starters are going to be several weeks into the season.


the interior is set heading into the future and RT might be as well. imo, we don't need to screw around with anything there. just build on what chemistry was there and let them use the experience of this past season as a foundation for the 2015 season. hopefully we add the LT early in the offseason via FA or the draft so we can even let them start getting reps together in mini camps.


we can't start early enough building that chemistry, imo.


You are 100% correct.  I too wish we could set on the line and from day 1 give them what they need.  Exposure to the plays is a must.  You always have to move newbies in an out so you can have a fresh set of legs.  I like what you're saying.

In Topic: Superbowl over hyped to the point of nauseum

Today, 09:04 AM

I've often wondered if there will be another football league.  We had the AFL and NFL for a good while.  Now it seems like the NFL is about the dollar more so than the sport.  I'd like to see some competition for the NFL.  However, the NFL is so big and rich it would be very difficult for someone to break the door in.  Talk about a monopoly.

In Topic: Can't decide who to pull for on Sunday.

Today, 08:58 AM

I need some help.

I don't really want to see either team win.

Which is the lesser of two evils here. If the Seahawks win, then Brady and the cheating Pats are laughed at and people will claim karma set in.

If the Pats win, it will be forever tarnished with a * for the deflated balls, much like the Saints bounty superbowl.

Help me decide.


Do like I'm going to do.  Drink beer and watch the commercials.

In Topic: What traits are you looking for in the new WR'S.

28 January 2015 - 05:15 PM

Ability to catch the ball and then run.