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In Topic: Game of Thrones-HBO-Seasons 1, 2, 3

14 April 2014 - 02:20 AM

If Joffery's little brother is the one who takes the throne now what reason would the Tyrell's or w/e have to poison Joffery if they were about to marry into the royal family? I thought it was Sansa that did it when she picked up the cup to give to Tyrion, atleast i kinda hope it was her. She seemed in a hurry to leave too.

In Topic: Walking Dead Season 4

31 March 2014 - 05:40 PM

Nah I read what you wrote just thought it was hilarious. Probably the most I've laughed at what was supposed to be a serious scene in a while. Especially the over the top face bitten off part.

In Topic: Walking Dead Season 4

31 March 2014 - 04:18 PM

I can't be the only one who laughed at the guy running around screaming for help. How was that guy alive that long that deep into a zombie apocalypse?

In Topic: "True Detective" HBO Premier

12 March 2014 - 08:36 PM

To me, however formulaic the final episode was, the final conversation at the end redeemed whatever shortcomings I may have felt preceded it. 


Awesome writing.  I kept thinking back to the article someone posted earlier in the thread prior to the finale (I believe it was CK), where Nic Polazzfalksfnlkdgnalga(sp?), the writer, said audiences have become too accustomed to being tricked.  It was good to finally see a show that just gave you good, strong writing and characters and a fluid, believable plot.  The "twist" has become a crutch for writers who lack the sensibilities to produce something like True Detective.


The more I thought about the ending in the days since, I was even more satisfied with it - mainly because I realized Rev. Tuttle's schools and such were funnels for the abuse/abductions/murders at Carcosa, and now he is dead.  Childress is dead.  And the Senator Tuttle denied any connection with them.  It seems that although Hart and Cohle felt somewhat let down that they didn't get to the top, it appears they did, and effectively ended that cult's activities as it all was connected to Carcosa aka Childress' home. 

BUT, I will say, I immediately thought if I was Cohle and Hart, I would be relocating ASAP, lol.



The news Rust was watching in the hospital made no mention of the tape or how Rev. Tuttle was connected to the cult. It was almost as if they acted as if it was just Childress doing it all on his own. I could be wrong but I just got the feeling the rabbit hole is deeper then they imagined, and the following seasons different detectives will uncover more pieces to the puzzle.


I was tired all day at work today because I couldn't go to bed after episode 4 and had to watch the rest and I gotta say it was well worth it. Probably the best produced show I've ever seen, especially in just terms of the effort they put into it. 

In Topic: Walking Dead Season 4

03 December 2013 - 12:53 AM

For people who constantly say "kill Daryl and/or Rick", stop.

Both the comic and show universe are centered around Rick. They're not going to kill off the main character on the show just for shock. It isn't "writing scared" to keep the story about him.

As for Daryl, his time will come, but he is a BIG pull for so many fans, it'd be a stupid thing to do in just the 4th season. I think Daryl dies once Negan gets introduced. Like Herschel said, the more loved the character, the more brutal the death needs to be. Killing Daryl in the crossfire this episode would have been disappointing.

Just shut up and enjoy the show for what it is instead of bitching that it doesn't live up to your unrealistic standards of what a show should be. Not every show is Game of Thrones. Not every show will/can kill off BIG time characters at any given moment. You know the safe characters for right now are Rick, Carl, and Daryl, in that order.


I didn't mean I wanted specifically Rick and Daryl killed, I just mentioned them because their deaths were teased in that episode. Also, there are an overabundance of strong characters on the show right now. Like some of the others have said about Daryl, he comes off as a superhero at this point, and the rest of the group are starting to feel that way for me too. It has nothing to do with shock value but like someone else said it is ruining the danger element of the show.


I honestly don't get how you don't expect someone to think the writers aren't scared to kill of their stronger characters after that episode. There was a tank, a fuging tank, and everyone basically got out without a scratch. The writers have become fanboys of their own characters.

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