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#2963030 So Phil, a question... (Cat Thread Approved)

Posted by Frash Brastard on Today, 03:41 PM



#2962953 Wes Horton, Mario Addison, Kony Ealy

Posted by Frash Brastard on Today, 03:07 PM

Wes Horton on his father:

Q. Your dad (Mike Horton) was Gemini on ‘American Gladiators.’ What’s your best Gladiators story?
A. I don’t remember too much of it because I was too young. But I have pictures of us playing on the set, climbing up the Eliminator. We were rolling around in the balls. So we had full access to all the sets.
Q. Did he play football?
A. He did. He played for the Eagles and Patriots, then played in the USFL and the CFL. In the USFL he played with Reggie White. He had to block Reggie White every day in practice with the Memphis Showboats.

Q. Can you take him?
A. All the way up until recently, I’ve always been pretty intimidated by my father. He’s a black belt in karate. He could probably kick anyone’s ass. So I would imagine he could probably kick my ass.
Q. If they brought Gladiators back again, could you hang?
A. Of course I could hang. I’ve got Gemini in my blood.


Gemini was one of the orginal Gladiators and was the team captain throughout his four year stay. He was an unstoppable force in Atlaspheres, Duel and Powerball and had great respect for the Contenders. Since leaving the arena, Gem-Gem-Gem Gemini has appeared in the hit movie 'Night at the Roxbury' and is now a Hollywood stunt actor.

1 year-old Wes (left) and 3 year-old Shane (right) with "Gemini" a.k.a. Dad

From left to right: "Malibu," "Gemini," "Nitro" and Shane (age 1)

This needs to play every time he gets a sack from now on

#2962679 Hurricanes and the Space Shuttle

Posted by Frash Brastard on Today, 12:49 PM

I've got a little insight into this


#2961899 I want to have a positive atmosphere around here for fans to go and cheer up

Posted by Frash Brastard on Yesterday, 09:43 PM

I think we may be this year's Seahawks.


That's how I've felt since before the season began.


The Seahawks started to ascend a year before us, and when they were superbowl ready, we were still rising up.


I don't think I've ever had the gut feeling that this is the year the Panthers win it all like I do now

#2961834 So Phil, a question... (Cat Thread Approved)

Posted by Frash Brastard on Yesterday, 08:57 PM

last i heard he was speech writing for Rand Paul's speech at Virginia Union.


so would you say "it's happening"?

#2961763 I want to have a positive atmosphere around here for fans to go and cheer up

Posted by Frash Brastard on Yesterday, 08:15 PM

the Panthers may be the best team in the league this year


Piggers Panthers go all the way this year

#2960560 Hardy on Exempt List

Posted by Frash Brastard on Yesterday, 01:44 PM

Seriously if the nfl is going to hold teams to a cap limit, they should at least provide amnesty for situations like this

#2960220 So Phil, a question... (Cat Thread Approved)

Posted by Frash Brastard on Yesterday, 12:16 PM

Just noticed phillyb pied me again in the other thread

Looks like mr scot's going to have to clear some more room in his PM box

#2960057 So Phil, a question... (Cat Thread Approved)

Posted by Frash Brastard on Yesterday, 11:37 AM

i'm close to tears right now

Every time phillyb pies frash brastard, Jesus sets fire to an animal shelter

/Mr. Scot

#2959981 Statement by AP

Posted by Frash Brastard on Yesterday, 11:01 AM

I think it's time to set the record straight on a few things to clear up any confusion, even though, well, I wasn't really soliciting opinions when creating this thread, and I think by the tone of the OP I pretty much expressed that sentiment, and people still felt the need to chime in uninvited.

No, I don't think you're an awful awful parent if you've ever taken your hand to a child. It's a hard job, I get it. But I'd never become immensely aware of this switch phenomenon until AP was embroiled in controversy over it. I mean if that's the decision you make to hit your kid then okay but with an inanimate object? And this is where the crazy part comes in, AP actually considers this necessary discipline. He's not admitting this out of guilt, he's admitting this out of righteousness!

Mind you, he's had a reputation for controversy with his children before. The last time I'd heard about one of his children was one who was killed by one of his babymamas' current squeezes. I kind of felt bad for AP. I mean whatever the situation was, at the end of the day he lost one of his children and I felt empathy. But now, between that and this case, along with the other previous child abuse case from 2013 that we just found out about, I just look at him as a lame parent. It seems like there are only two reasons AP makes the national news. Either 1) he broke a rushing record, or 2) one of his children is seriously injured. I feel bad for his children but not him. I don't see anybody here endorsing AP, so I'm just going to stop here.

When it comes to corporal punishment, I'm on the fence on whether spanking should be considered abuse in today's world. I feel like we're at a crossroads and yes, most people still do it Squirrel, even though you think people don't anymore, and I'm never going to change someone's mind who's already a parent, and whose kid isn't a complete fugup, because they have their result and they usually don't regret anything if their kid turned out average. But I don't know a self respecting person who can look at all of the research that's being done against corporal punishment and defiantly dismiss it unless they are a stubborn heap of stupidity.

I plan on putting the effort in as a parent and trying better ways to get the message across, rather than exerting physical harm I can't even measure myself (how any parent thinks they know just how much pain they inflict is lying to themselves). Besides spanking, I just think using objects is stupid. Not only that, but parents who think they're being cutting edge and Mr Miyagi type visionaries by assuming the child is going to learn a lot by getting the stick him/herself.

I'm not making this post for people to debate counterpoints, so if that's what you feel like doing, waste your time. Quite honestly if you don't agree I don't give a poo. I'm not willing to debate this. I think I firmly made that clear before this thread went to hell, before I even made the OP.

Yea, I wisecrack in the main forum, and I bash the double trouble contracts and charles godfrey's playing ability, and while a lot of that is rooted in facts, truth is I would love nothing more than for them to break out, and much of the time, I'm just quipping for the sake of quipping, and people find it funny.

I know a lot of people see that and see me taking the piss out of posters in this thread and think it's just frash being frash, but this is different. If I care about anything besides my family, friends, and acquaintances, and believe it or not that includes people I've never met in person like Phillyb and Cat, it's for the ultimate progression of society. Sooner or later spanking is going to go out of style completely (I'd prefer it to be sooner because why not), and then 100 years from now, people are going to be debating if it's necessary or effective to shout at your children. That aspect of society is never going to stop, as much as some "old school" types and especially religious people hate to hear it. So either jump on the bandwagon of change or get left behind with your ideals.

There seem to be people out there like Mr. Scot, who thinks we should settle at a certain point and stop trying to change the world. These are the kinds of people who live a ho-hum existence. These are people who have listened to the same music since they were in high school. These are the people who paint their room the same color for 40 years. I haven't nodded at a Mr Scot post since before the forum crashed. I couldn't give less of a rat's ass what he thinks, but he needed to butt into this thread and project his opinion and he put himself on tee for embarrassment.

I think I'm going to be a fine parent and manage raising children without spanking being a part of my efforts, and you know why? Because we have a number of posters on here that I know are raising fine children, and they're doing it without the help of a slap or switch. If I ever felt the need to PM somebody for parenting advice, it would be PhillyB or Cat. Phil is a guy who I admire for a variety of reasons, and I know Cat is a humble, inductive person, and I tend to prefer to converse and exchange ideas with people like that.

I know Mr Scot's inbox is not being constantly filled up, even though he'd like to convince you it is. But even if it were, he doesn't need to clear some room for me to message him and ask for advice, thinking guys like me or Philly are going to come around at a certain age because I wouldn't ask him for guidance on anything as simple as where to buy replacement shoelaces, much less parenting. I concluded a long time ago in threads I wasn't even involved in that he thinks in a sandbox of wisdom, and that is one thing that will never change.

#2959585 Statement by AP

Posted by Frash Brastard on Yesterday, 08:25 AM

You might as well be talking to a wall, cat

#2959274 So Phil, a question... (Cat Thread Approved)

Posted by Frash Brastard on 16 September 2014 - 11:44 PM

My illustration of the first two pages of this thread:


#2959146 So Phil, a question... (Cat Thread Approved)

Posted by Frash Brastard on 16 September 2014 - 09:51 PM

Whatever this is about, this could have been a PM, btw


but you know, Scot has this way of being a phony and passive aggressive monger, so putting this on the forum for all to see and pretending it's just an issue between him and PhillyB is just like him

#2959001 So Phil, a question... (Cat Thread Approved)

Posted by Frash Brastard on 16 September 2014 - 08:43 PM

Is this what a butthurt rant looks like?

#2958904 Statement by AP

Posted by Frash Brastard on 16 September 2014 - 07:58 PM

Link please.

If you have time

Can't find it

It was when this forum had an infraction section. He got called out for something, it wasn't even a real punishment, it was a warning point, and he spent pages whining about it in that forum.

Throw that in with his thread mining and selectively picking posts earlier in this thread and you can tell he really doesn't care how he's perceived :rolleyes:

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