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In Topic: Brandt: Draft position will likely be 21 (provided we get the W)

24 December 2014 - 08:48 AM

why did Philly cut Barner if this was the case.let me guess bad oL,right,lmao.

Dime a dozen = there are a lot of running backs that can do the job, not that every running back can.....

In Topic: Cam has "WE DAT" cleats?

24 December 2014 - 07:21 AM

That chant annoys the fug out of me. The only thing good is it makes it easy to find those dumbass swamp bastards.

Personally, I think at the end of all games there should be a PSA urging people to spay and neuter their who dat buddies.

In Topic: That pussy Luck ...

21 December 2014 - 08:23 PM

I would have pulled him too. No reason to risk getting hurt.

Having said that, man did he and the rest of the colts suck

In Topic: Alas, it's my fault the Panthers suck ass the year

21 December 2014 - 06:14 PM

All hail the helmet again....

In Topic: It is highly likely...

21 December 2014 - 06:13 PM

All I know is if this happens please God let there be no "remember Arizona" signs next year..

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