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In Topic: Dave needs to be watching the wavier wire closely.

Yesterday, 11:38 PM

The situation in the secondary is dire, so we'll be watching the wire. The o-line will probably be shaky as per usual with Cam's Panthers.

In Topic: Cam played damn good tonight

Yesterday, 11:22 PM

Cam is clearly slower due to his ankle injury, but that will improve with time.

In Topic: Overreaction Thread.

Yesterday, 10:45 PM

It's crazy we're paying Steve more not to be here right now.


And it's not like we're loaded at WR. He could have played the slot.


I wonder what he did wrong behind the scenes? I'm sure we'll find out in the next few years.

In Topic: Overreaction Thread.

Yesterday, 10:15 PM

I wish I could get worked up enough to argue with a pre-season troll, but I just don't care. Real game that actually matters. Ok. Pre-season. Who cares?


I think we're paying Smith something like $8,000,000 to play for the Ravens. That's really stupid.


What we saw tonight wasn't what we're going to do in the regular season. Not even close. Week 1, and for the rest of the season, we will run the read option a lot. What we ran tonight was our vanilla protect Cam offense. It didn't work, and we're doing that in the regular season.

In Topic: Who's the 'Prototype' for the New Age QB? Newton or Luck?

19 August 2014 - 01:50 PM

Maybe that's one of the reasons Cam's completion percentage is higher than Luck's.  You ever thought about that?


I was simply basing my opinion off all of Cam's games with the Panthers, and a handful of Luck's games. There's no possible way I could, or would, present any of my statements as a fact. Just the opinions of a fan, and of course my opinions change over time. It could certainly be the case that my opinion is wrong and that Cam is the better passer, or that they are dead even.

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