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Very interesting article on the salary cap and taxes and how it affects teams differently

10 March 2015 - 11:44 AM

The reported NFL salary cap for 2015 is $143,280,000, but the amount athletes take home after taxes is far south of that figure. Below are the tax-adjusted salary caps for all 32 NFL teams.


Look at carolina's ranking

every geocities page ever made

01 March 2015 - 01:52 AM

re-live the horror





a thread where we talk about people who hate experts/professionals

01 March 2015 - 12:11 AM

This is an overarching topic because I see it every day, so I'm sure it will be very easy for people to get involved in this thread. I'm often perplexed at the brash rejection of expert opinions or professional advice. In almost every field, every practice, every subject you see this happening. For example, did you guys know within days of MH370 being lost it was found by a bunch of people on the internet? Google had to make an official statement to the publicexplaining what they were seeing. But gee willikers, I watched Colombo! I can figure out anything. As a matter of fact, I can find the plane better than all these engineers and sonar technicians combing the south Indian Ocean with the most advanced equipment! And all I need is google maps and a dry erase board.


I hate to say this because this is usually brought up by middle aged goobers who think smartphone use is the root of all evil. And MH370 is a huge tragedy and every family member and friend of those who perished deserve to at least find some closure. But this is a classic case of instant gratification intoxication. Just because the people working on this haven't found a breakthrough, or a lead, does not mean there must be an oversight or coverup. The only thing I get out of MH370 theories is that the people writing them have no clue about how the logistics of a complex aviation investigation work. These people recovered bodies and parts of the plane from the Air France 447 incident days after it occurred, and yet it still took nearly 2 years to find the fuselage at the bottom of the Atlantic. Our oceans aren't the size of your backyard. The area being searched to find MH370 is vast and finding a plane in that region is like looking for a clothespin embedded in mud somewhere in the town you live in.


I don't want to make this OP solely about MH370 so I'll segue. I want to take you into the mind of what I consider a layman trying to comprehend something that is way above his education level. It's some article about him ranting on an actual fitness website but it looks more like somebody copy-pasted your average Joe's Tuesday facebook tirade and this time it wasn't a wall of text about how society is going down the toilet because Justin Bieber is famous and people are talking about a dress on social media instead of the "real issues" (because, you know, facebook is such a serious medium as you can see with the LAD Bible and IFLS):


What does that mean, being called an “expert”?  Macmillan dictionary says an expert is someone who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.  An authoritative knowledge?  Do you think that the people, the “experts”, that used to put asbestos in buildings thought they had an authoritative knowledge of their field?   Experts used to put lead in paint too.


Hey what about those maritime experts in the 1400s that thought it was a great idea to genocide the Native Americans? Or those colonial experts that thought slavery what a great, Christian way to enslave people from another continent? Lead paint and Asbestos have been banned for close to 40 years so how far back should we go?


Experts built the space shuttle Columbia that exploded instantly.  I think NASA would like to think they have an authoritative knowledge.



Welp, that wasn't the Columbia that "exploded instantly". It was the Challenger. As far as the Columbia goes, maybe NASA could've done something to prevent its fate but this is also the same program that has like thousands of examples of brilliant accomplishments that they've worked to achieve for every disaster that has inevitably come up. I'm pretty sure this guy never heard of Apollo 13 (which was basically 2001 meets MacGyver), or solar probes, or people spending over 5 months continuously in space.


How many expert mountain climbers have died expertly climbing a mountain? I bet Pluto is pissed some experts said it’s not a planet anymore.  Pluto is probably in favor of the old experts that said it was.



It would be in favor if it wasn't a giant, cold ball of rock and ice hurtling about 3 billion miles away from us around the sun at over ten thousand miles per hour. Speaking of balls of rock and ice hurtling about 3 billion miles away from us around the sun at over ten thousand miles per hour, did you hear about the spacecraft those bumbling troglodytes at NASA sent to catch a speed boost at about Jupiter to fly by Pluto at a close speed nearly ten years ago? Well its main mission is finally underway, and the influx of new pictures and information that it is going to radio back to us is going to be the most amazing fuging thing we've ever seen. Probably not going to be as exciting as reading some shitty blog post that cherry picks isolated incidents to undress select industry fields from Christmas past in general, though.


Dare I say you need to think critically and formulate your own thoughts and opinions? I dare!  Am I saying to totally disregard what “experts” have to say?  NO!  I’m not ignorant or simple or that arrogant.


Oh, well. Thank god. After all that poorly contrived word salad, I was leading on the assumption that this was another horrid rant with no insight instead of a public service announcement.


Never follow anyone, or anything, blindly.  Be better than that!   Do your own reading on the topic.  Go to the information the “experts” go to and read it.


I agree with some of that, however I'd like to offer a caveat: it's okay to have an opinion as long as you can comprehend the reading you do on the topic, or the issue at hand. Otherwise, if your doctor tells you to stop compulsively eating table sugar when you come home from work or you'll kill yourself via diabetic coma, and you think he's a quack because the space shuttle Voyager 1 exploded off the coast of Nebraska with teacher Christa McCarthy on board, it's probably a better idea that you just take the doc's advice.


Let's stick with doctors and talk about the statement Jimmy Kimmel made about vaccination this week. I'm not posting this because I have such a strong, polarized view of vaccinations (and I don't want this thread turning into a discussion of any one thing), but more because of the tone with which he's addressing the skepticism you see on a daily basis.



No expert or professional is perfect. poo happens. But whenever the media covers stories that require expert analysis, less emphasis is put on the crazy amount of expertise and years of work made by massive amounts of people to master something that comes within pecking distance to the current limits of human intelligence and problem solving, and more emphasis is put on shaming these institutions because they maybe got caught with their pants down once or couldn't solve the mystery in half an hour like Scooby Doo and his gang. People like your average primitivist or the food babe pounce on these issues like ravenous piranha. And they do have their victories, but at the end of the day, there's a difference between creating a movement and improving the world.

Ron Rivera has more playoff victories than Marvin Lewis

04 January 2015 - 05:13 PM

...because Lewis is terrible and hasn't won a single playoff game since he was hired, especially today when the bengals have the most talented team in the league. Even in 2011 when they played a Houston team with a good defense and a third string QB (much like the 2014 Cardinals in the playoffs) they still got their asses kicked.

Also here's a list of QBs that have won a playoff game before Andy Dalton:

Cam Newton
Andrew Luck
Russell Wilson
TJ Yates
Ryan Leaf
A Pure Moods CD
Quantum Foam

First playoff win since 2005!

03 January 2015 - 07:54 PM