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In Topic: Roaring Riot

Today, 09:16 PM

I appreciate all the support that Jeremy and all of the Huddlers have given us. We've got some cool plans coming up and always want you guys to be a part of everything. 


Now.....I'll arm you with something you will forever be able to make fun of me for. 




Is there going to be a bus load heading to the Titans game or is it just come on your own?

In Topic: I would like to ask for the Huddles help.

Today, 09:13 PM

First off, I'm sorry for doing this but the Huddle has become an extension of my family of sorts.

That said a close friend of mine came close to losing his life on the job. While we are ever so thankful it looks as though he will pull through, it looks as though he will lose at the very least the ability to use his left hand.

Anyone who has met me knows why this means a great deal to me.

All I want to ask from you, my huddle fam, is that no matter your background faith or creed, please offer up a prayer for my friend so the he may fully recover.

I hate to interrupt your day with this but it would surely mean a lot to me to know that you all are keeping him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you all so much.


My friend is out of surgery and resting. I spoke with his GF and she said he was able to squeeze her hand a bit. Now it's far from over, but what a tremendous sign. This makes the doctors much more confident that once the swelling subsides they can improve function even further.

Thanks again to all my Huddles.

Prayers are sent.  Keep us posted.


In Topic: LaCanfora discusses how Collins is better off (in light of his circumstances)

Today, 02:23 AM

What's Jeremy's take on this?

In Topic: 2015 Carolina Panthers Draft - Watercooler Review

Yesterday, 04:35 PM

I'm old, I know some poo


I would have gotten that if I had of read this before you answered this and then I would have been the one that got the praise and glory but because I didn't I had to eat a treet meat samich for late lunch and early dinner but that is the way it is because I didn't waste my time on here because I was wanting a beer.

In Topic: Panthers Sign UDFA QB Cole Jaeschke

Yesterday, 01:33 PM

Start Cole!


You suck.