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Hard to believe and even harder to believe stat

24 January 2015 - 01:03 AM

Luke Kuechly has scored zero points.  No pick sixes, no safeties, no fumble recoveries in the end-zone.  I would find that hard to believe but in all honesty, it's not that hard to keep track of his first 3 years.  I have been watching like a hawk his every play since day one.

The harder to believe stat is that Thomas Davis has never scored in the regular season as a professional.  He stated it this week during his WFNZ interview and I almost had to pull my truck over to make sure he was correct.

How bizarre is it that TD has no TD's as a Panther?  He may be the greatest Panther ever when he hangs them up and has never scored?


I predict both Luke and the 2014/15 NFL Man of the Year score next year.  The law of averages demands it.  The football Gods demand it. 


Next year is gonna be balls.

How would Derrick Rose look in Purple and Teal?

19 January 2015 - 11:45 PM

Who knows where this ends.  It won't end well for sure.  Could the Hornets be a good landing spot for DR when the dust settles?  Would YOU want him?  Would MJ want him?


He is not staying in Chicago and sure as hell can score.  What say you?

Can we pool some money and send it to Auburn?

10 January 2015 - 11:44 PM

Is there a way to convince Auburn University to just give Cam is diploma?  I soooo much want him spending the entire upcoming off season working on his craft.  I understand him wanting to please his Momma but, he has got to take this 1 in a million opportunity and give it all he has got.

He showed flashes, even tonight that he can be what the organization needs him to be but, he is no longer 22 years old and the things he struggles with need to be fixed.  I have no idea what drills can be done to increase his accuracy or how to help him gain timing with the receivers around him but, I can tell you this.  Things won't get any better by themselves.


Here's to hoping that Gettleman can find Cam some potent weapons this off season along with a LT and I also hope he takes every opportunity to work with them as allowed by the CBA (and those not allowed by the CBA).


Overall, it was a fun season, especially the last month but I want more.  I want more for Jerry, I want more the team, I want more for us the fans.  KEEP POUNDING.







P.S.  I also want Shula gone but alas, it shall not be.  :(

I got 4 PS4 games in my queue...which one to play?

09 January 2015 - 11:38 PM

Got 4 games I have not played the campaign yet.  CODAW, GTAV, The Last of Us Remastered (never played it on the PS3) and Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes.


Any suggestions on which one to do first?

Our little boy Luke sure grew up quick

09 January 2015 - 11:12 PM

If you have never seen this particular video, do yourself a favor and watch it..............all of it. 

Turn the volume up a little as sound is kind of low.


It's old but really cool to watch it now and think to yourself why did we ever doubt this kid?


I hope Luke has the game of the century tomorrow.  Hell, I hope they all do. 


Big time players step up in big time games.


Plus, I figured Lola and Boo would enjoy it.