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In Topic: Legitimate Ferguson News

27 August 2014 - 12:04 PM

for killer mike fans or anyone really:

I had never heard of him before. I have so successfully unplugged myself from modern pop culture because of its negative effect on the youth that I forgot men like him still existed. The man spoke verbatim my entire position on this whole issue.

In Topic: Video of St. Louis Shooting of Kajieme Powell Disproves Cops' Version of...

26 August 2014 - 08:48 PM

[quote name="heel31ok" post="2910907" timestamp="1409101747"]

no , sorry not a constitutional argument. let's recap , I was pointing out the obvious which was missed by the poster. Sorry but the power if not expressly granted is certainly not nil.and sorry but I was not arguing the name describing their authority even though they do have that authority. you are reading way too much into it as the obvious point was their description would not be other than what they are called since that is what a description is.
Now for your being dead wrong about the authority of LEO's. Power not expressly granted in the constitution only speaks to the federal govt as any powers not granted expressly goes to the states or to the people.

Yes they do possess the authority to enforce laws.[

The issue of states rights is often brought up. Ironically however, the civil war effectively answered the debate. States rights lost to the authority of the federal government.

In Topic: A teenager, Dillon Taylor, gets shot and killed by Police Officer

26 August 2014 - 07:00 PM

Hispanic victim and Pacific Islander cop.

In Topic: Video of St. Louis Shooting of Kajieme Powell Disproves Cops' Version of...

26 August 2014 - 06:39 PM

Where is the stab proof vests? Most police officers only have vests meant to protect from bullets, but are not stab proof.


Bullet proof vest are stab proof as well.

Also, are you saying that ANYTIME there is a police shooting, it is always due to police laziness and corruption?

Laziness and or corruption by not applying the spirit of the constitutional law because they have applied their on beliefs, biases and prejudices to the situation and have made the determination at this person deserves to die.

In Topic: Video of St. Louis Shooting of Kajieme Powell Disproves Cops' Version of...

26 August 2014 - 06:34 PM

this is not a constitutional argument so the rest of your rant is useless.i mean to be technical there is also no constitutional duty to protect anyone.But again that is not the argument.The argument is the labeling as a LEO and then saying their primary description is to protect and serve.Their labeling would be the obvious description which was lost on the poster.

No you were actually being obtuse ( for your sake I hope deliberately). All conversations regarding the abilities and authority of government officials are absolutely framed as constitutional arguments. That is the very principle by which this countries legal system was founded. The power of the government (and it's officials) is nil unless expressly granted. That is why the name is a misnomer. It implies an authority that they do not possess.

And the bill of rights pretty much is an outline of the "constitutional duty to protect" but the fourth, fifth and sixth amendments are all pretty plain when it comes to those accused of crimes.

So to recap. You are apparently arguing that the name describes their authority against another poster's argument that they must protect and serve. Your argument is invalidated by the fact that the duties of a "LEO" so to speak are expressly written in the constitution under the powers and duties of the judicial branch of government.

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