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In Topic: October 19th 2003

Today, 12:35 PM

you suck.

The huddle this week:


In Topic: Kelvins TD

Today, 11:41 AM

KB is Mogar, guardian of the realm of the edges

In Topic: Official Panthers - Steelers Gameday Thread

Today, 12:18 AM

What is it about the Pittsburgh Steeler that scares the Carolina Panthers so freaking much!? Every time they face them during the regular season they get beat, in a bad way! Minus last year. I don't count that win since they were facing, essentially, a rookie team. I haven't seen the Carolina Panthers play so awfully in years! Tonight was so bad I actually considered giving up watching the NFL! I know injuries played a big part in the loss and Jeff Hardy (A.K.A. Mr. Domestic Violence) missing-in-action hurt the team as well, but, injuries and Hardy aside, Cam Newton was over-throwing everybody and the defense was getting fooled left, right, and center! I'm starting to think that Anderson needs to be the starting quarterback! The only player who actually managed to impress me tonight was Kelvin Benjamin! He managed to haul in 8 out of 13 catches! Not bad! He's turning out to be a great player! Still, as, obviously, upset as I am, the Carolina Panthers are still my team and my favorite team and I won't stop rooting for them even if my life depended on it or if I were offered $1,000,000! The reason I'm so upset is because I know they can do so much better! Anyway… I'm done ranting and complaining now. I'll finish by saying, better luck next time and Keep Pounding Panthers!

Lol jeff hardy


In Topic: Kelvin Benjamin is the real deal

Yesterday, 11:18 PM

It could also be that he's being force fed since he seems like the only reliable threat?

I think his reach and talent has something to do with it

Philly brown got force fed too but he didn't convert anything into a touchdown or make the circus catches Benjamin seems to make in traffic

If Benjamin tried to do snow angels at Bank of America his right hand would be at the hoover dam and his left hand would be fisting a blue whale's asshole somewhere in the North Atlantic towards Denmark

In Topic: Kelvin Benjamin is the real deal

Yesterday, 11:14 PM

Great to see another rookie being sooper productive

At some point this scale is going to tip on the side of electrifying draft picks and away from overpaid, aging players

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