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#2862863 Justin Blackmon, not Josh Gordon, is now the dumbest player in the NFL

Posted by top dawg on Yesterday, 09:35 AM



According to officials with the Edmond Police Department, Justin Blackmon was arrested for possession of marijuana on Wednesday.



I just don't understand it. I just don't.


Perhaps I should have said "associated with the NFL".

#2862294 Sean McDermott

Posted by top dawg on 23 July 2014 - 04:50 PM

I think he fielded a horrible defense in Philly and got canned for it and a lot of people are probably wondering how much credit he really deserves for our D considering Rivera has built a top D everywhere he's been.


However, despite coach Andy Reid's statement that McDermott would be retained, it appears that McDermott has been made out to be the scapegoat for much more than the team's defensive shortcomings.  

Thrust into this role prior to the 2009 season after the death of Jim Johnson, McDermott has had to do plenty of on the job training over the course of two seasons.  Not to mention, the lack of talent to achieve the level of success that his predecessor accomplished over the course of 10 years.  





Just saying.  The talent level of the Eagle's defense has decreased precipitously since the passing of Jim Johnson.  Just like I have given Rivera the benefit of the doubt of a learning curve, I give McDermott that same rope.  He really hasn't disappointed, and has probably excelled under the guidance of Coach Rivera.  



McDermott may get a shot in the future (or may not...be taken seriously at least). I know that he isn't averse to a head coaching position, as he interviewed for the Skins before.  One thing about it though: I don't think that we will suffer even if he does leave because of Rivera. 

#2862090 USA Today: Five reasons to believe in the Carolina Panthers

Posted by top dawg on 23 July 2014 - 02:39 PM

I absolutely hate Shula's play calling and system.  


However, with the way our team is built, it is actually going to be the most effective way to run our offense next year. 


I think that's a cop-out---a way to justify Shula's questionable play calling because people think that they see some writing on the wall in their crystal balls.


Regardless whether or not we believe that our offense is talented enough to improve this year, our wide receiving corps is decidedly more sure-handed and we have added a pass-catching TE (granted with suspect hands) and are developing a potential pass-catching stud at TE as well to ostensibly run more two-TE sets.  


Even if we don't add an additional play maker at WR, or discover one amidst our youngsters, Shula needs to improve his play calling.  Just the fact that we have more pass-catching options at receiver, should open it up for our run game and passes for RBs.


No more passes for Shula (pun intended), he better improve his play calling, especially  on a situation by situation basis, or else.

#2862010 USA Today: Five reasons to believe in the Carolina Panthers

Posted by top dawg on 23 July 2014 - 01:40 PM

He's not a good wide receiver and the early returns have been pretty shitty on him.


Show me where you have gleaned this "early returns" information.  It doesn't exist. Only in your mind.

#2861965 USA Today: Five reasons to believe in the Carolina Panthers

Posted by top dawg on 23 July 2014 - 01:03 PM

Fiz rears his ugly head, and a bunch of relative noobs fell for it (not blaming them).  LOL. 

#2859825 Winston says Benjamin blessed to play with Cam

Posted by top dawg on 21 July 2014 - 10:58 AM

And some people tried to intimate that Jameis Winston is dumb.  Well, he is sounding kinda smart in his assessment of Kelvin Benjamin's situation.  


“I tell K.B. every time I talk to him it’s a blessing he got the opportunity to play with Cam (Newton),” Winston said Sunday. “As I was coming up I always loved Cam’s game. I feel like we have some similar qualities—obviously he’s better. But K.B. going from me to Cam, that’s amazing.





Did he just give Cam more props...?




He did admit being an Eagles fan (on the downside), but nobody is perfect.


“I was blessed to have an opportunity to play with Kelvin,” Winston said. “And no, I'm still not a Panthers fan, but I am a Cam Newton and K.B. fan. I am an Eagles fan, to answer that.”



#2839680 ISportsweb believes Panthers need to make a move or two

Posted by top dawg on 03 July 2014 - 06:36 PM

Sean Faulkner, the Panthers Lead Correspondent for Isportsweb believes the Panthers need and will make a move  (based on last year's history) or two before the start of the regular season to at least bolster if not markedly improve our chance to remain a viable contender this year.   He names a couple of people that have been Panthers before, and names that have been brought up here or there in the Huddle, but never really seriously discussed.  


It's just food for thought, and some names that you may want to keep on the radar while waiting to see how the guys on the current roster and position groups pan out.


Offensive tackle:
Bruce Campbell (Carolina Panthers) – waived by the Panthers in 2013 due to injury, Campbell’s one-year deal with the Washington Redskins was also voided after failing his physical. However, the 6’ 6” Maryland product remains one of the highest rated free agent tackles. If Campbell gets healthy and can pass a physical, he could be a good, experienced fit for the Panthers, and would most likely command much less money than his previous contract with the Redskins ($710,000).
David Stewart (Tennessee Titans) – released due to the famed “failed physical”, Stewart’s release was more a function of saving salary cap space; the Titans saved $6.5 million by doing so. The Pro-Bowl tackle out of Ole Miss played his entire career for the Titans and his experienced 6’ 7” frame could be just the protection Newton needs. Stewart might command upwards of $2 million per year for 1-2 years, well within the Panthers range for such a player.
Terrell Thomas (New York Giants) – the Panthers recently met with Thomas about the 7th-year corner joining the team according to the Charlotte Observer. Thomas suffered multiple ACL injuries in 2011-2012, but bounced back nicely in 2013 playing all 16 games recording 67 tackles. The USC product has 12 career interceptions and would most likely command around the same salary he was paid with the Giants in 2013 ($750,000).
Drayton Florence (Carolina Panthers) – Florence was a reserve cornerback for the Panthers in 2013 after signing to a one-year deal and played in 14 games, intercepting two passes and defending nine. Florence made nearly $1 million in 2013, but would command significantly less in 2014 while basically playing the same role as last season.
Wide receiver:
Danario Alexander (San Diego Chargers) – Alexander hasn’t played in over a year after suffering a torn ACL in August of the preseason last year, but there’s four things that stand about Alexander: he’s huge (6’ 5” 217-pounds), he was very productive when he was on the field, he’s a Missouri guy, and he’ll be relatively cheap. Once an All-American at Missouri Alexander has never really lived up to his full potential, but injuries and opportunity are mostly to blame for that. Alexander even went undrafted due to an injury after being a mid-round projection, although it would be hard to label Alexander as “injury-prone”. One would have to believe that hunger and playing with a few fellow alum (e.g. Kony Ealy) could be just the spark Alexander needs – and if he were to sign with Carolina along with Marcus Lucas, another Missouri Tiger, then the Carolina Panthers would have three wide outs at 6’ 5” 215-pounds or more.
Santonio Holmes (New York Jets) – I know, I wouldn’t really want him either, but considering his experience and the fact that he’s still only 30, he might warrant consideration. At the end of the day Holmes probably isn’t the guy you want mentoring Benjamin or taking his frustrations out on an already somewhat (emotionally) fragile, but maturing Newton. Additionally, like Campbell, and possibly Stewart, Holmes represents the only other player on this list with enough cache to cause contractual issues and it’s been stated many times the Panthers only have so much to work with, especially considering future contract and salary cap considerations. Holmes is certainly worth the mention, but may be a short Terrell Owens at this point.




I would probably watch for Raiders, Bills and 49ers cuts at WR before I would even consider Holmes at this point.  Denarius Moore, Greg Little, Mike Williams, or even Brandon Lloyd before getting Hammy Holmes.

#2838114 Cam ranked smack dab in the middle of QBs according to some league insiders

Posted by top dawg on 02 July 2014 - 01:42 PM

Per David Newton, according to Mike Sando's report, 26 league insiders ranked the QBs. Cam Newton came in 16th, the top of tier 3 according to their ranking.  


I have seen so many rankings with different metrics which probably provide a more accurate ranking as to where Newton really is compared to his peers, but this one seems purely subjective (even though I can't see everything being that I'm no longer an ESPN Insider).


You may ask why it's even worth mentioning. My answer is that it's just more par for the course in regards to Newton not really being given his due (which I suppose is the story of his young career so far).  I'm trying not to be a homer, and be totally objective, but it would seem that with what Newton has done---even if a good part is with his feet---that he would be ranked higher by the "league insiders".


According to Sando, one general manager called Newton "phenomenal'' and someone he would pay to see play. "He is a little bit like Ben [Roethlisberger] in that he is so physical," one head coach told Sando. "But he is so inconsistent. I would say he is a three. Some days, he's a one. Some days, he's a five." 
One defensive coordinator told Sando that Newton has "rare stuff." 
"You don't worry about him getting hit like you worry about other quarterbacks,'' the coordinator said. "He would be at the top of the list for me as a three because he is not a rare thrower, but he has rare stuff. I could see him elevating to a two, and it might just be winning past the regular season." 



Sure Newton isn't the most consistent thrower, but he made great strides last year as far as his consistency and overall game.  And he did so with a so-so receiving corps that wasn't necessarily consistent catching the ball, or consistent creating separation.  Moreover, Newton was at the center of a phenomenal win-streak and game-winning drives that included his ability to scramble, but also showcased his ability to make throws when they counted the most.  


Anyway, I guess that it's just another day in the media for Newton, and another day at the office for a Panthers fan.





#2837943 Graham ruled a tight end

Posted by top dawg on 02 July 2014 - 12:09 PM

Perhaps he would prefer a new designation called a Wide End. Hey, it's funnier than a Joker.

#2834620 Thomas Davis more than likely will retire a Panther

Posted by top dawg on 28 June 2014 - 07:17 PM

Strong words from a strong man:


“If I’m going to play football and represent an organization, it’s going to be with the team that stuck beside me and never gave up on me,” Davis, 31, said, staring straight into an Observer reporter’s eyes. “My mindset right now is, I’m going to play for the Carolina Panthers or I’m done playing football.”




Jonathan Jones' article's theme is pretty much about trust and respect. Obviously fate has allowed the relationship between Davis and the Panthers to pretty much evolve into the epitome of loyalty between an NFL player and team.


And Davis has the same respect for the roots that he has built in Charlotte, and the life that he is living.


Davis will play for no one else. He has a comfortable life with his wife, Kelly, and their children. He also hosts annual events with his charity, the Thomas Davis Defending Dreams Foundation.
“My kids are growing up and I want to be at home with them,” Davis said. “This is the perfect situation for me now. We made this decision that Charlotte is our home and this is where we’re going to be.”



Rivera seems to be in the same mold.


“You try to build is loyalty and trust, and along the way you develop a relationship,” Rivera said. “You have to be honest and you have to stay with it. For the commitment T.D. has made to this team, I didn’t think it’d be right to cast him aside.



It's really a relationship to behold in this day and time.









#2831496 David Newton: Cam is earning respect

Posted by top dawg on 26 June 2014 - 02:22 PM

OK, when I first saw David Newton's short little piece, like so many others this time of year, I just said "yeah yeah" and said it's barely newsworthy. But then I thought about it, and actually it's pretty damned good. 


When your peers think highly of you, especially as an NFL player and QB, it means something.  Not to mention that Cam Newton has legitimately made a great leap on the field from his rookie season, and a huge leap off the field regarding his leadership and maturity.  Kudos to Cam!


The two-time Pro Bowl selection came in at No. 24 on the NFL Network's list of the league's top 100 players voted on by his peers. That's up 22 spots from last season. 




Thank goodness that he is ranked higher than Kaepernick! Can I get an Amen?  


[Now for the trolling part, which I never do]


And thank you, football gods, that he is ranked ahead of the demigod that is Andrew Luck. :P


Seriously, Cam deserves the ascension in regards to the respect of his peers.  


Now, if only other NFL fans would stop "hating" on Cam due to historical Cam bashing by media sharks and pilot fish...


Continue to kill 'em, Cam!

#2830977 Five cities you recommend when foreigners to visit the U.S.

Posted by top dawg on 26 June 2014 - 08:57 AM

Thank you man, I think stay there for like 20 days is ok for me. I'd like to take a deep look for each city I visit, so I guess I should cut my list to 3.

•••Sent from my couch while fuging the Saints•••

I would strongly consider Pittsburgh.  You will get the large city experience with a small town feel five minutes out of town.  It is literally a place where three rivers come together, has bridges, is surrounded by mountains (which are really big hills), and has homes on hillsides. To me it's kind of like a big Asheville but with a more diverse population.  You can also visit the Carnegie Museum, the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.  I recommend staying in Mount Washington.


I would also strongly consider Atlanta, as this will give you a feeling for the South.  You can travel some of the surrounding towns to truly appreciate the culture, but in the city, you definitely would want to visit the High Museum (beautiful art), the Underground (basically a mall), and the Cyclorama which will teach you some history about the Civil War.  Zoo Atlanta is world class, also.  Within the greater metro area, particularly downtown, you can pretty much take MARTA anywhere you need to go (which is an experience unto itself, some of the stations anyway). Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to recommend the Sundia Restaurant.  It spins while you dine, and you will experience gorgeous views.


Some have mentioned Colorado.  Denver is a clean and beautiful city.  I stayed at the Double Tree there years ago.  I went to a quaint area where the Tattered Cover Bookstore is located.  You may also want to take a trip of the Coors Brewery.  I finished my trip with a tour to a mountain town called Black Hawk, Colorado, where there were some decent restaurants and casinos.  The countryside is just gorgeous. I rented a car and went to some town where my wife's old friend worked and lived. Like I said, I just remember being impressed with how clean and beautiful it was.  The only city that struck me with a greater first impression of its physical beauty was Salt Lake City.


On an off note, If you get the chance to drive into Pittsburgh from the south (I376), you'll be rolling along thinking that you are literally in a rural part of Pennsylvania. You'll roll into the Pitt Tunnel for a little bit, and once you come out "BAM!" the city is there in all it's majesty.  


Well, that's my three cents---a penny for every city. Whatever you do, take care, be safe, and enjoy the trip!

#2830772 Five cities you recommend when foreigners to visit the U.S.

Posted by top dawg on 26 June 2014 - 01:03 AM

I have lived in quite a few cities, including Chicago, Pittsburgh & Atlanta. I have visited Denver & Las Vegas. They all have something different to offer.

I also lived in Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, Greensboro, and Raleigh. Nothing special to visit (unless you want to see the (Liberty Bell, Valley Forge, etc. In the Philly area).

My wife was born and raised in Asheville. The mountains and the artsy atmosphere (that wasn't there years ago) are kinda neat, but it's not for everyone.

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#2830753 Gil Brandt names six teams that could 'take a step back' this season

Posted by top dawg on 26 June 2014 - 12:30 AM

He and others certainly have valid reasons for believing that we will take a step back. I just hope that they are wrong.

And that's pretty much the prevailing story line of our off-season.

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#2830750 Isportsweb: Raiders need to trade Moore

Posted by top dawg on 26 June 2014 - 12:24 AM

Guess who was mentioned as the example for a trade partner? Easy answer, huh? Well just because an answer is easy doesn't mean it's wrong. Like Joe Horning suggested, it makes "perfect" sense.


Given his production and speed, he would make a nice trade target for a receiver needy team. Someone like the Carolina Panthers, who have nothing but a raw rookie, aging slot receivers, and untested practice squad to throw to, Moore is a perfect option.



A 6th could be a pittance to pay for this Guy. I would love to get him before the Browns or the Falcons. Proehl would probably help Denarius Moore play with consistency and unleash his potential.

It just makes too much sense I guess.

BTW, creating a thread with a phone for the first time is...interesting.

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