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#2531826 ESPN's First Take on Newton

Posted by Originalman on 07 December 2013 - 02:06 PM

I'm too young to remember. Did the media/fans hate Deion Sanders when he was dancing and wearing doo rags? As a child I loved Deion and I bet Cam did to. You see the same showmanship. The same child like excitement. Some people are in a box and anything outside the box irritates them to no end.

Kendrick I am old enough to remember. The media hated Deion and thought he was a show boat and uppity. Even though most folks with intelligence understood that the whole neon Deion thing was a ploy to market himself.

#2518763 RGIII: "Media trying to Character Assassinate Me"

Posted by Originalman on 30 November 2013 - 08:29 AM

I wouldn't even call it a black qb thing. You look at most young white qbs and they tend to keep a low profile. Cam called himself an entertainer and icon, RG3 was "all in for week one". Some of the criticism might be a little racially biased but for the most part a lot of it is self inflicted. RG3 had all the commercials and promotions of himself this offseason when he should have kept a low profile.

The Golden Calf of Bristol is probably the most criticized qb of this decade and he's white. What do these qbs have in common? Dual threat. So it's not a "black qb treatment" it's with all dual threat qbs. They criticize them for being athletes and not true qbs until proven wrong. That's why it's good to keep a low profile like Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck. Hell EJ Manuel isn't lighting the world on fire but he keeps a low profile so you never hear about him. Unlike Geno Smith who yapped off at the mouth after he was drafted. Now that he's not backing it up he's criticized.

Sorry ace but I can't agree with this. The questions of intelligence and work ethic are rarely if ever thrown at non black QBs. But that poo is always thrown at black QBs and the poo sticks like glue, no matter if they were nice dudes that spoke to the media or dudes who didn't. It is a stereotype that can always be used when dealing with black people in leadership positions. These code words have been used for hundreds of years,

Heck you can see this poo during games. Cam, RG3, Kap or Wilson can make a good read and throw a pass yet the announcer will talk about how that was an instinctive play...not that they used intelligence and read the defense. I mean how is the media still saying Cam can't read defenses yet has thrown for all these fuging yards and tds.

Yet luck can throw a pick six and barely complete 58% of his passes and no one questions his intelligence. Same with The Golden Calf of Bristol...no one questioned his intelligence even though he was a 45% passer.

Look I have been watching the NFL since the mid 80s and this is the same poo different color as it was back in the day. Instead of questioning Moon's, Cunningham's, Mcnabb's or Mcnair's intelligence and work ethic it's questions about RG3s, Kap's or Cams's work ethic and intelligence.

In a year or two you will hear the same poo with Teddy Bridgewater and Brett Hundley once they are in the league.....same poo wash and repeat.

#2518026 RGIII: "Media trying to Character Assassinate Me"

Posted by Originalman on 29 November 2013 - 12:49 PM

RG3 is getting the typical black QB treatment when the team starts to lose with all the same ass code words (work ethic, lleadership skills, uppity, can read defenses....everything except calling him a thug). Same poo Cam had to go through and all black QBs from one time or another had to go through.

Unlike Wilson and Cam who have Moon as a mentor. RG3 has no one who has been through this poo before to lean on. He should have listened to McNabb he told his ass that it would play out like this.

#2511415 Post-game Cam-ism

Posted by Originalman on 24 November 2013 - 08:18 PM

Dan Patrick said he was patting himself on the back. I don't really know where he's coming from with that, Cam was proud of his team.

Dan Patrick is a bitch and always has been same with that fat piece of poo Peter King.