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In Topic: deangelo williams taking a jab at panthers current roster

16 March 2014 - 07:49 PM

Cannot believe people are actually ragging on DWill for his tweeting.

Dude's said nothing offensive, harsh or upsetting.


The amount of sand in the number of vag's about this is staggering.


Same with the Grizzly match, dude even went through on buying a hat of a fans choice, the guy chose a girls hat for him and he wore it home FFS.

DWill's funny as f--k and I hope he doesn't let little people change his ways.


Also, Vikings paid well over Captain's worth I'm happy we didn't match, same with almost every other FA who left.

In Topic: Former Panther Kevin Greene Up For the HOF... Again

09 January 2014 - 11:19 PM


Is it 4 that get in every year? I'd say Brooks, Haley, Bettis, Anderson


Five are going to go in.

In Topic: Along the Sidelines - Division Champs Edition

29 December 2013 - 09:24 PM

I'll just leave this here:

That should make for a huge paycheck for the fourth-year player, who is a free agent after the season.

But that's not his focus.

"I'm talking about championships right now," Hardy said. "They pay a whole more for that."

He paused.

"You know I like the money," he continued. "I won't lie to you."

Hardy does like the money. He often talks about having enough to buy an expensive, fancy car to park in the team's parking lot. He should get that and more, whether it's from the Panthers or another team.

And while his first choice is to return to Carolina (12-4), to the point Hardy recently said he'd take less money than another team might offer to stay, that could change with his recent hot spell.

As he told one reporter on Sunday, "I'll go anywhere they pay me more money."

I have a feeling his agent has had words with him since the "home-town discount" mention.

In Topic: Along the Sidelines - Division Champs Edition

29 December 2013 - 06:52 PM

We have Cam and Luke contracts coming up along with one highly payed DE and a couple other young very promising ones.

We won't be paying Hardy his market worth.

Gettleman is not Hurney.

That's all you're basing your comment/theory on?
Nothing you've heard or seen around the locker room etc?
(not saying that your logic isn't sound, it is, just wondering if you have more insight than the rest of us)

One player I think that is under appreciated is Greg Olsen. All he does is make completion after completion and the occasional touchdown. He is, by far, our best receiving threat with Steve Smith out. I wish I saw Olsen jerseys on gamedays.

My issue with Olsen is his complete lack of YAC. The man seems to look for the nearest tackler to run at and then when he gets touched goes down immediately. Also for a fast TE he looks REALLY slow at times.
Perhaps a slight issue, but a very annoying one to watch on gameday.
Also, for someone who prides himself on being in on every play and performing at every task he's given, his blocking leaves something to be desired.

Edit: Forgot to say that pic of Melvin White is flat out awesome (no pun intended). And I love the feeling from the locker pic as well. Were you able to scoop yourself an NFCS champ hat?

In Topic: Panthers - Saints Streaming Pregame Show starts at 6:00

08 December 2013 - 06:32 PM

Can I get a hint on the stream I should search for?