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In Topic: 2014 Draft | Core Players

Yesterday, 03:19 AM

When you think about how few snaps JJ gets, any, and all, bad snaps hurt. JJ made the Pro Bowl after having a season with 0 bad snaps. That is a core player, on a core unit that gets little, to no, love. Getting no love.

Your long snapper is extremely important to your ST. When most games are close, any of his 12-15 snaps a game could decide the outcome. Coaching staffs hate long snappers that can't snap, almost as much as FG kickers that cant' kick. You don't have to be perfect, but you aren't given much leeway.


Not disagreeing that JJ is an awesome long snapper but the guy he replace was just as good. (cannot recall his name).


Probably 75% of the league had guys that didn't have a bad snap.


12-15 might be a stretch but who's counting. 


You say he is core.  I am saying that though good.  There are probably several players not playing in the NFL right now that could come in and (given day after day of practice like JJ gets) perform just as well.   


I am glad we got him but he his hardly IMO a core player.  

In Topic: 2014 Draft | Core Players

Yesterday, 12:27 AM

I'm sorry I wasn't clear. I consider Kalil a core player as well along with many of the others mentioned above.

I was just including J.J. because he may not play many snaps but the ones he does play are vitally important.

An inconsistant long snapper can lose a game all by himself.

(I suppose I am kinda dumb though)


Agreed that he could lose the game all by himself.  No doubt.  We have been fortunate to have a couple good long snappers in our history.  But honestly, how many games a year does the long snapper actually cost someone a game.  Most of these guys are good and quite accurate.


Your core players are the players you can't live without.   As much as we don't want to we could find a replacement for JJ.

In Topic: 2014 Draft | Core Players

18 April 2014 - 04:28 AM

I consider J.J. a core player. How many long snappers match his ability? None.


What a really dumb argument.   Kalil plays 100% of the offensive snaps.   JJ (who I am glad we have) plays less then 2 or 3%.

In Topic: SB Nation Bloggers Draft

17 April 2014 - 06:25 AM

Not to add any gas to the fire. But, didn't Dr. Andrews say his knee was fine? If so, he could be a cornerstone for some team for a good long while. Still don't want to have to pick him. Would prefer he be gone, so I don't have to worry we take him, and his knees don't hold up.

Eerily familiar to the Star saga of last year. Top talent misdiagnosed at combine, later cleared, falls to us. In years past I'd say, no fugging way. Nowadays, the way things seem to be working in our favor. I say, why not?

Why not get that franchise LT in the 1st? Why not get that #1WR of the future in the 2nd? Why not get 4 starterz or top rotational type kids from this draft? Why not us now? We have a football guy in charge. A talent evaluator to boot. If he can maintain the success he has generated to date? We are in good hands.

The future is bright. And GOOOOOOOOOO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree about getting a LT in the 1st round.  I just don't think it is a good idea to get Cyrus.


Star was misdiagnosed.  Cyrus has knee issues.  Though the doctor cleared him it doesn't make the knee issue go away.


Cyrus reminds me more of Otah than Gross.

In Topic: SB Nation Bloggers Draft

17 April 2014 - 03:51 AM

Still think we should take Cyrus in the first, then come back and grab Cody Latimer in the second and Robert Herron in the 3rd.  Both are excellent receivers.  Just not sold on Lee. 


What is the love affair with Cyrus?  Bad knees and arthritis as well.  Well at least if we draft him I am sure Otah's old bike will still be there for him to use for 4 years.

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