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#3356784 Mike Evans: "I did my time with a mobile quarterback"

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 05:45 PM

He was actually complimentary of Manziel. He just noted that the need for passing out of the pocket is at a premium in the NFL. I don't see what the story is here.

#3356636 La'el Collins has begun visits

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 02:59 PM

I feel like La'el was like "free dinner? alright" knowing that he'd never play for Buffalo... poor Rex. 


Actually I was thinking that about a lot of his visits.  


I tell you, if this kid is actually innocent, then his agent is smart as fug.  I can just hear him saying:


"We gonna play these fools like a Stradivarius, kid.  You go on the world tour and be treated like the MVP. Just don't say anything crazy and get your head all turned around by the steak and lobster and such.  It's all an act, kid.  Have your fun, and then go on to Charlotte and beat out the movie star..."



#3356546 Russ Purnell named new Special Teams coach

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 01:51 PM

Looks like a purely need-based signing.  I wonder if Getty even had time to watch the tape.

#3356535 La'el Collins has begun visits

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 01:45 PM


NFL teams can't meet with La'el Collins yet, and here's why http://wp.me/p14QSB-9LwQ 



Sexy Rexy may be in a bit of trouble in his zeal for La'el and a meal.

#3355890 Anyone know why strong dropped so far?

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 06:44 AM

He was never a first round lock. When people began examining his tape, they saw his lack of ability to consistently separate, mediocre game speed and not enough explosive upside to give him a first round grade.

#3355879 La'el Collins has begun visits

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 06:28 AM

Yes let's fire Jerry and hire a new owner.

Oh, if it could be that easy. :)

#3355852 La'el Collins has begun visits

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 04:33 AM

A victim?

It's perfectly normal for police to talk to everyone involved in someone's life when it ends in a horrifying way. They aren't just looking to talk with people to label them suspects, it is entirely possible people close to the real victim have some knowledge or can provide some evidence to find out who was responsible,

Most people don't lose hundreds of thousands of dollars---or even millions---just for being associated with the victim of murder either. If it turns out that Collins doesn't have anything to do with the murder, then, yes, I would consider that being a victim.

#3355841 You have to feel better about this roster compared to last year.

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 03:36 AM

I would have liked the OP a lot better without all the subjective numbers. The case can be made that we are a better team just from common sense.

As for people trying to question Stew's excellence last year based on the beginning of the season, I just laugh.
During the stretch that mattered for us to make the run, Stew was arguably the best back in the league. Funny how better health and line play, as well as being the featured back, makes everyone look better...

Without Stew, we don't get into the playoffs.

Notwithstanding his injuries, playing second fiddle, and playing behind some suspect lines, Stew's career rushing average is right up in line with some pretty good ones. Sure he is no Hofer due to injuries and overall production, but he is far from a slouch.

#3355802 La'el Collins has begun visits

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 01:13 AM

Wow. That sweet talking, sexy Rexy is already dining with La'el. Oh, hell!


"And later Monday night, Collins dined with Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan at Ruffino's Italian restaurant in Baton Rouge, according to an employee of the restaurant."

We better do our best to get in the good graces of this kid. If all suspicions about him are cleared, then Jerry Richardson better not stand in the way of Gman trying to sign Collins.

You can flame all you want, but if we let this kid get away over some booooolsh*t, then that might be the best indicator that it's time for a new owner. You can't summarily dismiss Collins if it turns out that he is an innocent victim.

And, of course, it's all predicated upon you wanting him in the first place, which I don't see why we wouldn't, being that we likely had a second round grade on him.

#3355197 I would like to ask for the Huddles help.

Posted by top dawg on 04 May 2015 - 04:35 PM

You got it, dude.  


I hope that I don't sound callous by saying this, but if he does lose the use of his left hand, at some point, tell him to keep pounding with the other one.  I mean that in the most sincere and best way possible.

#3355092 Are there huddlers hoping for a Panthers failure?

Posted by top dawg on 04 May 2015 - 03:39 PM

Like I alluded to in another thread last Friday: I think that it's just highly suspect of someone to agree with every move that the owner, GM or coach makes.  It would be unnatural, actually.  And it's OK to actually discuss the differences.  Moreover, like I  alluded to in another thread: all the knee-jerkers, circle-jerkers, and everyone in between and a combination thereof, are all in the same boat together. As fans, we are in this boat together.  To me, it's just the nature of the beast.  The day that we win the Super Bowl will be the only day that we are all on one accord (maybe), and then the nature of the beast will resume once more.

#3355043 Camolina

Posted by top dawg on 04 May 2015 - 03:13 PM

Now that youre done beating GMan to death over the draft we can all be freinds again.  Good post.  Nice change of pace.  I needed a little (I hate myself for using this word) fluff.





I am not going to hijack my own thread, but I didn't beat Gman to death over the draft. I was skeptical of him reaching in the first, but the skepticism melted away once he drafted Funchess. It evened itself out.  I didn't mind the trading up at any point. After my final analysis, the only pick that I disliked was Mayo. Not because Mayo is not worth a roster spot, but because Gman reached for an LB who had an extremely high probability of being an undrafted free agent.  But nobody is perfect... :)  I have hardly said a divisive word about it.


Getting back on point (kinda), I love me some Gman. I love me some of you guys and the Carolina Huddle. I love me some Cam. But, most of all, I love me some Carolina Panthers!


And, yes, I love me some me, but I wouldn't be top dawg if I didn't. :lol: 

#3354949 Camolina

Posted by top dawg on 04 May 2015 - 02:39 PM

It's easy for Panthers fans to recognize what a genuine, good-natured guy that Cam Newton really is when we see him clowning around on video, but here is a story by AOL.com's Mark Inabinett that really portrays the playful personality of our very own Cam Newton pretty perfectly. Moreover it also is a testament to why Cam is so beloved by Auburn, in a way that even transcends winning that championship,  OK, maybe not that far, but you'll know what I'm getting at after reading this short piece.  He's a great kid, that genuinely loves kids.


"I really love kids," Newton said. "I tease my girlfriend. I'm like, 'Listen, babe. When I make that decision in my life and we have kids, I want 11 back to back to back to back to back to back. And I'm always with the prefix Cam. So I'm going to have a Camneisha, a Cam Jr., a Cam III, Camelette, I may call one of them Camolina."



We got a keeper here, people.  And if no one else knows it, despite foolish talk sometimes by others, then Panthers fans should know it, just as well as all the Cam fans know it!


On an off note, the Bama Butthurtedness that Cam caused is apparently alive and well if the comments are any indication.

#3354168 LaCanfora discusses how Collins is better off (in light of his circumstances)

Posted by top dawg on 04 May 2015 - 08:06 AM

Hey man, I'm not saying I dont think there are arrows pointing to Collins coming here. I certainly hope so. I was just disappointed when I heard what he said for myself and I didn't see what you indicated in your OP. NBD. And i guess I wouldn't say his La'El comment was sarcastic, i take that back, but he did say that he "guesses"


which ever way, I hope Collins lands here


No problem. You may be absolutely right. I probably heard what I wanted to hear.  I edited the OP somewhat as well.  I don't want to totally mislead anyone.  It is nice to know that there is some type of connection. We'll wait and see how it all turns out which may take some time, but hopefully not an extended amount of time.  Fingers crossed!

#3354140 LaCanfora discusses how Collins is better off (in light of his circumstances)

Posted by top dawg on 04 May 2015 - 07:45 AM



everyone listen for themselves..




You can't argue that he made the mental connection.


And then there is this from David Newton:


The situation likely had an impact on Carolina’s draft plans. Were it not for the off-the-field issue, Collins probably would have been one of the offensive linemen taken before the Panthers made the 25th pick.

If not, he likely would have been selected by Carolina.



Now, sure you can blow it off as Newton talking out of his ass, but I doubt it.  So I definitely think that provided he is cleared as a suspect that he will be in play.


You can't deny the tie, and I Know that Collins has the Panthers on his radar from what he said earlier this year.


“Whoever gives me an opportunity first, I’ll roll with it,” Collins said. “I’d love to go play with Trai again. That’s my guy.


If Dave or Rivera make the call early and give him the opportunity once he is cleared, then I certainly feel good about our chances.