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#1513139 A scary stat for the offense...

Posted by MagiFootball on 11 November 2011 - 11:39 AM

Our offense is currently 6th in the NFL in point per possessions. We are also 6th in the NFL in TDs per possession. Yet we are 16th in PPG. Why the big discrepancy? It is pretty easy math IMO. We aren't getting enough possessions.

Why aren't we getting more possessions? There are several reasons for this. And most of it comes back to our defense :(

Although our defense against the run is getting better every week (a trend that hopefully continues) they still rank among the worst in the NFL in attempts against (20th), yards per attempt (24th), rushing TDs (32), rushing yards per game (28th), rushing first downs (27th), and our defense is currently really bad on third down conversion rate (30th).

The result is that teams are having long sustained drives against our defense. As a result it is shortening the game and lowering the number of possessions by both teams.

Also our defense is not getting three and outs, turnovers, or keeping teams out of the endzone. The result of that is we seemingly to have to go 80 or 90 yards every drive. So our offense is having long sustained drives that are eating up the clock as well. Thus even further reducing the game time and the number of possessions.

Our offense can always get better as well. If we took care of the ball better we would obviously improve our points per possession.

But as this young defense continues to grow and with the infusion of some more talent on that side of the ball next season you will see better results with this offense in terms of PPG.


By far one of the most retarded and false arguments you will hear on the Huddle. Everything you just posted is wrong.

We don't need more possessions. We need to stop turning over the ball. Do you read all the way across? You see the 17th by turnovers and 24th in interceptions per drive?

We don't score enough points. We don't win our close 4th quarter games. We don't put the games away. None of what you are talking about matters when our offense isn't capable of finishing off a team late in the 4th quarter. We go for as much as 25 minutes in the second half without scoring in some games, and our defense is keeping the score within 1, so our O can tie or win. And they don't do it.

And btw, you are wrong once again because our defense is ranked 11th in time of possession.


They're rushing on us all right, but the defense isn't on that field very long. It's the offense. Too bad most of that time is spend on penalties due to holds. Primary reason for that being not getting the ball out of your hands fast enough.

The easiest math is the one that's not required.
See this stat? :http://www.teamranki...yards-per-point

Everyone except the Patriots and Pittsburg ranked below 15th are either tied or losers. All the top 10 teams in this category have winning records, with the exception of 1 which is tied. We're ranked 21st in efficiency and because of that we lose. It comes from the 4th quarter. What makes it worse is that we are 21st in efficiency while playing against the worst defenses in the league.

#1513118 Dispelling the new myth about our offense and defense

Posted by MagiFootball on 11 November 2011 - 11:18 AM

Notice he still can't account for the real life example from this very year of how YPP is misleading and is a terrible way to judge offenses.

YPP =/= offensive efficiency.

Points per possession is a much even better stat than YPP to determine offensive efficiency IMO (although it too is clearly not perfect).

Carolina is 6th in the NFL in points per possession and 6th in TD per possession.

So when we get the ball we score at a very high rate. What's more efficient than that?

Compare that to Cincy that has a GREAT YPP yet is 20th in Points Per Possession and 23rd in TD per possession.

You just fill this place with crap and numbers you have no idea how to use or what they mean.


You are beginning to sound more and more like a total fraud. Please stop using numbers. You make up your own rules and then spread the garbage around. Ypp is by definition scoring efficiency. Look on the side bar. See scoring efficiency. That's what it means.

Carolina's offense is NOT efficient no matter how bad you want it to be. It's 21st in the league and it gets worse when you consider the fact we have played the worst defenses in the league this year.

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