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Michael Jordan, Jerry Richardson top list of highest-paid ex-athletes

11 March 2015 - 04:58 PM

Pretty cool to have two in the top 5 right here in Charlotte. (Michael Jordan no.1 and Jerry Richardson no.5) 



Rivera up for Coach of the Year Again

29 January 2015 - 08:10 PM

Wow, Chico gets so much love


Jim Tomsula discusses the future of the Niners

17 January 2015 - 03:20 AM

And it looks pretty bleak. http://deadspin.com/...ay-t-1680004518 What is this San Fran?

Off-season Moves 2015

11 January 2015 - 03:43 AM

I'm really excited to see what Gettleman's gonna do this off-season. I'll be the first to admit, I wasn't at all happy with most of the moves he made this past year and I put him down a lot. However, I think he's a smart guy and he just tried to make too much out of nothing. It worked in 2012-13 but not so much this season. I expect that he'll learn from what he did and that we'll be a really competitive team next season. 


I think we'll bring in 3 new starters in FA and 2 in the draft. 


Top moves I want to see:

1. New OC/QB/ST Coach: Shula just didn't get it done this season and made countless questionable calls week in, week out. Ken Dorsey obviously hasn't helped Cam. Regardless of the talent around him it really looked as if Cam regressed this year. (Not setting his feet, late on throws, overthrows, and just bad reads in general.) Pretty much all that can be fixed with coaching. 

2. Sign a proven vet at OT: This position should be where our money (what little we have) goes this off-season. OT needs to be our priority position in not only free agency, but also the draft. We should bring back Remmers as a back-up but I'd like to see two new bookends starting next season. We'll call this FA #1.

3. Bring in a Veteran WR: Cotchery was definitely not enough this season. I'd like to see us bring in someone with reliable hands and a good mentor for KB. Behind whoever we sign to play OT, this should be where our second biggest contract goes. We'll call this FA #2.

4. Sign a Pass Rusher: Not sure how the Hardy situation is going to play out but I really doubt he comes back. This is Gettleman's favorite position so I definitely think he'll bring in someone else to play opposite CJ while Ealy continues to develop. We saw just how important Hardy was this season. FA #3.

5. Let Roman Harper go: Harper made a few big plays this year but his overall play was nothing short of awful. We need to draft someone or bring in an under the radar guy that fits our system... I'll leave that to Gett. 

6. Sign/Draft a return guy: I cringed every time Bersin had the ball kicked to him this season. We don't need anyone too spectacular; someone who can catch the ball and has a basic football IQ would be a good start. 

7. Release Deangelo: Dlo had a good run but his time here is over.

8. Resign Dwan: Really reliable guy who has brought this team a lot of pass rush the past few seasons.

9. Resign Anderson: This move could be more important than most think.


With all this said, I think our draft should look something like this:



RD3: TE, didn't like what I saw from Dickson towards the end of the season. You can usually find pretty good TEs in the third. Especially a #2 TE.

RD4: RB, Stew is undoubtedly our starter going foward but we're gonna need someone to take Dlo's place. Fozzy should compete for #2 with who we draft here. 

RD5: WR, hopefully we can find a guy with return ability here





With all these moves made, our roster would look something like this:




QB Cam, Anderson

RB Stew, Fozzy, RD4

FB Tolbert

WR1 KB, Philly Brown, FA

WR2 FA #2, Cotchery, RD5

TE Olsen, RD3, Brandon Williams

LT FA #1, Mike Remmers

LG Norwell, Silatolu

C Kalil
RG Trai Turner, RD6




RE CJ, Addison

DT Short, Dwan

NT Star, Colin Cole/FA

LE FA#3, Ealy, Horton

OLB Klein, Glanton

MLB Luke, FA
OLB Davis, RD7

SS RD2, Lester, Jones
FS Tre Boston, Decoud
CB1 Bene, Melvin White, FA

CB2 Norman, Dockery



K Gano

P Nortman



Weight Lifting

05 January 2015 - 01:22 AM

Anyone have a good beginners plan?
I lifted some in high-school for sports but haven't ever really gotten into it big. I really need to build up my chest/shoulders the most. I have a membership at planet fitness right now.. I know PF isn't really a great gym for lifting but I'll probably stay there til at least the end of this year. Does anyone have a good routine to start out with that they know will work for there? I have a vague idea of how to use most machines but I'm definitely no expert. I feel like if I can get a clear understanding of how all the machines work plus a routine to use them in, I won't have a problem getting going. So if anyone would like to help me figure out a lifting/meal plan, it'd be greatly appreciated.
Thanks all