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In Topic: Fox Sports three round Mock for the Carolina Panthers

28 January 2015 - 08:00 PM

The only thing that will keep DGB on our radar is that he hasn't been in trouble lately. I do believe that he will be one of our 30 visits and our staff will do extensive research and interviews on him. He may even get a visit to see JR. If he falls to us and the opportunity is there. I believe our staff is going to want to have all the information available whether they select him or pass on him.

In Topic: What traits are you looking for in the new WR'S.

26 January 2015 - 09:05 PM

Other than size and speed..

I like hand size and route running. .

What more would you really need if you have a tall receiver that had great hands, runs good routes and is fast?

Pretty much nailed the perfect receiver.


In Topic: Pro Football Spot's FA prospects for Panthers & some of my own thoughts

26 January 2015 - 08:36 PM

Good Post TopDawg. I would like to see Dunlap. He is one of the top two LT free agents. I also believe he won't break the bank.

I would like to see Fitzgerald here. He still has a couple miles left on those tires. We will have Brown who can take the top off the defense and I would believe somewhere in the draft we are going to get a speedy WR (providing he fits the draft spot as we know Gettleman will not reach)

Gettleman is going to be wise with our money. I have no doubts about it. IMO if he can address our needs in FA even it is to provide competition this helps him draft BPA.

In Topic: Does Gettleman Send a Message to Cam This Offseason?

26 January 2015 - 08:20 PM

The way I see things unfolding is as follows. We are going to sign a mid-tier OT that will compete at LT. He may or may not be our starting LT on day one of 2015 season. We are going to find a solid veteran receiver at a good price. We might sign a safety and CB for depth if they are an upgrade over what we already have.

The draft is going be BPA all the way. Hopefully those BPAs are going to be someone in our target needs.

Honestly the way the line played down the stretch was far better than the beginning and with a good #2 WR they might survive another season. I believe we will resign Bell to a cap friendly contract.

Those that think Gettleman is going to focus on OT, WR, Safety or CB has not been listening to what Gettleman has been saying. BPA has been more of the focal point of his conversations than LT, WR or any other need. His only comments have been WR is a deep class again.

In Topic: Rank the following Panthers linebackers from best to worst

22 January 2015 - 02:23 PM

Ranked on their performance while they were here. Injuries excluded. Or else Morgan, Davis and Beason would be bottom three.

Luke Kuechly

- Really nothing much to say here. NFL DPOTY...

Thomas Davis

- Fierce and fast. Incredible cover linebacker, and nasty instincts. Took a bit to develop, but when he did...BOOM.

Dan Morgan

- Until Thomas Davis emerged as a stud and Kuechly gained DPOTY, Morgan was easily the best Mike backer in team history. When healthy (ya ya) he was the best linebacker on the field. Great in coverage and stout against the run. C'mon, SB 38...

Kevin Greene

- One of the all-time great pass rushers, but only here for a flash.

Sam Mills

- Meant more in the locker room, but he was a pivotal part of the team without a doubt. He basically had a hand....so to speak in our first win.

Jon Beason

- Had the makings to be the best Panthers linebacker, but his size really hurt him. Still an excellent linebacker, just not elite like we had all hoped.

Lamar Lathon

- Good player, benefited from having Kevin Greene and Sam Mills around him.

This is pretty much how I see it.

Greene and Lathom played 3-4 as well.