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Yesterday, 11:33 AM

Not sure how much McD actually contributes to the overall D. When we had a sucky personnel we had a sucky defense and when we had really good players we had a very good def. It is actually really tricky to grade his overall performance.  With our current defense I think alot of coaches could make it look great. 


It like the Miami heat. You could give me the coaching job and I would still win the majority of the games. I just tell the Lebron, Dwade and Bosh to do their thang and get PAID


How much credit would you give the offense coordinator for the broncos?


That is with any coordinator. I said when he had nothing to work with.  Watch and see what he does when he has all the pieces.  It doesn't hurt when your last two draft picks (Kuechly and Star) were in the running for DROY with one winning it.  When a guy like this has all the pieces or most of them.  You move up in the rankings.


Rivera has his hand in the cookie jar but not as much as we might believe.  The coordinators get their game plans together and go over with RR.  RR I am sure gives his two cents worth and maybe even a nickel on defense but this is McDerrmott's defensive team and he should get more credit than he does.


Anyhow, We goTop 5 again.  We got a good chance of losing him but we have two great positional coaches ready to step in and keep it going.

In Topic: Sean McDermott

23 July 2014 - 06:30 PM

If McDermott leaves, it's a safe bet Steve Wilks gets the DC job.


Wilks is who Rivera wanted to begin with but the Chargers denied permission,  We signed him the next year when his contract was up, but McDermott already had the DC job.


That is unless, of course, Steve Wilks takes a job as McDermott's DC.


That is who I think we would make DC. 


God forbid he goes with MxDermott and they take Washington too.

In Topic: Sean McDermott

23 July 2014 - 06:03 PM

The good thing is if her were to leave Rivera will get someone in or promote someone to keep things going.


That said it is surprising how many don't give him the credit he deserves.   There was an video I think during the season last year when Rivera was talking about what Sean brings to the table.



In Topic: Sean McDermott

23 July 2014 - 05:12 PM

Remember we lost Jack Del Rio one season after the good 2002 defense he had.   I like the Rivera/McDermott connection.  They seem to be on the same page together. 


The one thing you cannot over look is that McDermott's defense is built to defeat the tough high powered offenses like the Saints, Falcons and Patriots.  There are going to be owners that will want that for their teams.  You take a defense that started in the 20's and you have them in the top 5 two years running.  You will get serious consideration.  


I think in 2014 barring injury we are going to be in top 5 and McDerrmott is gonna get some consideration.  


I would like to see him stay and be a Monty Kiffen or Jimmy Johnson and remain a defensive coordinator but who knows.


I do agree with TopDawg if we do lose him, Rivera won't let the defense falter.

In Topic: Sean McDermott

23 July 2014 - 04:46 PM

If I remember correctly he was the scapegoat for a ton of injuries. 


I do agree that Rivera has his stamp on this defense, but McDermott makes a lot of defensive calls.   To work for Rivera and J. Johnson you would he has developed into a top notched DC.

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