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Questioning Steve Clifford?

03 January 2015 - 10:16 AM

Is anyone getting a little frustrated with Clifford? The biggest think that irks me is his substitution patters.  There's no real rhyme or reason and is not proactive at all.


I will say we have had some bad circumstances to start the season with lingering injuries all over the place and trying to create continuity with the new members of the team. I'm not saying Clifford is the problem but definitely part of it. Some of the things he does baffles me and I'm not sure why he does it. I just feel that if he was better with his rotations, we'd be playing better (not above .500 but still better).


The reason I am writing this because last night's game, which I was in attendance for, was the perfect example.


Our best player in the first half had to be Cody Zeller. He was efficient making jumpers and attacking the rim. Come the second half, he plays in the beginning of the 3rd quarter and is taken out mid way through. He sat for a long, long time. He did see action again but late in the game where it was inconsequential. It left me wondering what would have happened if he played the hot hand in Zeller. I kept looking over at the bench to see when he'd put him in, it didn't happen.


This is just one example of Clifford's rotation's that gets me. 


That lineup at the end of the 1st half with Kemba, Neal, and Roberts was perplexing. Roberts single-handedly helped Cavs enter half with momentum. We should have been up 10 but it seemed like there were 3-4 straight possessions where he was getting beat and allowing baskets.


I'm not saying don't play Roberts, just don't play him in situations like this.


Clifford has to realize what's working and what is not. I'm not saying don't play Neal but when he's having an off game (i.e.: last night), take him out. When Roberts is continually getting beat on defense, take him out. When Zeller is having a good night, don't kill his rhythm by sitting him. It's like he has a preset rotation in his mind (ex: Kemba playing the full 1st quarter and coming in midway through the 2nd quarter. This doesn't bother me per se but just using it as an example) and doesn't adjust to the players or situations. 


Sorry for the long rant but thought it needed to be said. Not saying Clifford is costing us a playoff spot, that's on everyone. Hopefully I'm not the only one that feels this way.




CFB Playoffs: Semi-Finals (UO vs FSU & BAMA vs OSU)

01 January 2015 - 12:30 PM

2015 Semi-Final Game Thread


2015 Rose Bowl Semi-Final



TV: ESPN, 5 pm

Teams: #2 Oregon Ducks (Pac 12, 12-1) vs # 3 Florida State Seminoles (ACC, 13-0)


Oregon's Players to Watch: QB Mariota, RB Freeman, RB Marshall

Florida St.'s Players to Watch: QB Winston, RB Cook, DL Edwards


2015 Sugar Bowl Semi-Final



TV: ESPN, 8:30 pm

Teams: #1 Alabama Crimson Tide (SEC, 12-1) vs #4 Ohio State Buckeyes (BIG10, 12-1)


Alabama's Players to Watch: QB Sims, WR Cooper, S Collins

Ohio St.'s Platers to Watch: QB Jones, RB Elliot, WR Smith

Hornets (10-22) @ Rockets (21-9)

31 December 2014 - 06:03 PM

December 31, 7 pm - Toyota Center


Last game of 2014. Big Al is out and Vonleh could see minutes tonight.



Hornets Starters:

PG Kemba | SG Hendo | SF MKG | PF Zeller | C Biz


Houston Starters:

PG Beverley | SG Harden | SF Ariza | PF Josh Smith | C Dwight