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#3261609 Cam was at Label during shooting

Posted by top dawg on Today, 07:21 PM

Nothing good comes from a club.

#3261603 Cam was at Label during shooting

Posted by top dawg on Today, 07:18 PM

I was going to comment saying how long will it take for a story about some other clown shooting up a place to turn into a story about how terrible Cam is but I see that narrative has already been written

Negative narratives about Cam, if not outright started, are always given wings in the Huddle.

It's pretty much a given.

#3261363 I just tweeted Hardy some advice, and he tweeted me back.

Posted by top dawg on Today, 05:15 PM

Sorry, I don't know how to post tweets, but this is close enough.  I said it once before on the Huddle, so I decided to pass it on to the Kraken.

@OverlordKraken Good luck, Hardy. Unsolicited advice. An old man once said: Don't let a woman's a** or a whiskey glass get you into trouble.

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@racerelations1 wish I woulda met that guy B4 haha

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This is sage advice for Hardy.  I hope that he takes it to heart.  And that's why I like the kid.  Too bad the way things went down, but I am sure that Hardy and the Carolina Panthers will be alright.

#3261326 Optimum Scouting uses Stephen Hill as a case study.

Posted by top dawg on Today, 04:46 PM

Damn, I forgot about Hill as well.  So like, what if he ends up working out this year?  That would be awesome.


He's big as hell, and fast as poo.


If we do end up drafting a receiver it doesn't need to be one of those "raw prospect" types.  We've got enough of those on our hands with KB, Brown, and Hill.


And Lucas (Mucas)

#3261316 Quote Me

Posted by top dawg on Today, 04:39 PM

Do it. 



#3261305 Perhaps the most concrete indication that Hardy is done

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attachicon.gifB_MsMVIUsAEUbx1 (1).jpg



New York


On his way to the league office tomorrow.

#3261291 Optimum Scouting uses Stephen Hill as a case study.

Posted by top dawg on Today, 04:22 PM

Matt Harmon of Optimum Scouting has written a sobering article on Stephen Hill that is somewhere between not quite scathing and not quite apologetic, but wholly critical.  Stephen Hill is the example set forth---a warning really---for why wide receivers fail.  His premise seems to be that teams need to be more careful when evaluating the players to mitigate what I'll coin as the Combine Super Measuables Effect, and that scouts must be realistic about whether or not a player can develop in a less than desired (basically crappy) circumstance, or would benefit by getting some time to grow, lest they be irrevocable spoiled by their surroundings.


Hill is still somewhat of an enigma---somewhere between heaven and hell---wide receiver purgatory.  According to the article there is still some hope, but the arrow is starting to point downward.


Even for Stephen Hill, the story is not over yet, although the pages are hanging to the book spine by tattered threads. As Michael Irvin asserted when airing his thoughts on Hill, perhaps it was the situation and quarterback tornado in New York that prevented the young receiver from developing into a technically proficient player, and deadly threat. Perhaps that happens now that he’s entering his second season in what appears to be a Carolina Panthers’ developmental program for him. Maybe the conclusion we can draw from Hill’s short NFL career is that situation and fit with his team is more paramount to a receiver’s development, and therefore public perception, than his individual skills.



And I would be remiss to not offer a quote about receivers in this year's draft whom he considers in the Stephen Hill mold.


So, who are the receivers in that Stephen Hill mold, that have gotten by almost exclusively on their physical gifts, in the 2015 draft class? The two that come to mind immediately are DeVante Parker and Sammie Coates. Pakrer is the more highly touted prospect, and is a consensus top-three wide receiver in this class.



Shocking for some of you, I am sure.  But it's a good read---something different.  This time of year, any fan should be able to appreciate that.  Even if you don't agree with the article, kudos to Optimum Scouting and Harmon.



#3260998 Cpat or Cobb we need one of them

Posted by top dawg on Today, 12:53 PM

I guess Cordarrelle Patterson

#3260933 LT vs RT

Posted by top dawg on Today, 12:31 PM

I don't want a below average LT under any circumstances.

#3260644 So be honest and completely objective.. Is there really a LT worth a true 1st...

Posted by top dawg on Today, 08:01 AM

lol, we're past bowl season, the Senior Bowl, the Combine, and are getting ready for Pro Days... How is that 'too early in the process'?

You answered your own question. We have to wait until Pro Days.

Correction: Responsible fans (with little to no film) should wait for the evaluations of Pro Days and team workouts before attempting to draw anything near a conclusion, especially where linemen are concerned.

#3260417 Florio: Panthers to do list

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 09:25 PM

I think you're confused about this. No one would say we are better without him. People just know the organization and using the past as a measuring stick, it's safer to assume there is a higher chance he won't be here than the chance he will be here.


My point is that some seem to be relishing rubbing in it faces about Hardy not coming back.  To me it's basically just dumb because, at the end of the day, the team that we all root for will be worse without Hardy, regardless of what anyone thinks about the FO's handling of the situation.  Moreover, some have consistently  attempted to clown others for having another valid train of thought, opposite the FO's, regarding the situation.   That's dumb in my book also.  Hardy leaving is not a win for the Carolina Panthers no matter if people want to "win" on the message board by making others feel miserable.

#3260374 Rant Sports' Brian Brennan: Predicting 5 FA signings for Panthers.

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 08:47 PM

Everyone crying about Bell.  I don't care for him either, but if we bring him back to back us up, what's to cry about?  Furthermore, I guess that some of you must really hate Hardy if you detest even the idea of bringing him back, as infinitesimal as that is at happening (or, if you like, zero chance of that happening).  As for Ginn, he'd be a good pick-up.  Nicks would be an excellent pick-up with the right contract.  What the hell is wrong with some of you?

#3260270 Predict the first FA signing for the Panthers

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 07:36 PM


#3260266 Florio: Panthers to do list

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 07:31 PM

There are way more people that think we should keep hardy than there are that think we should let him go. Unfortunately, the only two opinions that matter are JR and DG


Perhaps you're right about the numbers. But you sure have a few people here trying to justify it as being the perfect move by our perfect owner, and our perfect GM.  They seem to---in essence---take part in other people's misery surrounding the situation.  Well, not that I was ever Hardy's most ardent supporter, but I am here to fight back against this mass trolling with a last hurrah.


Not only did Florio make a valid point about the market probably never being better for a Hardy deal, but he makes perfect sense about paying Cam now.  He also basically said that there is no excuse for not getting some receivers via FA and/or  the draft, and basically saod the same thing regarding a left tackle.  


I'm down with all of his "things to do".

#3260047 NFL.com ranks FAs for those interested

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 03:43 PM

The only team Ingram does well against seems to be Carolina, so I'm not sure I want him here. He'll probably look great in practice though.



Really? Do you know any of his career stats? I was thinking maybe he could be a good value pick up depending on how much he wants.


Not only has he been pretty solid playing mostly in a committee, but when he finally got the call as the main guy last season he didn't do that bad. He played 13 games (yes, he was banged up a little) and posted 964 rushing yards. As for only playing well against the Panthers, he also gained 122 vs the Steelers, 120 vs the 49ers, and 172 vs the Packers. 


Young and physical. He and J-Stew would make a helluva tandem.  That being said, I don't know that we're in the market for a FA RB this year.  But if we were (are), then he is my main target depending on the pay.