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In Topic: The Emperor has no clothes

Today, 11:21 PM

We're OK right?  All is well?




We are no better than the Atlanta Braves. 



At least they have 1 championship.

In Topic: The Emperor has no clothes

Today, 11:05 PM

This is definitely how you get some good feedback to a thread you just created.























































I don't give a flying fuuck about feedback I am stating facts.  If you want feedback and "responses" my wife says Oprah comes on in the mid-afternoon Monday thru Friday.

In Topic: The Emperor has no clothes

Today, 11:00 PM

10 years of futility. 10 years with no playoff wins. Mike Shula isn't the main problem, you need to go a little deeper than that.


I said JR can go pound sand.  JR is Jerry Richardson.  I can't go deeper than that bro.


Reading comprehension is awesome when you use it and when you are not a complete fukking idiot/moron/inbred hick.

In Topic: Hardy Trail POSTPONED

Today, 10:20 PM

This was always going to happen. Trial dates in NC mean nothing, there are cases that have been waiting YEARS. There's a good chance it continues to get pushed back and doesn't happen until late 2015 or even 2016.


I hope it gets pushed back to 2037 and Hardy never gets to play again.  That motherfuger screwed us with his dumbassery and I hope he winds up broke and on the street before 2016 gets here.

In Topic: It's Over

Today, 10:17 PM

Has the smell of Cam's exit.  His choice or ours, we suck and he knows it.

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