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#3337416 You liberals happy?

Posted by frash.exe on Yesterday, 11:40 PM


I tried to make the point earlier, the people to blame are the ones that constantly dismiss, trivialize, or deny issues if race when these things happen. They feel vindicated that the white cop was not charged and then mock the people who protested and rioted. They view racism in a vacuum and in a case by case battle instead of viewing racial issues as a whole.

They try to sweep modern racism under the rug and blame Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for fostering the racism and make every attempt to absolve white people from accusations of racism or racial bias.

They preach about how we "shouldn't care what color the police and victim are", or ask "why is everything about race" or say "they are playing the race card"

And as they do this the powder keg grows. Anger at having their concerns snuffed out as a black community problem and not reality. Anger at watching their black kids go to jail more and get longer sentences than white people. Watching black people gunned down in the street.

Then when it explodes some white people act shocked, or offended, or turn the blame to the black community for rioting.

You can't keep blaming the victims because eventually they will decide "You dont give a sh1t about me, why should I give a sh1t about your property"


Pretty much a positive feedback loop. There's nothing to condone about reacting to violence with violence but somebody tell me what is the answer then when they could peacefully protest until their heart's content and nobody who isn't a part of that community cares one bit?

#3337372 You liberals happy?

Posted by frash.exe on Yesterday, 11:04 PM

You're welcome virus

That's profiling

A lot of .exe files are upstanding program installations

#3337362 You liberals happy?

Posted by frash.exe on Yesterday, 10:54 PM

Thanks for the insight, everybody on this forum's mom's lover

#3336827 You liberals happy?

Posted by frash.exe on Yesterday, 05:56 PM

because city riots are unprecedented and have never happened before

#3335442 Let the scrambling begin

Posted by frash.exe on 26 April 2015 - 10:46 PM

That time of the week for heel31ok I see


#3335291 NFL scouts anonymously discuss the top OT prospects:

Posted by frash.exe on 26 April 2015 - 08:09 PM

Ogbuehi sounds like the next Jeff Otah

If that's the case I wouldn't consider touching the guy until round 4

#3333664 Final Mock Draft

Posted by frash.exe on 24 April 2015 - 10:40 PM

This year I'm looking for the passing game to be improved upon and grow vertically (that means speed and guys that can get separation) so I hope to see value picks on WR and O Line made in days one and two.

#3332888 Melvin Gordon wearing a Cowboys shirt on Jim Rome show.. We so should screw t...

Posted by frash.exe on 24 April 2015 - 10:49 AM

Or they could screw themselves by drafting a runningback in the first round

#3332367 2015 season ends at home, first time since 2009

Posted by frash.exe on 23 April 2015 - 07:22 PM

Hopefully it won't matter and we can just moonwalk into the playoffs

#3332332 Show some love for the best Rock band since Nirvana

Posted by frash.exe on 23 April 2015 - 06:44 PM

I saw Seether do a double headliner with Papa Roach recently and I liked their vibe a lot, I liked them better than Papa Roach.

But I tend to avoid conversations like this because it always turns into a bunch of people jerking off to their own music taste. My message: listen to whatever the fug you want and stop telling people about how much better your favorite band is because the bassist doesn't sell out to five strings or whatever.

#3331869 Internet draft guy saying "I studied the kids tape"

Posted by frash.exe on 23 April 2015 - 12:32 PM

9/11 truthers trying to talk in depth about structural engineering even though they can't tell you what metallurgy is if you ask them rapidfire style

#3330605 Greg Hardy suspended 10 games

Posted by frash.exe on 22 April 2015 - 04:10 PM

You geniuses realize Peterson served a 6 game suspension without pay to end the year last year and that he was still suspended in the offseason until it was overturned on appeal, right?

Stop trying to act like Hardy is getting a worse deal than him. Peterson plead out his charges in November then got suspended. Hardy elected to fight his.

It's still lousy in comparison. I think when you boil it all down to the essence of it, it's the fact that there are a lot of stupid people in this country who frown upon violence against women yet at the same time think hitting a child to get them to do the right thing is raising them right. That's why Greg Hardy gets a worse punishment, even though it hasn't been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he did what everybody thinks he did, compared to Peterson, where he basically admits to the accusations, there's picture evidence, etc.

#3330523 Greg Hardy suspended 10 games

Posted by frash.exe on 22 April 2015 - 03:36 PM

Here is why the NFL is a hypocritical fuging league ran by the grimiest commissioner on the planet.

They like to hoot and holler about how domestic violence is awful and have those stupid commercials where nobody can speak about it because it's tough. They suspend guys indefinitely on the BS exempt list for it until they come up with the actual non-paid suspension length. They act like they give two-fugs about players wives and girlfriends and how they are treated, and then what do they do??

They suspend schedule Hardy's first game back against the Panthers on a nationally televised thanksgiving family fuging holiday because it'll make for some great TV.

This poo right here is why fug Goodell. You hypocritical POS.

That's astute. The fact that they release the terms of the punishment the day after the schedule is released reeks of sensationalism.

#3330274 Word on the street: Gurley going top 10

Posted by frash.exe on 22 April 2015 - 01:50 PM

The running game is not as important as is constantly emphasized on this board every three minutes and drafting one in the first round is the least efficient way to do it by far.

Even Seattle, the team most often referenced when they want to talk about how much running matters more than anything else barely invested in Marshawn Lynch when they traded for him. They didn't spend their best pick or play their ace on an unproven commodity coming off an injury. This guy has just about as much of a shot at being the next Trent Richardson as he does being the next AP.

#3329563 Usa today disrespects the Panthers

Posted by frash.exe on 21 April 2015 - 10:22 PM

haha, the panthers are playing thanksgiving and the media is salty about it

What a great day. I think I'm going to get some motherfugin bootleg fireworks to celebrate.